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PAGE FOUR 'THE FLATHEAD COURIER, Poison, Madan& TbstradaY. November 19, 1936 The Flathead Courier rontthineielieigt is o l f ature ke co l ' f in fo y be f i o n re th h e e var- ious Paper, Lake County i ions localities are interested enuf in POLSON, MONTANA ahat the legislatiure will do, or should do, there is opportunity to arrange Subscription, per year ,,„., meetings and give thorough discussion $ 2 '`'`' to various problems. Election is over. I pulled the bottle from the cork of Subscription, six months $1.00 true enuf, but people as a rule are apt the next and drank one sink of it and Card of Thanks .50 to forget too quickly and \let George Advertising rates on application, do it\ from now on. ---• -- _______ Independent hi Politica KRIEGLER dr ALEXANDER., Owners W. A. Alexander, Editor Mail, Phone or Call If you have news items or articles of Th e and poured the sink down the bottle general interest, mail them to Courier. Use the phone. Call at this and drank the glass. Then I corked the office when you come to town and leave sink with the glass and drunk the pour Entered as Second Class Mail Matter _ your news. In other words, get the habr When I had emptied everything I May 10, 1910, at the Post Office at Poi it of letting this news factory know steadied the house with one hand son, Montana. counted the bottles and the corks and gasses with the other, which were 29 450 Membership Needed Lake county's quota this year for the annual Red Cross roll call is 450 mem- berships. The work of this organizatioh is too well known , and has performed their deeds of charity too close to home for us to go into detail about its worthiness and why we should sup - Port the drive. If not too \blame hard up\ the dollar dues should be paid wil- lingly by everybody solicited. And if you're not solicited and feel like giving, send it to your local committee or to county heardquarters if you like. when you have vors from out of town, or fall down cellar and break a Leg, or your neighbors have a new baby, or your sister gets married, or anything that happens which might be of inter- they came by and I had 24, and as the est, house came by I counted them again and finally I had the house and bottles Pleasant. Still Coming counted with the exception of one Altho the contest is over new subs. house and one bottle which I drank.— are still coming in. For this, we feel The Grant County Republican mighty well pleased. You bet! poured the rest down the glass. I pulled the sink out of the next glass and poured one cork down the bottle. I pulled the next cork out of my throat to be sure I counted them again when Old Age Pensions Decorations Help The rapidity with which the general Last year Poison was a trifile late in getting up the proper decorations for idea of old age pensions has been ac - the Christmas holidays. Right after cepted in the United States during the i enuf enthusiasm had been aroused to past few years, is a postive indication underwrite expenses, the snow got bad that sometime in the near future, old in the forests and this meant additional age pensions for everybody, paid thru delay. Seems like shortly after Thanks- giving is the proper time for decora- tions. windows, streets. etc. Something So fishing—or you wanted to eat a big that should be kept in mind, we hope. hunk of turkey next Thursday, you who helped you gain any of these ob- I Fog and ke Cause naturally would say thanks to anybody jectives. To be sure and that's what the bunch at this office will do if everybody will The fog of the past week or more has remember and get their news and ad been responsible for a large number of copy in a day early, automobile accidents lately in this vi- - cinity, both from poor vision and ice. The fog freezes to the oiled surface of Fog and Sunshine kind of weather they enjoy—the sun- dangerous. Hardly necessary to ask anyone whichl the highway making travel extremely shine or fog—is it? The first bright So far no one has been reported as day following the disagreeable period brot forth the ejaculation from most everybody—\Sure a swell day, isn't it?\ When we have a steady diet of noth- ing but sunshine and balmy days we be- come accustomed to it so that it is taken as a matter of course. So it goes with living. If it's too easy possibly we don't appreciate it enuf. But fore he could get his car away it was most folks have plenty of grief and struck by another machine approaching sorrow and when the pleasant places from the same direction. roll around we accept them with more Probably one of the most serious ac - gratitude and pleasure. cidents of this nature in this vicinity No doubt that is the way life is plan- occurred this morning on the bridge ned for us—foggy weather occasionally and then the wonderful sunshine. Of Course You Would Supposing you had a sweetheart, boy or girl; or a wife or two and some kids; or a friend--soniething on that order —or you wanted to take a day off and \Boiled Down\ Coming Up The \Boiled Down\ column of this sheet seems to be meeting with gen- Plenty Accidents being seriously injured although a num- ber of cars have left the highway and turned completed over in the ditch. Last Sunday four cars collided in the fog, on the highway between Poison and Ronan. Two cars ran together in the fog and next one that came along struck one of the wrecked machines and be - when a truck driven by A. E. Shultz of Dayton smashed into the rear of an automobile driven by Mrs. Howard Jones. Mr. Schultz, who reported the accident, said that Mrs. Jones stopped her car to give someone a ride into town and due to poor visibility and the eral favor throughout the county. More slickness of the bridge he was unable and more of our correspondents are sending in items which are suitable for to stop his machine in time to keep not from striking the rear of the automo- this heading. Items that are more than bile. The car was badly damaged. just ordinarily interesting. Maybe of aufficicent importance to maim a big Another machine is reported to have left the highway near the Walter Jen- splurge about but still good emit not to be buried in with regular personals and correspondence. We would like to have every news writer on the staff make it a point to get at least one item each week for \Boiled Down Items for Busy Readers.\ press. Time for Discussion All !Ward Up In the letter box this week is an ar- I had twelve bottles of whiskey in my tide well worth reading and ponder- cellar. My wife told me to empty the contents of each and every bottle down the sink. \or else.\ so I said I would and proceeded with the unpleasant task, I withdrew the cork from the first bottle and poured the contents down the sink, with the exception of one glass—which I drank. I extracted the cork from the second bottle and did ing over. Winter months are good months for reading and studying be- cause most people have the time to sit down and soberly consider the questions that should be given some shot, Mr. Levisee, the representative -elect is will- ing to give all the time he can. He in- formed The Courier that he would like to get a genuine cross section of the sen place this morning and turned over in the ditch. Another turned over in the ditch on the Sawyer hill this morn- ing. The identity of the drivers could not be learned at the time of going to likewise with the exception f one for the Veterans of Foregin Wars was glass—which I drank. I then w hdrew here for the installation of the officers , the cork from the third bottle eptied in the l the good or booze down the lass— Charles Martin, former resident of I local post last evening. which I drank. Poison who was badly burned in a gas- oline fire six weeks ago, at his home in Deary, Ida,, has been able to return to his home from the hospital at Moscow, where he is slowly recovering. St. Andrews Guild will meet at the home of Mrs. E N Adams in Grandview next Saturday. Miss Catherine Campbell is expected home next Saturday from Spokane where she is atending business college, • to spend the Thanksgiving vacation with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. 0. B. , Campbell. R. H. Wiedman and 0. H. Peltier were business visitors in Missoula Tuesday. R. R. Davis and Ed Funk were busi- ness visitors in Missoula Tueday, Mr. Frank Lee of Leon is spending the week here with her daughter, Char- lotte. Valley Creek, Arlee A meeting was held at the R. E. Morin home to discuss plans for a new log school house. The children at present are attending school at the Morin home and a new school is greatly need- ed. The meeting was well attended. A dance was held at \Kelly's Barn.\ attended by a large crowd. Mrs. Masterson. V. C. teacher spent a general tax levy, will become a reality, the week end at her home in Missoula. At Use present time. certain groups are Mrs Arthur Morin was a Missoula included in old age pension plans, while visitor Saturday. other groups are omitted. The only fair Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred Cyr were recent way to handle the old age pensions problem is to provide for the retirement of all gainfully employed workers at a certain age, regardless of need All help pay the taxes. All should partici- pate in the benefits. When the Social Security act passed by the federal government during the last adminis- tration is revised, and it is badly in need of revision, provisions of this sort will doubtless be included—Phillips County guests at the Morigeau home. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mackey are the parents of a baby boy born Monday, the 9th. Big Arm News Erickson Flower Shop, located in Mrs. Emma Dubois store, Poison. Cut flowers, potted plants and funeral work. Phone 301. 33 Post. Sunday school here is now at two p. m. every Sunday. A good attendance was out Sunday. A Smile A smile costs nothing, but gives much. Mr. and Mrs. Golden Bibee were in Poison Saturday. It enriches those who receive, without George Reed of Dayton has been making poorer those who give. It takes spending a few days with the Warren but a moment, but the memory of it boys and going to Poison to practice for sometimes lasts forever. None is so rich the play. or mighty that he can get along without 0. A. Knox is moving the kitchen It. and none is so poor that he can be from the store down to his cabin on the made rich by it. A smile creates hap- piness in the home, fosters Good Will In business/. and is the countersign of friendship. It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad; and it is Nature's best antidote for trouble. Yet, it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed, or stolen, for it is something that is of no value until it is given away. Some people are too tired to give you a smile. Give them one of yours, as none needs a smile so much as he who has no more to give.—Author Unknown. Local News Items Joe Ahiberg and Bud Fisher were among the lucky hunters who bagged a deer last Sunday at Lake Ronan, C. H. Rodd is a patient in the N. P. hospital at this writing, suffering with a bad attack of flu. Paul T. Carlson, field representative of the American Red Cros was in Poi- son the first of the week completing ar- rangementes for the annual roll call in Lake county. Mr. and Mrs. Jack England of White- fish were in Poison yesterday. Mr. Eng- land . who is department commander THREE STEPS IN POLLY'S HEALTH PROTECTION With his stethoscope the doctor is listening to the sounds in Polly's lungs. He hears no strange nor auspicious noises that his ear is trained to remit. Mee as symptoms of tuberculosis, but lie is not satisfied with that method of diagnosis only. She is given a tubercu- lin test which will show whether tu- berculosis germs have entered her body. Polly's \scratch\ after two days became red and slightly swollen indi- cating that infection has occurred. She may have this first infection, how- ever, without having the disease. To Slid out definitely if any harm Is being done to her lungs the next important step will follow. \Take a deep breath and hold it!\ and the magic X-ray has photographed Polly's lungs. Shad. ows on the X-ray plate reveal the disease in Its early forms when a cure may be more easily effected. But no shadows on -Polly's plate! What a relief to her and to her parents to know for certain that she is a healthy little girl! Christmas Seals help to support these three steps that protect the health of thousands of boys and girls throughout the country. Christ- mas Seals are sold between Thanks- giving and Christmas to fight tuber. culosis. Advertising Is NEWS!! lake. Mrs. Knox and sister were in Poison one day. Bill McDonald was a caller around Bigarm looting for hides. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Myhre were call- ers in Bigarm Sunday from Elmo. Duncan Grant and Oscar Myhre were here working on a car Monday. Benny Walker has a bad cold. J. Allen Barr had to quit work on the road on account of his condition. Bruce Huntley was working at Elmo last week. Golden Bibee was in Poison on Tues- day. ' Mrs. George Rude has been nursing a very painful hand, with a boll. Guy Clatterbuck of Rollins passed through Big Arm Tuesday. If anyone wants an Airdale dog there is one in Bigarm that needs a home, very friendly and kind. Call at station. Lost of hunters but not much game for those around here. Mr. Duffield and Joe and Dick re- turned Monday from east of the moun- tains. Card of Thanks We wish to thank all our friends and neighbors for their kIndnes and sym- pathy during the illness and after the death of our beloved wife and mother, and for the floral offerings. W. H. Har- rison, Otis and Albert Harrison, Mrs. Fred Douglas, Mrs. Godfrey Johnson. Everett Harrison. Card of Thanks We wish to extend our heart- felt thanks to all those who by their many acts of sympathy and kind- ness assisted us in our bereavement, the death and burial of our beloved daugh- ter and sister, Carol Joanne Wallace. We are not caly grateful for the kind- nesses shown in the past few days but for the grievious years of illness pre- ceeding her death. We wish especially to thank those who rendered the beau- tiful music and sent the lovely flowers. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Wallace. Mr and Mrs Norman Walsh. Card of Appreciation I wish to thank my many friends who so willingly and loyally gave me their support and made it possible for me to win first prize in the Courier 'subscriptionb contest. Mrs. Fred Douglas 41' An engraved card is the most ac- ceptable greeting for the Holiday season. Send cards that have in- divuality and distinction. aZdeOfte/Z XMAS CARDS NOW Mr. and Mrs. Ensign DulYield made a business trip to Dayton. Mr. and Mrs. Askrew will attend the funeral of Mr. Doonie at Missoula. He was a brother of Geo. Doonie who used to live here. Mr. Warren was home over Sunday and is now busy hauling feed out for Mr. O'Connell of Hoghaven. A number of the women called on the teacher Monday evening and had a Jolly time. Wm. Alexander of Ronan. formerly of Elmo. called at the Rude's Tuesday. Ensign Duffield brought his boat and motor house home. The Jolly Jokers had a good time again last Saturday night. Mrs. Terry visited the schol one day last week. Extra Special! ROCK -SPAR VARNISH, Clear, Gloss The best buy in town and a good product s2, 75Per gallon Dewey Lumber Co. Poison Feed Store We are agents for the • Kalispell -Spokane Auto Freight We handle the Montana Flour Mills, Feed and Flour BROWN & SONS, Props. VALUES Cranberries 2 Ws. OLIVES„ Ripe Modium Sizo Can OLIVES, Fancy, 10 -oz. jar.. 29c SWEET PICKLES 23c 1 1 - o z. Glass 15c 39c SWEET POTATOES, 5 pounds 25c MIXED NUTS, 2 lbs. far 45c CHOCOLATE CANDY, 3 lb. box 69c MINCE MEAT, bulk, per lb. 15c SINGAPORE SLING, 2 bottles 25c OYSTERStn2 - 23c MONARCH PUMPKIN, No. 2 1 / 2 tin 15c MONARCH PLUM PUDDING 37c Full Line of Fresh Vegetables and Fruits in Season PhoneWe 113 GRIN DE'S Deliver A Th1Lt 6 vi - 1173 8 T - 0 — If mmeamenimmime Appreciation... I wish to thank the people of Lake County for allowing me to run unopposed for County Treas- urer and I certainly appreciated the 3025 com- plimentary votes given me. T. \Joe\ Farrell Advertisers are Boosters! EMORY'S POLSON - MONT

The Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.), 19 Nov. 1936, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.