The Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.) 1910-current, February 11, 1937, Image 3

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Thursday, February 11, WTI. THE F11.411111141118 mums*, robes, himataal TAGS TIMM Rollins News Max Warren and Bob Taylor of Big- arm and George Reed and Marian Mc- Donald of Dayton were Sunday visitors here. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Sager of Half Moon spent the week end at the James Mahaney home. Mrs. Albert Collins left Saturday for Echo Lake where she Is vtsiting with her aunt. Harold Odle, Charles Rogers and James Mahaney came down from Kite for the week end. Clarence Bain and family have moved into one of the Lawrence (nice houses. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Uhde spent Sun- day afternoon visiting at the Claud Sager home. Albert Collins went to the county seat Saturday. The following were engaged in Ice harvesting the past week: Clarence Robinson, George Parsons, George Frazier, Sr., Guy Clatterbuck, M. J. Brunner, Lynn Hoover, Albert Collins, Edward Ekman, Wilfred Learn, Leonard Sager, Lynn Ekman, Charley Wymore, Otto, Fred, Richard and James Uhde. Logan Bostic was here from Kila over the week end. M.oroea Ekman visited Friday and Saturday in Poison. Grace Stephens of Lakeside was visit- ing friends here Sunday. Mrs. Harry Lewin was a week end Attendance at the Townsend Club visitor at Missoula where Mr. Lewin is meeting Saturday night was small employed. • Roadsmany friends of Mrs. J. J. Rosen - Roads are so slippery people hesitate berger were grieved to hear of her death Rosen - In getting out unless necessary. on Saturday, at the hospital in Poison. hall next Saturday night, McNeely's A dance is iulvertised for the local Mrs. Rosenberger has been a resident of Finley Point for many years and was Harris Weaver from Poison was Orchestra will furnish the music. held in the highest esteem by here every- Saturday and Sunday. one. Evelyn &Igen of Kalispell came here Wednesday and spent the balance of the week at her parents home on Big Lodge. Misses Joan and Elizabeth Muhlethal- er, Shirley Frazier and Moroea and Ra- mona Ekman visited at the H. Weaver home Sunday afternoon. Knute Sagen was in the Niarada dis- trict the past week. Mrs. Guy Willey was a Kalispell visit- or the middle of last week. Gretchen Daley has been absent from school for some time on account of road conditions and illness. Roads were rough and icy the first of this week. More side roads have been opened and travel is slowly coming back to normal. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Sager and Mrs. George Parsons were shopping at the county seat the first of this week. Max Warren of Bigarm spent Sattu- day and Sunday night at the Elgie Sa- ger home. He went to Poison with the high school bus Monday. Robert Muhlethaler is among those having the flu. A number of people have been ill but none seriously. J. Hopkins of Butte was a business caller Friday and Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Uhde and sons, Richard and James, spent Sunday even- ing at the Claud Sager home. H. B. Ulrich employed several men the first of this week to assist him in filling his toe house. Richard Muhlethaler was unable to go to work Monday or Tuesday on ac- count of siclmesa—U. Rollins News ing. Mrs. Earl Maken of Libby who spent several days here last week with friends left by bus Thursday for Missoula where she will visit with her daughter and husband of that place. Miss Wilmeth Eagle spent the week end in 1Callspell with relatives. Miss Florence Weaver entertained a group of girls at her home Sunday af- ternoon. Delicious refreshments were served by the hostess. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Sager were Poi- son shoppers Monday. Mrs. George Par- sons accompanied them. Pablo Town News Miss Leah Rowan, Miss Fierce and Miss Anderson were week end guests at the Earl Rowan home. Mr. and Mrs. Melford Smith and - children were Sunday dinner guests at the Mary Smith home in Ronan. Mrs. Ethel Terry of Poison attended the P. T. A. meeting in Pablo Monday evening. Ware.n and Kent Pray spent Sunday at their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed- ward Pray of Poison. Marie Westerman is ill wil flu this week. Vernon Tabor, Clarence Storm and Hershel Gray left Monday morning for Galen, where they will be employed. They were )oined at the mission by Jesse Tabor, Vernon's father. Miss Mercedes Guyette of French - town and Ronald Rowan of Helena, were dinner guests at the Rowan home Sunday. Gordon Irish returned to school Feb. 8th after a prolonged absence due to driftted roads. Evelyn has tonsilltis and Is unable to attend school yet. Roads west of Pablo were opened by the farmers during the week end to al- low the school bus to get thru. It is un- derstood they drifted again Sunday. E. A. Tiffany returned to Missoula Miss Louise Trainor was a guest of Friday after spending several days here Valda Ingraham Monday night. last week with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Ingraham and We understand that Lawrence (trice children were dinner guests at the Jr - sold the former postoff ice building and vine Ingraham home Sunday. an acre of land to the C. Bain family. The Pablo P. T. A. will give their has - They moved in last week. ket supper, card party and dance Friday Mrs. Edward Tiffany and son, Hal re- evening, February 12th. turned to their home in Poison last Mrs. Marie Gonseth visited at the week. Beals home Sunday. The Mountain States Power company Mr. and Mrs. Fetch and children were had a crew of men here one day last Sunday dinner guests at the Axel An - week making some changes in their derson home. electric line. Ira Rathbun was a dinner guest at Miss Moroea Ekman spent Friday and the B. F. Anders home Sunday. Saturday with her aunt, Mrs. Herbert The Assembly of God church gave a Friske of Poison, farewell party for Vernon Tabor Friday The people of this vicinity have been night at the Hart apartments. harvesting an excellent ice crop the Betty Mae Nelson has been very stet past week, with the flu. Mrs. Charles Rogers and Mrs. Pearl Gordon Irish stayed with Richard Collins were Kalispell callers Saturday &monis Monday night. afternoon. Mrs. C. C. Simonis spent Tuesday Eugene Tiffany spent Friday and Sat- visiting the Duterrow home east of Ro- urday visiting friends at Lakeside. nan. Mrs. Dutterrow has been ill for Lodge Bostic was a Poison business some time. caller Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Trainor and Mrs. Albert Collins visited relatives in family were Sunday dinner guests at the Kalispell over the week end. Wm. Trainor home. Harris Weaver and Charles Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Earl Trainor have wired Who are employed at the dam, spent their home in Pablo for electric lights. the week end here with relatives. The Community Sunshine Club met Mrs. Nellie Tiffany entertained at at the home of Mrs. Tom Moore Friday dinner Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Menil afternoon with nine members present. McAlear and daughters, Anna May and The following officers were elected for Joyce of Poison, Mrs. Louise Graves the year: President, Mrs. Eva Trainor; and daughter Zoe, Eugene Tiffany and vice president, Mrs. Leola Pray; *acre - Miss Gracie Stevens of Lakeside. tary-treasurer, Mrs. Modiste Smith. Max Warren and Bob Tabor of Big- Mrs. Hans Nelson will entertain the Finley Point arm spent Saturday night and Sunday club at the next meeting. here at the E. Sager home. Mrs. Scott Hall entertained the Jody Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Elanan and Ha- Workers club at her home in Pablo on mona and Mrs. C. A. Wymore attend- Thursday. Pew members were present g re. K . K. Harlan an d children, Atm. ed a show in 1Calispell Saturday even- on account of the roads being drifted. Mr. and Mrs. Win Leader, Mr. and Anderson and sons and Mr. Halter were dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Howell on Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Blake of Mis- soula were week end guests at the Edgar Blake home. Mrs. R. A. Turner drove to Missoula and spent the week end with Mr. Turn- er. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lembke of Mis- soula were guests at the home of their uncle, Chris Lembke Wednesday and Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. E. E Young were bud- nem visitors in Poison Monday. Mrs. John Erickson, who has been ill at her home here is reported to be im- proving. Mr. and Mrs. John Pulse and child- ren visited at the Wm. Leader home Sunday evening. Ray Hamilton returned to Missoula where he is employed by the Montana Power company, after a week's illness. Eldon Bernard left Friday for Malta after spending several weeks here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. McHarg were out to their home on Skidoo Bay Sunday. Leonard Turner came from Missoula where he Is employed and spent the week end at home. Edgar Blake came from Missoula where he has been serving on the jury during the Federal court and spent Sunday at home. '4ftesttble\ ipg ost / 411°111 otor ...100as is Coolant), vra% tailite sottNe I I u sic ...woo ow\ apo att., a ta '''1401-atiestAlAtue''' isitittimee. best or itiSlatOr lot Ynit. 3 notosit ttatiNc stop WI gratt__s voas, so storstitia70- aomvoc ;4 t etoouiocattlottasos toltr. to de vossrVie eVitt cPi te oi. atop goa tes CISC\.. ist.fialben_ eft!.of Soper -Su 's cooatinhs, you'13. boa yout eat to, SiaelA ettsjoeers de; opeo ./1007:ttenttle saviotst l'hvsbahtoctotp e _‘ . s _le 0:0e!t.-Siseiefei isso: saie ttotn coast 1°Ce6.C°11:114eteb SU- lis ' Shel1 station •Ist 'Co seduce thl .. s 00 . .t Tnaccaotes the ch tozcal_votalscwoon rocno:t 400,00,00o . to 'tsaluoce\ tosohoe, ot pasoUne • . . toswes Su - THE 25 -MILLIONTH FORD HAS JUST BEEN BUILT IT seas never occurred before in auto- mobile history that 25 million cars of one make, bearing one name, have been manufactured under one man- agement. The 25,000,000th Ford car rolled off the Ford Rouge Plant pro- duction line on January 18, 1937. 25 million cars since 1903 ... more than one-third of all the cars ever built. enough cars to transport the entire population of the United States. The figures represent a remarkable contribution to the social welfare, the industrial stability and the general progress of our country. People respect Ford efficiency. They know Ford uses fine materials, the best workmanship at good wages, the Roost exact precision measurements. They know these things are passed along to purchasers in the form of extra value. Naturally, they like to do business with such a company. That is the only reason it has been required to produce 25 million ears. Naturally, to they expect more of a Ford car, more this year than last year— more FORD each year than the year before. They have every right to. The experience gained in building 25,000,000 cars en- ables Ford to produce today a really superb motor car at a really low price — with the Beauty, Comfort, Safety and Performance of much more ex- pensive cars. The 1937 Ford V-8 combines ad- vanced design, all -steel construction, extra body room, and brilliant brakes with a choice of two V- type 8 -cylin- der engines — the most modern type of power -plant on land, sea, or is the air. The 85 -horsepower engine provides top performance with unusually good economy for its high power. The 60 -horsepower engine gives good performance with the greatest gasoline mileage ever built into a Ford ear—and wears the lowest Ford price tag in years. People expect more of a Ford car because it's a Ford -- and they more, for the same reason. It is undeniably the quality ear in the low -price field. MOTOR COMPANY Power Gains 9 Per cent Revenue Gains .005 Per cent Energy generated by all public utility electric plants in the linited States during 1935 totaled 93,575,000,000 kilowatt hours as cotnpared with 85,970,000,000 kilowatt hours in 1934, according In .itatigtios coin piled by the Eleetrical World. That Si an increase of almost 9 per tent. The. total number uf cut , lonwrs increased 2 per cent during the year, the aggregate reachitor 25,341,203 at the end of 1935. The revenue obtained from the sale of electric energy in 1935 reaat- ed a total a $1,923,500,000; which is a gain of about one-balf of one per eent. A 9 per tient gain in volume of business that produces only a use hall per eent gain in revenue is evidence of the continuing trend in rate iedostione. The Montana Power Company Serving 155 Montana Cities and Towns

The Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.), 11 Feb. 1937, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.