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'Menalay, May 28, 1136 THE FLATHEAD COURSER, Poison, Montana IPAGE THREll Valley View Items Lloyd and Mr. and Mrs. George Thomp- son left Wednesday for Glasgow where they will attend the graduation of Doro- Mrs. Albert Hansey and sons, Hay- thy Sturm mend and Glenwood, and Mrs. Ruud, a Mrs. Harold Beavers, Carol and Gale, cousin of Mrs. Hansey, arrived Satin- Mrs. Ivan Foreman and Ladene and day morning from Everett, Washington. Mrs. Frank Thompson called Thursday After malting a few calls, they left that afternoon on Mrs. Fred Murdick. afternoon for a trip to Minnesota where Mr. G. E. Lath= of Ronan has been they will visit relatives and old friends shearing sheep this week for Murdick's at Stillwater. Holly and other points. and Rogers'. Mr. and Mrs. Rotor and Cal visited Wednesday evening at Harold Moore's. A Farm . Bureau meeting was held at the school house Friday evening. Com- mittees were appointed for the Regional picnic which is to be held on June 28th Just east of Big Arm at what is known as the K. P. Grounds. The Friendship Club sponsored the entertainment with two readings by Barbara Sturm and Fern Robers, Harold Moore sang two scotch songs in his usual entertaining manner and several selections were given by Harold and Fred Moore and Bernt Langaunet, the boys playing two harmonicas, two guitars and a banjo. Lunch was served after the meeting. Mr. Sturm reported a number of new members. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mayer and fam- ily and Mrs. Dick Schilling spent Sat- urday in Kalispell. While there, the ladies visited with Mrs. Vernon Day. Announcements have been received of the graduation of Dorothy Sturm from the high school at Glasgow and Cornelia Nicholsen from the Flathead ,high school at Kalispell. Both girls had their grade school training in Valley View. Valley View also contributed seven members to the graduation class in Poison this year which is a good rec,. onl for a small community. Those who finished from here were Barbara Sturm, Mabel Harris, Tom Beauers, Frank Boice, Viola Rose, Mildred Foreman and Harry Chapman. Joyce Sturm. Hazel Olsen and Clifford Harris completed their eighth grade work out here. School closed with a picnic dinner at the school house on Thursday. Miss Sorg and Miss Nelson will both go to DiMon this summer. Wallace Triplett Is recovering nicely from his serious illness and hopes to be able to leave the hospital in a couple of weeks. Junior Triplett has been suf- fering with a threatened case of appen- dicitis but he too is much better at this writing. He has been staying at Wm. Foreman's. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gerlach and fam- ily enjoyed ice cream at Kersawe's Sat- urday evening. Margie Lyman made a business trip to Dixon Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mayer and fam- ily visited Saturday evening at Jern- berg's. There will be a benefit dance at the Valley View school house Saturday evening. Be sure and get your tickets and ladies bring lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moore visited Sun- day at Wm. Foreman's. Mrs. 'Schilling spent several days at Mayer's this week. She returned to her home in Poison Saturday after accom- panying Mayer's to Kalispell. A 4 -ii Sewing Club met at Roy Sturm's Tuesday afternoon to organize for the year. There will be at least seven members, four of which will be taking second year work. Mrs. Roy Sturm will be their leader with Mrs. Harold Beavers as as.sistant. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Gealach visited Thursday evening at Sam Olsen's. Rev. Jinett will preach at the school house next Sunday evening, which will be the last service until fell. There should be a good attendance at this last service. The best ball practice of the season was held Sunday afternoon at the grounds, there being a good attendance and the boys were in fine trim. The Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson and children were all day guests Sunday at Frank Thompson's. The girls who are taking food Pre- servation work in the 4-H Builder's Club, met at the home of Florence Jern- berg Tuesday afternoon. After the meeting Mrs. Jernberg served lemon- ade and cake. The next meeting of the Women's Club will be with Mrs. Fred Murdick on Thursday, June 4th. The course of history snows that na- tions have generally resorted to war for material gains: in short, they sought plunder. LEGAL NOTICES OFFICIAL NOTICE Notice is hereby given that in each school district in Lake county the board of trustees will meet in regular session on the second Monday in June and will at such meeting prepare and adopt a preliminary budget for the ensuing school year. Any taxpayer in the dis- trict may appear at such meeting and be heard on such preliminary budget. Signed, , ETHEL T. TERRY, County Superintendent of Schools. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of Monett Gillette, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, the Administrator of the estate of Monett Gillette deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to ex- hibit them, with the necessary vouchers within four mouths after the first pub- lication of this notice to the said Ad- minstrator at the law office of Lloyd I. Wallace at Poison, in the County ot Lake. State of Montana, the same being the place for the transaction of the business of said estate. LLOYD I. WALLACE, Admin- istrator of the Estate of said Deceased. Dated at Poison, Mont., this 26th day of May. 1938. LLOYD I. WALLACE, Attorney for Petitioner, Poison, Mont. (Pub. May 28, June 4-11-18) BOND CALL The following bonds of the City of Poison Montana, are called f J or pay- ment July 1st, 1938. at the ()Mee of the City Treasurer in Poison, Montana. In- terest shall cease on that date: Series of 1919 Water Bonds, 6, numbers 8 to 15 inclusive, denomina- tion $1.000.00. Series of 1922 Water Bonds, 6 , s, numbers 4 to 20 inclusive, denomina- tion $1,000.00. Series of 1922 Funding Bonds, 6 , s . numbers 5 to 31 inclusive, denomination $500.00. FRANK NAPTON, • City Treasurer. (Publish May 28, June 4-11-181 1 ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS May 28, 1936.i School District No. 23 Lake County, Montana. will receive sealed bids for the construction of an addition to the High School building, together with re- pairs to the present High School and Grade School buildings. Separate bids will be received on the Genetal Con- tract and Plumbing and Heating con- tract. The addition to the High School building will be of brick construction on a concrete foundation 40 feet by 70 feet, two stories and basement. The remodeling of the Grade School build- ing will consist of a new stair tower en- trance to Auditorium which shall be provided with a sloping floor. Present locker and shower rooms of the Grade School building shall be extended and a new maple floor provided in gymnas- ium. All the above improvements shall be in accordance with plans and speci- fications now on file in the office of Fred A. Brinkman, Archietect Kalis- pell, Montana. (a) The attention of bidders is par- ticularly directed to the requirements game lasted until five -thirty and the affecting minimum wage scales and score was twelve to eighteen. Some ot method of employing labor as set forth the younger boys are showing marked improvement and Robert Mayer de- serves special mention for his catching Sunday. Mrs. Gipe and Ralph took Gordon Gine to Lee Larsen's Sunday evening. He went from there to Jocko Camp where he is working. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Moore visited Sun - June 15. 1 9 36 - day evening at Gipe's. di The contractor shall state his M. and Mrs. Ivan Foreman had for license number for the year 1936 on the their dinner guests Sunday. Mr. and bid blank. Mrs. Howard and family. Mr. and Mrs. tel A deposit of a25.00 for plans and specifications on the General Contract Harold Beavers and family and Mr. and and $15 on the Plumbing and }testing Mrs. Leon Thompson. In the afternoon Contractou. will be re r fTn u de r l d, n wh 1C Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Anderson and lam- amounts return of the plans and sub- ily of Pablo also visited at the Fore- mission of a bid. man home. Mr. and Mrs. Archie Foreman and Mildred were dinner guests Sunday 01 Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Reed in Poison. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sturm, Joyce and, All Kinds of New White Shoes $1.98;d Holding's (b) Certified checks in the amount of 5 per cent of the bid and made pay- able to C. L. Sterling, chairman of the Board of Trustees, or a bid bond in like amount, shall be furnished as a guar- antee of good faith. (c) Bids shall be addressed to R. B. Davidson, Clerk. Board of School Trustees. Poison, Montana. Bids will be publicly opened in the high school Etudy hall. Poison Montana, at 2 p. m.. IN THIS BREAD GOES LOTS OF DOUGH THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT RICH, YOU KNOW! highest nutritive value, for the bread that IS better, eat GOLD CRUST. Special today and ev- ery day. For the bread that tastes bet- ter, for the bread that offers the (f) School District No. 23, Lake County, Montana, expressly reserves the right to reject any or all bids. tgl A surety bond in the amount of 100 per cent of the contract price will be required of the successful bidder. (Signed) BOARD OF TRUSTEES. School Dist. No. 23, Lake County, Montana. By C. L STERLING, Chairman Attest: it. B. DAVIDSON, Clerk of the Board. Board of Trustees. • NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of Thomas Bowler, deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, the Executor of the estate of omas Bowler deceased to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to ex_ hibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first pub- lication of this notice to the said Exec- utor at his home in Moiese in the Coun- ty of Lake, State of Montana, the same being the place for the transaction of the busines of said estate. JAMES BOWLER, Executor of the Estate of Said Deceased. Dated at Poison, Mont., this 19th day of May, 1936. W. J. BURKE, Attorney for Petitioner. (May 28 -June 4-11-18) NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR TAX DEED NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the undersigned will, on the 7th day ot July, 1936, apply to the County Treas- urer of Lake County, Montana, for a tax deed to the following described proper- ty. to-wit: Lot 5 of Block 15 of the Government Townsite of Elmo, Lake County, Montana.• Amount due $8.20. Dated May 28th, 1936. COLLETFA QUESNEL, Applicant. (Publish May 28, Jane 4, 1936) NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of William H. Brown, Deceas- ed. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, the Administrator ot the estate of William H. Brown, deceas- ed, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceas- ed, to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, within four months after the first publication of this notice to the said Administrator at the Law Offices of Lloyd L Wallace, in the City of Poi- son, in the County of Lake, State ot Montana, the same being the place for the transaction of the business of said estate. LLOYD I. WALLACE, Administrator of the Es- tate of said Deceased. Dated at Poison, Montana, this 8th day of May, 1936, LLOYD I. WALLACE, Attorney for Petitioner. tPublish May 7, 14, 21. 28, 1936) NOTICE TO CREDITORS Estate of Lucy E. Fogle, Deceased. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the undersigned, the Administrator of the estate of Lucy E. Fogle, deceased, to the creditors of and all persons having claims against the said deceased, to ex- hibit them, with the necessary vouch- ers, within four months after the first publication of this notice to the said Administrator at Law Office of A. J. Brower,Polson, in the County of Lake, State of Montana, the same being the place for the transaction of the busi- ness of said estate. N. H. POOLE, Administrator of the Es- tate of said Deceased. Dated at Poison, Mont., this 4th day of May. 1936. A. J. BROWER, Attorney for Petitioner. (Publish May 7, 14, 21. 28. 1936) NOTICE Notice of closing of Registration Books for the General Primary Election to be held Tuesday, July 21, 1938 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That the registration of electors for the Gen- eral Primary Election to be held in Lake County, Montana, on the 21st day of July, 1936, will close on Friday, June 5. 1936. Those who registered for and voted at the General Election held in Lake County on Nov. 6, 1934. or who have registered since such General Election, are not required to re -register. THOSE WHO WERE REGISTERED BUT DID NOT VOTE AT SAID GENERAL E- LECTION MUST RE -REGISTER BE- FORE THEY WILL BE ALLOWED TO $wat* Suia•svi Fastawis .1r „ 98c KNITTED ACETATE FROCKS Lovely Pastels! Cool enough to wear on warm summer days. Firmly knit to hang in slender graceful lines. Smart solid colors or prints. Sizes 14 to 44. VOTE AGAIN. If a change of Precinct has been made by moving to another precinct since the last General Election, or last registration, it is necessary to be trans- ferred to the precinct in which the vo- ter now lives. Electors may register for the ensuing election by appearing before the coun- ty clerk, at his office in Poison. Mon- tana, between the hours of 9:00 a. m. and 5:00 p. m., or before a Deputy Re- gistrar who is authorized to register electors within the precinct wherein such Deputy Registrar resides, or before any Justice of the Peace or any Notary Public, both of whom are authorized to register electors LIVING MORE THAN TEN MILES FROM THE COUNTY SEAT, in any precinct in the County. IF YOU AR.E NOT REGISTERED. YOU CAN NOT VOTE. 0. H. PELTIER, County Clerk sad Ex -Officio Registrar, Lake County, Mont. Publish April 30; May 7, 14, 21, 28. 1936 NOTICE OF SALE OF CITY BONDS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the council of the City of Poison. Montana, that, the said council will, on the 1st day of June, 1936, at the hour of 7:30 P. M., at its council chamber in the City of Poison, Montana, sell to the highest and best bidder for cash, either amortization or serial bonds of the said City in the total amount of Forty Thousand Five Hundred Dollars. ($40.- 500.00), for the purpose of refunding and paying off present and outstanding water and general funding bonds. Amortization bonds will be the first choice and serial bonds will be the se- cond choice of the council. If amortization bonds are sold and is- sued the entire issue may be put lato one (1) single bond or divided fide - se- veral bonds, as the council may deter- mine upon at the time of sale, both principal and interest to be payable in semi-annual installments during a per- iod of fifteen years from the date 01 issue. If serial bonds are issued and sold they will be in the amount of Twenty- seven Hundred and no -100 Dollars ($2700.00); each; the sum of Twenty- seven Hundred and no -100 Dollars ($2700.00) of said serial bonds will be- come due and payable on the 1st day of July. 1937, and a like amount on the same day each year thereafter until all such bonds are paid. The said bonds, whether amortization or serial bonds. will bear date of July 1. 1938, will bear interest at a rate not exceeding six per centum (6';.) per an- num, payable semi-annually, on the 1st day of January and on the 1st day of July, in each year, and will be redeem- able, at the option of the City of Poison, on July 1, 1941 or on any interest pay- ing date thereafter by giving thirty days notice of intention to exercise such option by publication for four succes- sive weeks in any newspaper of general circulation, printed and published at Poison, Montana. Said bonds will be sold for not less than their par value with accrued in- terest to date of delivery and all bid- ders must state the lowest rate of in- terest at which they will purchase the bonds at par. The council reserves the right to reject any and an bids and tol sell said bonds at private sale. 1 All bids other than by or on betted i of the State Board of Land Conunis-1 sioners of the State of Montana must be accompanied by a cert•Med.check in the sum of one per centum (1 , a). nay- , able to the order of the City Clerk.' which will be forfeited by the success- ful bidder in the event he shall fail or refuse to complete the ourchase of said bonds in accordance with the terms of his bid. All bids shall be addressed to the •••••••••Mly council of the City of Poison, and de- Attest: livered to the clerk of said City. R. B. DAVIDSON, J. IL CLINE, City Clerk. Mayor of the City of Poison. Montana. (Publish May 7. 14, $1. 3e. 1804) CLOSE IN PRICE a/40%4 - '0,014s Don't let habit dictate the car in which you are making an important investment. Get the most for your money! Write your own ticket on your idea of the perfect low priced car. 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The Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.), 28 May 1936, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.