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TSUI !MATSU:AD commas. r•swio, Montana Tbsgfeday. Oetalier.911. ' FRANK A. Hazelbaker Republican Candidate FOR Governor if one of the keenest students of state government in Mon- tana. In a long public career his honesty and integrity have never been questioned. His character is above reproach. He and his running mates for public office are abundantly qualified to give Montanans the high type of administration we should have. Don't be misled by last min- ute attacks on them. They would have been made long ago if they could be substantiated. ,Pd Pol. Ads' by Republican State Committee) *publican Ticket The Republican County Central Committee presents the following can- didates for your approval at the General E!ection. Tuesday, November 3rd NATIONAL TICKET President: Alfred M. Landon. Vice President: Frank Knox. Presidential Electors: George Sinton, Mrs. F. S. Adams, W. L. Stages. Fred Fear. STATE TICKET U. S. Senator: T. 0. Larson. Choteau. Congressmen: H. L. Hart. Helena, and T. 8. Stockdal. Billings. Governor: Frank A. Hazelbaker. ,Dti- Ion. Lieutenant governor: Howard A. Johnson, Butte. Attorney general: Stanley R. Foot. Helena. Secretary of State: Leonard C. Young, Hobson. Superintendent of public instruction: Elizabeth Ireland, Havre. Treasurer: F. L. Sorenson, Helena. Auditor: George P. Porter, Helena, Railroad commissioner: Charles L. Sheridan. Great Falls. COENTY TICKET State Senator: A. J. Brower, Poison. State Representative: J. R. Smock. St. Ignatius. County Commissioner: A. L. Meek, Poison. Clerk and Recorder: 0. H. Peltier, Poison. Assessor: John H. Lampe. Poison. Clerk of the District Court: James Harbert, Poison. Sheriff: Clyde W. Weythman, Poison County Attorney: R. H. Wiedman. Poison. News Items From When a man is trying to find a clean hide a present. he can't even find one. suit of underwear these seems to be a nellion places where it may be hiddast; ( Get the official newt. ot Lake County Co. Agent ' s Office but when he vaults to find a place to in Tho Courier._ Seeks Safe. Economical Weed Killers The weed problem is of interest to chemists. Investigations now under way at the Arlington Farm of the De- partment of Ariculture seek economical and safe chemicals for weed eradica- tion. An ideal weed killer. says P. H. Groggins. in charge of studies of weed eradication, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils, is an inexpensive and widely available compound that kills weeds quickly without poisoning the soil so that it must be kept out of cultivation for long periods. The ideal weed -killing chemical must be safe to manufacture, transport, and use. It should react chemically with the weeds to provide a balanced ferti- lizer of the manure type that enriches the soil and improves it, Physically. If such a compound could be obtained, says Mr. Groggins, then weed eradica- tion would be incidental to soil im- provement and the cost would be negli- gible. Bindweed eradication is an example of the problems that the chemist face. Sodium chlorate, commonly used to kill bindweed. has the drawback of being highly inflammable when dry. In con- tact with any dry organic matter it burns fiercely. Every summer brings reports of persons badly burned be- cause they allowed the sodium chlorate spray solution to dry on their clothing. i Research in the Bureau of Chemistry and Soils seeks, among other things, to learn whether sodium chlorate can be i r made available to the farmer at lower costs, and to conaipsund it with other chemicals to retard its inflammability when in contact with clothing or other dry organic matter. Turkey Bulletins Received Among several new bulletins received at the county agent's office is one deal-. ing with the marketing of Montana's turkey crop by H. E. Cushman and P. L. Slagsvold of the state college. It was published this month. It deals with Cie history of turkey production, gives dis- cussion on proper preparation for mar- ket, federal grades and all phases of marketing. It contains charts, graphs, and several pictures and is very inter- esting for turkey growers. Range Land Inspection Inspection of range land controlled by those recently signed up under the Soil Conservation program started last Saturday by C. F. Uhlhoni of the For- est Service at Missoula A special A. A. appropriation has been set aside for the cost of this inspection and it will not be deducted from the stockmen's pay- ments. To date thirty-nine stockmen in Lake county have made application for inspection. Others may sign up but should do so soon, Secretary Paisley re- ports. Payments amount to approximately 10c per acre of range land provided the operator makes full compliance by im- proving his range before December 31, 1936. Since there are many factors involved L., is difficult to make any simple rule as to the amount of payments other than two dollars times the grazing Ca - peaty for the maximum payment al- lowed. Yes Sir! The Medern Business Man's Appearance is a De- cided Asset. Allow us to help you look your best. Try our modern, scientific cleaning. Ward -Robe Cleaners !bone US Pictures, 4-H, Kwanians At rangetnents are being completed to have motion pictures taken of all Lake county 4-H Clubs and Kiwanians on Saturday, October 31st to be shown as part of the County wide achievement program scheduled for Poison on Sat- urday. November 14th, Miss Inez Sic - grist, president of the Local Leaders' Association announces. On that day starting at 2:00 p. m. each club will be represented at the or- ganization meeting of the Lake county 4-H club members' association. A coun- ty president, about three vice presidents. a secretary, treasurer, recreation lead- er and some other officers will be elect- ed. Officers will give reporta of the activities of their clubs during the past year. The afternoon program will also include games and other recreation be- sides some movies. The evening pro- gram starting at 8:00 p. m. will in- clude stunts by each of the 22 duns. Announcement of various count:, win- ners in 4-H contests, a speaker Rod the staging of the beautiful candle light- ing ceremony. Kiwanians and local leaders will take an active part in com- pleting arrangements for the entire pro- gram as well as appearing on the pro- gram themselves. ••• Superintendent of Schools: J. B. Kiracofe, Ronan. Coroner: A. K. Resner, Ronan. Shoulder to Shoulder Victory for the Democratic cond . - dates an November 3 will spell progress for Montana. Vote for the following and Montana will go for- ward from ISM, not backward to 1902 Democratic Slate Ticket F'er,overnor . any E Ayers Vor Oovernor Hugh P.. Adair Per M. leenstor..... lame. E. Hurray Congreas, let J. O'Connell /or exeig., itisd Net, James 1. O'Comom Per Secretary of Mate. Siam W. lgttchell Vor Aitorne.y Genera/ . . Merriam J Freebnurn For gist. Treasurer...Ray N. fthannoo Per Mate Auditor .fohn J. Holmes Poe R. R. and Public Meryl,. Comm laainner ..... Horace P'. Casey For /opt. of /ebbe Inetructkm...- Ruth Reardon Adv. paid for by Dem. COOL Comm. New JEAN NOLAN Hand Lotion and Hand Cream Delightful New Odor Generous Size Packages 50c Each One Guaranteed HUBBARD'S /OLSON PHONE U Local News Notes - - Pat Murphy, Ross Calltson and Joe Pronovost attended the Grizzly -Bobcat game in Butte Saturday. Miss Betty Lee Biggemtaff of Chart° was a Poison visitor Monday. Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Hodges of St. Ignatius, were visitors in Poison Mon- day. Helen Herreid and Sally Critchtield were Missoula visitors last week end. Savings End Worries DEPOSITS CREATE CONFIDENCE The answer to peace of mind from financial worries is contained in your savings account book. Each entry restores confidence and provides you with the means of further benefiting in money matters. The Security State Bank Poison, Montana OCTOBER USED CAR SPECIALS OUTSTANDING VALUES IN LATE MODEL CARS AND TRUCKS PRIDES REDUCED FOR QUICK SALE TERMS -- WE TRADE 1935 Ford Tudor Sedan $165.00 Down 1935 Pontiac Sedan, like new $250.00 Down 1036 Ford Coupe $185.00 Down 1035 Ford Long W. B. Truck $175.00 Down 1934 Hupmobile Sedan $175.00 Down 1935 nrcl Pick-up, like new $165.00 Down 1934 Ford Pick-up $135.00 Down 1934 Ford Fordor Truck $145.00 Down 1932 International Truck $ 95.00 Down 1932 Chevrolet Coach $100.00 Down 1932 Ford Tudor $ 85.00 Down 1931 Ford Pick-up $ 75.00 Down 1929 Ford Pick-up $ 45.00 Down QUICK CLOSE-OUTS Essex Sedan $50.00 Nash Sedan $65.00 Chrysler Sedan . . $65.00 Pontiac Roadster . $65.00 Ford Panel $50.00 Ford Truck $50.00 -SEE THEM TODAY - H. 0. BELL COMPANY You Remember? J Re -Elect Murray About 29 Years Ago The following Items were taken from the files of The Courier New Town Gus Norris ims received his appoint- ment as postmaster at Norrisville and I will soon be a full fledged postmaster. , He expects to have his new store opened soon also. Another Crew Word has been received that another , crew of convicts will arrive in Raveni the early part of November and a re- quest has been made that seventeen teams be there to meet them. Part of the teams will be furnished by Ronan and the balance by Poison. Work on the east shore Is to be pushed rapidly to completion and the road should be open to travel early next summer. Saw Mill at Camas A deal is on foot whereby the settlers on the lower Camas prairie may secure; what they have long needed, some I cheap lumber for building purposes, cut i from the forests owned by the Indians in that section. Negotiations are being made by J. W. Smiley, a well known Senator Thomas Advises Montana \The re-election of Senator James B. Murray is deemed essential by all sup- porters of President Roosevelt,\ said Elbert D. Thomas, United States sen- ator from Utah, in a telegram to dem- ocratic state headquarters last week. \Senator Murray has co-operated to the fullest extent in the furtherance of every one of the new deal humanitarian measures,\ said Senator Thomas. 'He assumed leadership in working, not only for his state, but for the entire west, in getting relief for the drouth- stricken farmers and for agriculture in general. Senator Murray's position IS assured in the high councils of the Roosevelt administration. If he fails of re-elec- tion, Montana will have made a su- preme mistake.\ (Paid Pol. Adv.) LE111111111111g 1111111111111111111111111111• Mfg S 11 0 E S engeer and saw mill man, to secure • II permission from the government to cut • • in a portion of the tribal lands west of • • Greenspring. Dairy Cows Brought In Forty-one of the eighty head ot cows. which were sold at Dixon last week were purchased by ranchers living near Poi- son and were brought in this week. Thf cattle as a whole averaged $52.60 a head To Move Fostoffice Postmaster Carter has ben circulating a petition to get permission to move the postoffice into his OWTI building on fourth street. Mr. Carter will have his building remodeled and fixed up so it will make one of the best appointed and neatest offices in the state. • Ercounter Grizzly • w is a ' that cost less w U U • per mile w • w • us is • • Men's w U • U Work Clothing • • a • a U a U Ladies' w • a N STRUT WEAR st U Hoisery a 75c - $1.00 A party of hunters from Oregon who • • had been over in the Swan River coon- • try stopped here Friday with a story of meeting a grizzly ''as big as a house\ while hunting. At the time only one of the four had a gun and he promptly ' sat down in three feet of snow and the other three foiled old Eph by leaving the spot at a mile -a -minute gait in l d••••••••••••••••1111r three different directions. They later found the bear's fourteen inch tracks within fifty feet of their camp, Leon and Vicinity Dave Stertiz is a patient at the St.1 Ignatius hospital. Miss Virginia Peppard spent the week end visiting at the Bob Carson home in Poison. Mr. and Mrs. Anton Sukovsky and daughters. Alice anr Lillian. Anton Vlasak home in Kalispell Sun- day. Mr. and Mrs. Ray Carey and son called at the Sukovosky home Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Ren Olsen and family were business visitors at Poison Satur- day. Conrad Phillips has spent the Past ' week at the Delaney home. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Hogan who are on their wedding trip here from La- vine. visited the home of Mr. and Mrs Charles P. Hogan Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Brovrnley and family visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.. Charley Keller Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Anton Sukousky and family were Poison business visitors' Saturday Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Londeuist of Ro- nan were Tuesday dinner guests at the' home of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Thorshien. 1E717 tR-4 t Will Remove the SMALL sown. Cause of LAMA WWI. AL ORGAN. UMS 100.4111 Mambo M my st tin legoeing parts may bespined by NERVES Weigle .511w On by a subluuted vertobra SUM Chiropractic as i cspiNu, Ad ostme nts Holding's . THE STORE THAT SELLS FOR • i CASH AND SELLS FOR INNS • A Do you know that you may have trouble in your spine and not know it? A spinal condition may be responsible for your suffering from headaches, stomach trouble, sciatica or other bodily ills. Phone 126 for an appointment today. Delay means unnecessary suffering. Foot Troubles Corrected ss Dr. F. W. Haight CHIROPRACTOR Hours. 10 to 12. 2 to 5. 7 to 8 es - entries except Wed. and Saturday, McAlear Bldg. Paseo LK NAM • Mr. and Mrs. Dan Maynard called at' nimusemonmons.....a. the Sukovsky home Thursday evening. l. Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Randall and son • • Lawrence were Sunday evening visitors • 5th ANNUAL F. F. A. at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kriswell. • • They helped to celebrate Bonnie Kris- • U weirs sixth birthday. • 4 1 • • LEGAL NOIICES • • • • NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL ' • • tans, in and for the County of Lske. In the matter of th estate of Eueene , N Paul Campbell. deceased. e . I.. Dinrier . In the District Court of the Fourth II 0 Judicial District ot the State ot, Mon- • Pursuant to an order of said Court. in made on the 23rd day of October. lit3(i. • notice is hereby given that Monday. the • 16th day of November. 1936, at ten • o'clock A. M., of said day, at the Court . Room of said Court, at the Court house = In the County of Lake, has been ap- pointed as the time and place for prov- • ing the Will of said Eugene Paul Camp- • bell deceased, and for hearing the ap- plication of Lloyd I. Wallace for the Isitianee to him of Letters of Admin- • istration with the Will annexed when and where any person interested may m appear and contest the same. • Dated this 23rd day ofOctober. 1936. . James Harbert. Clerk. • (Publish Oct. 29, Nov. 5-12. 1936) ALIAS SUMMONS In the District Court of the Fourth Judicial District of the State of Mon- tana, in and for the County of Lake. Henry F. Morin. Plaintiff, vs. Doris Morin, Defendant. The State of Montana sends Greet- ings to the above named defendant' You are hereby summoned to answer the complaint in this action which is filed in the office of the clerk of this court, and file your answer and serve a copy thereof upon the plaintiff's attor- ney wIthin twenty days after the ser- vice of this summons, exclusive of the day of service; and in case of voile failure to appear or answer, judgment will be taken against you oy nelatia, for the relief demanded in the com- plaint. The said action is brought to secure a decree of absolute divorce from the above defendant upon the grounds of desertion continuing for more than one year last past immediately next pre- ceding the commencement of this ac- tion. Reference to plaintiff's duly verified complaint on file herein is hereby made for further narticulars. Witness my hand and seal of said Court this 28th day of October. 1936. (Court Seal) James Harbert. Clerk P. N. Hammen, Attorney for Plaintiff Pelson, Montana (Publish Oct. 29, Nov. 5, 12, 19) Twins Complicate Teaching Teachers In Angelina county. Texas. schools have plenty of trouble when It comes to keeping faces and names straight. There are 47 sets of twins in 21 districts. • • • • • • Home Economics Room, • Poison High School, FRIDAY, NOV. 6 1 : .0 )0 ti) 7:.4) ALSO • • A 3 -act Comedy • • • • • • \The Heathers • • at Home 99 Presented by the Auxili- ary at the Lincoln • • N • • • • • • II Auditorium 8:00 o'clock p. m. Price 15c and 25r • • COME ONE, COME ALL: • HELP • • • Send the Boys to Bozeman • NIIIIWN•IIINNI1111111111111•1111k Missoula, Mont.

The Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.), 29 Oct. 1936, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.