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t110t (1160. OV sflook State Historical Librsty X itatbiath onrtn Polson-the Power City, the Commercial, Recreation and Scenic Center of the Garden of the Rockies! VOLUME NO. 27 POLSON, LAKE COUNTY, MONTANA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1936 . NUMBER 38. Kiwanis Committees Are Approved For 1937, Work Reviewed At a special school instruction for Kiwanis Directors and officers held last Sunday in Ray Wiedman's office at Poison, John Patterson of Missoula rep- resented the Montana District of Ki- wanis and advised with the local officers present. A budget of $350.00 was approved for the coming year which will include ap- proximately $100 for benefits to boys and girls including under -privileged children. The following committee chairmen were approved by the directors: , Agriculture Henry Gerhaz; attendance Geo. Tremper; boys and girls, John Martin; Kiwanis Education, Irle White; program and music, J. H. Henry John- son and Stanley Screace, jr., his assist- ant; finance, Harold Olsson. A long list of possibilities for pro- grams from people within Lake county was enumerated for the benefit of the program committee. The directors plan to have around thirty members as se- lected from men in St. Ignatius, Charlo, Ronan and Poison. The secretary's report showed that the club had been active in assisting the crippled childrens' clinic held in Poison during October, and in support- ing boys and girls work and taking an active part in making up the program during the Harvest Festival. The club has also been active in a campaign to make the highways more safe ham accidents because of the special meeting held with the highway patrol represen- tatives and the sign-up in connection with the Kiwanis careful drivers' stick- ers placed on over 100 cars in this county. It is evident from many reports that the club has been instrumental in creating a more friendly understanding taetween the residents of all towns in the county. The members present at the 12 meet- ings held during the year have been in/graced on * wide variety el subleets by talented speakers and in every case regretted that more pecitple• could not have had the benefits - of the spoken' remarks. - Mee Perfakey who haipeeen dir-eleeted Proddent for the coming year states that Kiwanis is probably best known for the benefits to under -privileged child- ren and the local club plans to carry on extensive work on that project this year. He further stated that Kiwanis stands for friendly understanding be- tween all citizens, both rural and urban, and a more intelligent and aggressive citizenship among all people with whom they come in contact. Kiwanis. he stated in 1937 in this county will mean as much to the community as It does in the 1000 other communities in which they operate. Kiwanis elects its mem- bers on a basis of one businessman and his competitor. Boiled Down Items For Busy Readers Charlo School Overcrowded Charlo: To The Courier - Due to the overcrowded condition in the Cheri° grade school, the sixth grade has been moved into the gymnasium. Mrs. Wil- liams has been secured to teach them. Highway Cafe Sold Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Clark of St. Igna- tius purchased the Highway Cafe last week from Mrs. Emma lee and are now in possession. Their two daughters are assisting them in the operation of the BOUND BUTTE AND POLSON IA:)AN ASSNS. HAVE 122 STOCKHOLDERS Lake County Court Road S B. F. Johnson, secretary-treasurer of the Round Butte and Poison national ' House Happenings Farmers Being Made farm loan associations which recently Joined in setting up a central office inl Divorce Action Ronan, attended a conference last week One divorce action was filed during with the officers of the Federal Land the past week in the office of James Bank of Spokane to discuss the pro- Harbert, clerk of court. blems 'of conducting the new group set- . Amanda McConnell has filed an ac - up. tion against Joseph E. McConnell. She Future responsibilities for making and alleges extreme cruelty in her corn - servicing Land bank loans will be car- I , plaint. The couple were married in 1929 ried by the local farm loan association at Missoula and have three minor as part of the program aimed at de- children, the custody of which she is centralizing the district bank's opera- asking. She is also asking for $20 per tions and rebuilding this cooperative month for their support. mortgage loan system around the farm- Condemnation Proceedings er-owned and directed local units. Condemnation proceedings were filed The two associations which have em- this week in the clerk of court's office ployed Mr. Johnson as manager have by Lake county, against M. H. Misfeldt 122 stockholding members and out- and wife; Harry N. Wilder, C. E. KKret- standing mortgage loans of approxi- low and Dallas A. Stocking and wife. matey $196,350. Their farmer members They have been filed for the purpose of have an oWnership interest of $12,000 securing right of way for the construe - in their asseciations, gained by invest- lion and maintenance of the east lake Mg 5 per cent of the amount of their shore road. loans in association voting capital stock. Session of Court James Harbert, clerk of court, has an- nounced • the receipt of a letter from Judge Asa L. Duncan, in which he fleet owners or those operating more etbneblt i w n ee Po k iso A n than twoHarper cars will also work New Police Officers For Poison; Former ts L t ) at iTc s •ki ti ctur h t e s e one Men Have Resigned definite date has not yet been set. ty yesterday and expects to have the Jan - Land Transfers Wararnty deeds filed this week in the Citizens of Poison were somewhat office of the clerk and recorder, 0. H. startled, or at least surprised Monday Peltier were: evening when two new faces were seen Kittel S. Vathing of Poison to Joseph on the job of policing the town. N Lukkason of Poison four acres more Leo James, policeman and George or less in lot 2, section 3, T.22, R..30. Folden, night watch handed in their Dayton Trading company to B. E. resignations to Mayor Cline Monday Johnson of Kalispell, lots 1 2 and 3. asking that it go into effect immediate -- block 16, lot 12, block 10 and lots 5 and ly; and it was accepted at once. W. H.,Needham was appointed to the vacancy created by Mr. James resigna- tion, and Dave Kemp in the place ot Mr. Floden. Mr. Needham Lb a former sheriff of Lake county and Mr. Kemp has had Previous experience in law enforce- ment, it la stated by cUy officials. Mr. James has been police officer for several years here. Mr. naiden has worked aa a city employee and later as night watch. for-. the past several months. Claims were audited and allowed. Resolution was adopted authorizing an emergency appropriation of 85000.00 to the road fund. Journal vouchers making corrections in assessments on acount of clerical errors were authorized by the Board. Resolution authorizing emergency ap- propriation for the general fund on ac- count of elections was adopted by th e ' Cauley and Mrs. Brink were appointed board. as a committee to draw up the by-laws. • Resolution authorizing transfer of funds from Miscellaneous account to Numa Crecellus, a student of the Uni- versity of South Dakota. arrived Sat- urday to spend the holiday vacation with his parents. Dr. and Mrs, Crecellus. 6 block 13, townsite of Dayton except- ing that portion of lot 6 sold to the Dayton State Bank. Gertrude E. Halley of Somers to Ed- gard Taylor and wife of Kalispell. 0.27 acre, lot 4, section 4, T.24, R.19. Charies Ferguson of Missoula to Mar- guerite Barden of Missoula, the lit , v of the 811%, section 13, T.21, R.20, gm - taming Nacres; the SW\ and the MN of the HIM, section 23, T.20, R. 20; lots 5 and and the EP at the NV.: , section 32, T.19, 11.21, and 11.4 acres in section 32. T.1 L31. • Alfred D.'ildlintan of Red1131 1.0 Johr Proceedings of Th e L I I: t 7 co seafte re. tf i l : on T s t, t R he20 _ 8 . W of . tile • CO..COMMiSSiOnerg The only quite +Mann deed filed was JessefD. Lott of Annsvilla, Ore., to Gol- den E. Bibee of Bigarm. lot 1. block 2, -- December 7, 1936. townslte of Bigarm. Rovrd convened in regular session De- cember 7, 1936. All members present. st Ignatius Paat Matrons Elect viz. G. A. Lensnutn, J. J Rosenberger and L J Marion St. Ignatius: To the Courier- The Past Matrons' club held a banquet at the Mission Inn cafe 'Tuesday evening and completed their organization. Of- ficers elected were Mrs. Rosalie J. Van Duesen, president: Mrs. M. J. Salzman, vice president and Mrs. M. A. Branson. the election account General fund was passed by the board. Amount trans- ferred, 8295.40. Lot 1 and 5, block 5. &tread Addition to the Town of Ronan was sold to J. J. Corrigan. Amount of sale. $50.00. Lots 9 and 10. block 14 amend ad- dition to the Town of Ronan was sold Nine Cases the Past to H. L Dolezal. amount of sale. $20.00. December 8 1936. m.. December 8. 1936 All members of j Week in Local Court Board reconvened at 10:00 o'clOc . the Board were present. Dr. J. L Richards was re -appointed Secretary of the Board of Health. Sal- City arrests. county arrests, fish and arv $800.00 per year. game violations and one highway ar- . Dr. J. L. Richards was re -appointed rest, res t . all appeared on the various dock - county physician Salary. $300.00 per' ets in M. M. Marcy's office during the year. - December 9, 1936. pest week J. J Rosenberger and Frank Faucet Three relief clients from Missoula were appointed viewers on the Et:nen county were arrested on the east shore cafe. Mrs. Lee has not announced her et at road petition for the construction last Saturday by Elmer DeGolier. game future plans. Heavy Traffic Over New Line St. Ignatius: To The Courier - A 22 - passenger bus was placed on the route between St. Ignatius and the Idaho line Sunday. The bus replaces the 12 -pas- . i Clerk instructed to advertise for a . to those on relief there. they were under senger bus which was too small to ac- I lanitor for the court house for the year the impression that they were not re - commode te the number of passengers , ,f,17. iquired to have a license if they came ! County attorney instructed to procure of the Hannah Misfeldt property for the !here and secured their own fish. Due to the circum.stances they were given 30- kers ads and forming them together to 'using the new route. Landmark Demolished . rieht of way across the southern part , down the old Tripp residence on their cee di nes. Harry Dwello has finished tearing i -ss East Shore road by condemnation pro- • tray dered to pay the costs which they did. suspended jail sentences and or - show \The Gay Desperado\ at the New make the star's name of this Sunday's ranch which was formerly owned by Clerk instructed to issue supply order I Pat Hamaker of Pablo, who was also Lake Theatre. Free ducats to the show will be the reward for the three neatest correct an- swers turned into the Courier office by this corning Saturday night and this means that the winner will capture five free tickets and the second and third will take three and two tickets respec- tively. Of course the lucky people will be an- nounced from the stage Sunday night, and everyone is invited to be there to see this splendid musical comedy, \The Gay Desperado\. Be seem' you folks! Get in the New Lake's latest fun con- text. ---- - --- urvey Anim Within the next week or so, a num- ber of !erasers in Lake county, will be visited by Robert W. Harper, a repre- sentative of the State Highway Com- mission, who is making a survey for the future development of rural roads. While the work of building and im- proving rural roads may not be carried out immediately after the survey is completed it will be used by both the state and federal governments for the development of roads under a long time plan. Mr. Harper's work is to find, out thru the farmers what routes are used the most and obtaining information as to individual travel mileage during 1936 and also to determine means by which the cost can be equalized to urban and rural residents, in proportion to the use made of their respective roads. Two per cent of the passenger car owners of the county will come under the survey and five per cent of the truck owners will be interviewed. All survey completed by the first of 1111ry New Manager For Lake Theatre Here Officer smeeting to be nominated ted vice at the president. SIXTY-TWO TURKEYS WILL SAY MERRY XMAS, DEVVEY EMPLOYEES W. G. Dewey said \Merry Christmas\ to the 62 men in his employment, in the I lumber company, service station and , mill last Saturday when he made a gift' of a nice fat turkey to each of them for their Christmas dinners. The tur- keys averaged 13 pounds apiece and ranged from nine to seventeen Pounds, according to the size of the men's fam- ilies. Will Nominate for New C. of C. Officers Next Tuesday, 29th Announcement was made here Sun- day that Mr. Cliff Moe will replace Mel- vin Hedine as manager of the New Lake Theatre, effective immediately. Mr. Moe. from Kellogg, Idaho, has long been in the theatre holiness and knOws every angle of the game, from beginning to end and promises a num- ber of novel entertainment Ideas for the residents of Poison. A good deal of comment has been made lately on the splendid shows being brought, to this town. A good example being the Al Capone car, which only played larger towns previous to the Poison engagement, \We intend to do everfthnie to provide comfort and the beet'enter- tainment and courteous service for our patrons.\ said Mr. Moir lime in, Me- son, and while we realise we have a big job on our hands to build our theatre so that it is one of the finest in the state of Montana, we intend to do just that thing and we know the people ol the community will be pleased 'withthe efforts that we have made. 'Let us go to the New Lake' should be a good slogan for everyone and we will be waiting for all of you.\ FOOTBALL SQUAD BANQUETED I MONDAY EVENING AT MODEL Members of the 1936 high school foot- ball squad and their coach Gorden Wil- son were feted at a banquet given last Monday eevning at the Model Cafe Wallace Holt acted as toastmaster and during the banquet four talks were given by Coach Wilson, Earl Cook, cap- tain of the team. Harold Lowman and Superintendent I. E. White who also presented the letter awards. Those receiving their awards were Earl Cook, Addison Farrell, Ned Davis, Paul Late, Orton Hanson, Bruce Forte, Herman Blurnhagen and Lewis Tar- lett, all of whom will leave the Vell171 this year. and Raymond Lambeth. Roy Harrison, Albert Harrison. John Brown, Gerhart Lewis and Jerry Paul. The Poison Pirates, during the past season lost only two games, defeating Charlo 6 to 0; the Flathead Reserves 18 to 0: Ronan 38 to 0: Columbia Falls 7 to 0: and Libby 27 to 0: and losing only to Whitefish and St. Peters of a highway beginning on the south warden, on charges of 11.shing without linef the triVt f Se 19 T.25.R.20 and extending thence northwesterly to licenses When arraigned before Jus- . . the south line of NES.NEti of sec. 13, , tax Marcy the men said that as truck T.25, 11.21. loads of salmon from Flathead lake had Clerk instructed to purchase 5300 feet of snow fence I been taken to Missoula and distributed Mr. and Mrs. Tripp. The house of frame, on the B. W. Diramick store for the i board and care of Miss Katie Suhler. : arrested on the east shore for fishing construction was one of the oldest land L. D. Lingle was instructed to vacate I without a license, was fined $25. Being marks in this vicinity and will be re -1 1E , ai3WS. and W.ef3E.a, sec. 13, T.22, , unable to pay the fine he has been membered by many old timers who can R.20, property owned by Lake county. i lodged in jail to serve out the time. recall the year It was erected. -Dayton The following claims were allowed I Fred Zlicker of Kalispell, also arrest- Cor, I during the foregoing three-day session: . General Fund ed on a similar charge Monday was I . , December 9. msg . I sentenced to jail when he was unable to pay his $25 fine. Farmers Union Hold! Election of Office Mountain Stater Power CO., Oc- tober service 48.701 Jim Cornelius of Ronan, was arrested Mountain States Power Co., No- m end a y i v the musty officers, upon rsiove;k1.1bie; servicenemVI, per - _ 61.25 , the complaint of James G. Anderson of missioner gala Ronan, who charges him with petty Charlo: To The Courier --- The Lake i J. J. Rosenberger. per diem, 303d- larceny. Cornelius pleaded not guilty County Farmers' Union met Wednes-1 missioner 51.36 to the charge when arraigned in jus- L. J. Mariop, per diem and mile - day afternoon at the Leon Clubhouse.. Lice court. The date for his trial has age. commissioner . ,. .. 5640 and elected officers for the comine 1 Bessie L. Kerns, salary, deputy year. Harry Hanson of Arlee was re- clerk and recorder 137.50 not Yet been set. . Jack Anderson of this place. was sr- electedpresident; Carl Ahlgreen of Frankel Carbon at Ribbon Co., rested by the city officers Sunday night , ribbons Ronan was elected vice president: M r s. : Geraldine Ede. salary. (dark for 14.00 on a charge of disturbing the peace. Z. Barr of Charlo was re-elected as ; treasurer 12.25 He was fined $10, which he paid, and secretary -treasurer: A. S. Harbour of !Chas. S. Dimmick. supplies 2.25 was given a 20 -day jail sentence which St. Ignatius was elected conductor and Bee Upham, clerk for clerk of was suspended upon payment of the Zaha Barr of Charlo, doorman. Legts- t _court__ ._, _._._ fine. lative committeemen chosen were Carl • Model Cafe, salary and Jerry Hansen of Arlee, was arrested A.hlgreen and Mr. Robinson of Ronan. i expense COUT3 Tuesday by Sheriff Taulbee on a After the election lunch was served to ; James 'Harbert, Wr r a t r Clerk of charge of malicious destruction of the 40 members attending. : court property. Hansen pleaded guilty when ' A. D. McDonald, salary and ex - Saturday afternoon the Charlo units arraigned and was tined $15. which he nence court reporter met at the R. J. Christian home and John John Nadrau, salary deputy elected their officers. Those named , sheriff Pete Plouff of St. Ignatius. the see - were James Hendrickson, president, J. F. McGinley. -Salary, deputy . land drenken driver to appear before Justice Marcy, within the past week. was fined $100 when he pleaded guilty 31.50 23.40 61.46 150.00 2.71 THEATRE FUN CONTEST STARTS IN COURIER THIS WEEK --JOIN IN Have you joined the New Lake The- atre fun contest? If not, you can enter now and all that is necessary to do is to look through this issue of The Cour- ier, picking out stray letters from vat - \Frost Boils\ Come With Warm Weather Officially winter struck Poison and vicinity with one of the warmest De- cember days on record. Monday. Shop- Pers hurrying from one store to another doing their last minute shopping, were forced to abandon heavy topcoats as the temperature rose to 48 degrees. Freezing temperatures at night and the balmy spring -like days of the past week have caused numerous \frost boils\ in the streets an on the high- way. In some parts of town the streets are in a very bad condition but there is little use in fixing them at this I time as the same condition will occur again in the spring. Next Tuesday night, December 29th, will be a regular meeting of the Cham- ber of Commerce. The date was select- ed in order that all business men would feel free and have the time to attend as it is especially important that a good turn out be present because nom- inations for the 1997 officers will be made at this time. In connection with the meeting a luncheon will be served. A special invitation is extended all businessmen who have come to Poison recently, to attend and take part in making the nominations. While sev- eral are not yet members, due to their short residence here, it is hoped that they will feel welcome to participate in the activities of the Chamber. treasurer, and four directors. Two will be nominated for each office and the election will be held the following week. The four directors whose terms ex- pire are Leo Brooks, S. Grinde, H. E. Bixby and Dr. Dimon. The four hold-overs are Dr. Richards, W. F. Emory, Roy Hubbard angl W. A. Alex- ander. President McConnell, vice preai- dent J. Henry Johnson and Treasurer .Hanson are the other members of the present board of directors. Henry Reihmum secretary of the or- ganization will make his annual report, showing what the Chamber has ac- complished the vast year. This will be worth listening to -don't miss it, goe weak &Her the meeting neat. Tuesday night, on January 5th, the an- nual election will take place. Recent Weddings Hagen -Antoine Announcement has been received here from Anaconda, of tho marriage of Miss Dona Walien and Vernon Antoine, which took place Sunday. December 13. in that city. The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride's aunt. Mrs, P. H. Piodexter. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and 1, Mrs. Oliver Wallen of Anaconda, and was graduated from the high school there with the class of 1934. The groom is the youngest son of Mrs. Nellie Antoine and a graduate of the Poison high school with the class of 1932. The young couple will make their home at 400 W. 4th street in Anaconda. Second Report of the Dairy Assn. Good one For the second monthly report of the local Dairy Herd Improvement Associa- tion, Ed Spencer, supervisor, states that there were 14 herds feasted as compared to 15 in November, but that the over- age production of butterfat has been 23.8 pounds as compared to 22.8 pounds for the previous month. The value of the butterfat has remained about the same. The value of the grain fed re- mained about the same but the value of the product above the cast of feed has amounted to $64.00 per cow as com- pared to 1156.00 last month, which is a definite indication of better feeding management. This is also a reflection on the improvement of the quality of cows due to the culling of seven cows that were found to be exceptionally poor producers. Spencer stated that he has .always felt that proper housing has meant a good deal and reported that one dairy- this week, man in the a.ssociation who has provid- ed comfortable barn and comfortable loafing shed for his cows with plenty of water at all times is getting a very high production. It is clearly not a case of his cows being of better breeding than the neighbors but almost entirely a case of keeping the cows contented. Eight farmers have started keeping records of the sales and purchases of all enterprises on the farm and the cow tester or supervisor will assist these eight dairymen each month in keeping them up-to-date. This. Spencer stated was additional service furnished by the I Land Commissioner Well Satisfied With Sale of State Lands The following is an account of the sale of state lands held recently in Lake* county, as given by I. M. Brandjord, commissioner of state lands and invest- ments: The sale of state lands held at Poi- son on Saturday, December 12, was a very , satisfactory and pleasant trans- action in this particular, that every piece of land sold was purchased by an actual farm owner and tiller of the soil. M. 0. McCollum and his good wife from St. Ignatius. purchased an eighty acre tract adjoining their present home about three miles south of St. Ignatius. The McCollums are old timers in the Mission Valley and it should be a source of great satisfaction to all interested in the development of the valley that they have added to their present farm. S. R. Logan, former superintendent of school district No. 28 and a well known educator, purchased eighty acres as an addition to his present farm some three miles southeast of Charlo. It is under- stood that this eighty is intended to be used as pasture. Mr. Logan and his lessee have a fine herd of \contented cows\ and this fine pasture land wit! add to \bovine bliss\ in that locality. Harold Beck of Charlo purchased three eighties which he has farmed for a number of years some three miles northwest of the good town of Charlo. Charlo, as everyone knows, is right in the midst of the land that flows with cream and drips with honey. It is re- ported on good authority that during marketing season for honey the roads close to Cherie are slippery with this delectable product. Mr. Beck is one of the most successful farmers in that part of the valley and more prosperity will come from the good land that he has added to his holdings. It la pos- sible that Fred Hughes, one a the wheat kings 01 Lake county, Will take over some of the land purchaaed /3733-r• Beck lured by the honey. Mr. Manes has his original homestead in that mast localty. Load. Dorthaest of Ronan and south- east oi Pablo in the section on which the Pat Normandeau mill was fornter- ly located, brought the highest Price. one tarty • milling at 431iner soma. Leon F. Terry of Poison bought one forty on Which a fine home will soon adze. Messrs. Leonard Barunganiter, Mar- vin K. Jensen and Glen McNeil bought one forty between them and divided it into three equal tracts. These pro- gressive young men will soon transform these tracts into charming garden homes that will be the envy of the en- tire neighborhood. State lands • are sold on such terms that the land pays for itself. It 13 a painless, almost a pleasant plan of payment. The sale of these various tracts of lands will mean additions to farms now established and the building and de- velopment of new homes. It represents a settlement and resettlement policy that is economically and socially yound. It will give the purchasers the oppor- tunity of converling their energy and intelligence into better farms and more beautiful homes. Needless to say, peo- ple of this kind are the very backbone of every farming community. \May their tribe increase.\ MORE THAN 230 ATTEND ANNUAL XMAS PARTY GIVEN BY V.F.W. More than 230 children and adults enjoyed the annual Christmas party of the V.P.W.. given lest Sunday evening at the I.O.O.F. hall A program of Christmas. singing and recitations was given under the direction of Mrs. Elmer DeGolier. after which the children were given treats and n lunch was served. Dirt Work Started East Lake Shore: To The Courier - Actual construction of the east lake shore road started Tuesday. at the res- ervation line. During the past week or more a crew of men have been busy clearing the right of way for the road. About half of the right of way has been cleared and the dirt work was started Lumber on Ground For New Building Preparations were started this week for the erection of the new telephone building, according to A. R. Elliot who has the contract for construction. The time for actual construction how- ever depends upon weather conditions. Mr. Elliot said. If the present weather conditions continue it is probable that association at no extra cost to the work will be started right after the first. dairyman. , of the year. and if this is the case, the Niue separators were tested of which contractor said they expected to have three were losing money for their own- the building completed in April. Their ens who were advised of the situation contract calls for completion before the and steps taken to correct them. The directors of the association regret to announce that due to a very big in- crease in salary offered Mr. Spencer, Meters. is almost finished and Mr. El - that he is being released from his duties hot said, would be ready for occupancy here and will take over a job as fore- about January 15th. The men at the man of an ice-cream factory at Colfax, Washington, near his former residence. Spencer feels that Lake county has many advantages in becoming a great dairy producing center but that the breeding program is not receiving the attention that it should and that im- provement in breeding and feeding it will be spring before they can finish would be of material help. the outside stucco work, • first of June. The new building erected for Mesrs. Sig Johnson. Olaf Karlsgodt and Julius present time are doing some plastering and finishing up other small details. The addition to the school in Ronan. is practically completed and . will be ready for use after the Christmaa Seca- • tion. The interior of the gym will alse be read , about the same time, although Mike Gallagher, vice president; Mrs Christian. secretary -treasurer; Mike Jaten. doorman and Mr. O'Riley, con- ductor. Z. Barr, Pat Meehan and Jim Gillispie were chosen as mrmibtr.-, of ,11' advisory board. 40.00 seri 60.00 Al Furstnow liddlery Co., sup- plies Samuel R. Chaffin. salary. deputy sheriff 50.00 Jail sentence which was suspended when J. L. Taulbee. sheriff's renews^ 36 42 he paid his fine. Plouff was arrested by IContinued on Page 71 Patrolman Ray Bryan. 3.50 to the charge and was given a 30 -day

The Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.), 24 Dec. 1936, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.