The Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.) 1910-current, May 06, 1937, Image 3

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Timmlay. May 6, 1927. TRIE INLATIREAD 001=114 Pelmn,EMsftma PAGE MEE FRIDAY, 7th DON'T GET LEFT At the Post—See And It's Screeno Night—Are You Lucky Specie/ Matinee After School, 4 p. m. SATURDAY, MAY 8th WHA M t tine A Harold Bell Wright's LW d ENT Bito\P - With Ralph Bellamy IT'S A REAL WESTERN! ismssioniaommise e Letter r Box How About Our Indian Park? Regarding Reservation Schools The office of the County Superintend- ent is in receipt of many communica- tions relative to the situation concern- ing reservation schools which have re- ceved loans from the Federal govern- ment United States Representative James O'Connor is introducing a bill in ref- erence to reservation schools in this part of the United States which will eliminate the necessity of recoupment payments on loans which reservation schools have received from the Federal government in regard to building which were erected or are being erected be- cause of increased enrollment due to Indian Children. It is not .possible for Mrs. Terry to contact personally all of those whom she knows would be interested, but she believes that if you will drop Represen- tative O'Connor a line and cite our case and urge him to use his influence in securing passage not only in the House but assist in steering this bill into the proper Senate channels that we will make important progress in securing passage of this bill at the present sea - Marjorie Triplett and Korinne Wigen with Annetta Kelly as their director. Mr. and Mrs. Jernberg visited Mon- day evening at 0. B. Moore's. Mrs. Gipe called Sunday afternoon on Mrs. Roy Moore and on Mrs. Jim Peace. Mrs. Tripplett, Junior and Billy, en- joyed dinner Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Wm Forman. Big Arm News Mr. Bibee of Hot Springs visited at the Harry Ross home. Miss Pauline Robertson went home Friday to spend the week end. Mrs. Bibee is able to be around again. John Smith was over from Radio looking after his cattle. Mrs. Warren was in Poison Friday. Mr. Gaylord and Robert Tabor were out for a boat ride Friday. J. 0. Dunbar of Poison called on the Bibee family Sunday. Fred Ressler visited the Leon Tabor home Friday. sion of Congress. Lee Masterson of Kalispell called on Will you kindly contact your Con- I Harry Ross Monday. gressman and ask them to use their in- Rev. Beaudreau called in Big Arm fluence in changing t hi s l oan t o a on Golden Bibee and was entertained grant. Surely the first obligation of the for supper at Barr's. Federal government should be to care The farmers are getting a little help for all public schools located on Indian on the road to Leon Lake which is very reservations. In fact this condition must much appreciated. be corrected and we are depending on Mr. Jenson passed thru with a small all of you to do your part by writing truck of cattle for the ranch Sunday. to your Congressmen in Washington, D. Miss Stella Baumert has returned C., soliciting their help. Ask them to from Missoula. their rest periods peppered with action work with Knute Hill in the House and James and Mabel Rude were in Pol- -rodeos, pack trips into the mom- Lewis B. Schwellenbach in the Senate. son Monday on buisness. tains and plenty of frontier atmosphere. These Congressmen are from the State car Jas. Rude assisted Mr. Barr repair a The present day \dude\ and \du- of Washington. dine\ can get any thing his or heart Your help is absolutely necessary. Harry Ross is remodeling the house desires in this line for $20 or more a Please write them a word or two.— purchased from Mrs. Copeland. day. • Ethel Terry. Miss Stella Baumert was a caller in But. said Rabbittail, none of the dude Poison Monday. Valley View Items Mrs. George Rude and Stella Baum - ranches offer a complete frontier . background that includes Indian braves, _ , Tuesday. \We calling at the J. 0. Rude home squaws and papooses. I \We propose\ he said to \establish . and Mrs: H. D. McHenry of Lone some dude ranches in the mountains Pine spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. where the vacationist can get a first 011ie Gregg. The two families viewed hand taste_ of primitive under condi- the work at the dam in the afternoon. SUNDAY - MONDAY I Dons that also assure comfort and safe- Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Grey, Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Fosse and children ty. Mrs. George Patterson, Mr. and Mrs. -.e - visiting at the E. D. Hendrick home. \Our guides win bc Indians trained to George Culligan and an uncle and aMr. and Mrs. Chas. Adamson and work, braves who need no leather to nephew of Mrs. Culligan from North i . children. Mr. and Mrs, A. Hecker and help them ride a mean bronc. We will Dakota, s have the location, the natural resources go the paleface one better because we Roy Moore Saturday evening at the,,, home. and Miss Thelma Knopp were oore home. John Knutson and daughter Mary callers Sunday at the W. H. Cooper and the genuine background of frontier visited Monday evening at Triplett's. Callers at the A. T. Baumgartner and native Indians. Mr. and Mrs. George Jernberg, Flor- home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Carl \Some of the timid easteners might ence and Edward and Elinor Mayers, Ahlgreen, Mrs. J. H. Rathbone and Mr.. require coaxing and \breaking in\ for visited with relatives in Kalispell over and Mrs. H. Crannell. Mrs. Elizabeth Peone of Spokane, who has been visiting her son. Hi Peone and family, went to Ronan Sunday to visit, other relatives. ' Mrs. Glen McNeil and baby returned , large number of invited guests Wednes- Saturday from Helena. They have via- , day afternoon at a stork shower for ited relatives there about three weeks. i Mrs. Marlin Noble. After the hostess Miss Ruth P`olden of Poison was a ' had served a delicious lunch, Mrs. Noble week end guest of Miss Irene Crannell. I opened her packages which displayed Lloyd Crannell of Poison spent the many useful and pretty gifts. Mrs. I week end with his parents, Mr. and i Bonnell gave a short reading at the Mrs. H. Crannell. close of the afternoon. 1 Mrs. H. Voorhies of Poison spent Sat- ! Irvin and Vernon Lee, second cousins urday night and Sunday at the E. Men- ' of Alvie Turner, and Irvine Simonsen tie home. are visiting at the Turner ranch from ; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Fite of Poison Watford, N. D. They report that the ......... w ere gues t s Sun day at the K°bar g , drought and high winds have ruined ''''omr. the prospects fOr a crop in their Part I Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brown of Missoula of the country. were guests at the T. A. Powell home Mr. and Mrs. Levi Bachler were Sun- Sunday. day dinner guests at the C. D. Bachler ' Mr. and Mrs. Francis Gallagher were home. . callers at the L. D. French home Sun - Mr. and Mrs. Roy Sturm entertained 'SY. a few days in the hills, how can he at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. O. A. where are there such places, and the from the dam D . ah Jensen are workfng at Jocko leen lakMea7 Jensen, Gordon DeGoller and get to a desirable camping place. and Stm f \WhisPering Hope\ and \Carr • M Mr. and Mrs. G. R. Deffinbaugh and family spent Sunday at the Brownlee * home at St. Ignatius. Miss Mary French who has been on Poison the past six weeks. returned to try Courier Want Ado—They Get Results night duty at the Sisters' Hospital at North Crow Creek INN Shows All Day Sunday 1:30 to 11 p. m. It's MOTHER'S Day and She WILL LIKE THIS.... =ROUT — FRED MacMURRIlY • • Att O tIt k ; / ti l t - r Ift11 70 l o gsi Unto '644 . 11 1 ,.,1 °19 s.t:a tat 1 t Tato . 4\ Get the Family Toget a er And Take Mother to the Show TUESDAY It's Bank Night Cash Drawing WEDNESDAY - THURS. You Don't Care What They Do .. If they only keep doing it . . . it's that kind of a pic- ture. DICK MA01104 POWELLI!CARROLL 904,20104 iimans 4 ALICE FAYE • The RITZ Brothers tad GEORGE BARBIER INEW LAKE The foilowing story by the Associat- ed Press, under a Fort Washakle, Wyo., date line, will be of interest to men in this valley who, for a number of years, have been advocating the development of the Mission Range as a play ground for summer tourists: \Indian dude ranches plentiful sup- plied with stalwart braves, smiling squaws and black eyed papooses may soon steal the white man's thunder and give him a run for his lariat in the wild west's smart summer business. \You can't ;wet a bronzed Indian, a regulation tepee and the customary blanket for attracting the attention of our white brothers\ said White Rab- bitten, an educated Shoshone Indian. \Modern highways and horse trails have opened vast areas of wilderness country in the high reaches of the Wind river range on the Shoshone In- dian reservation in central western Wyoming. Wideawake tribesmen, taking ad- vantage of these, see in the mountain country where gushing white water streams are teeming with trout and dozens of lakes dot the timberland country, a chance to enter the dude ranch business in a big way. Vacationists who come to Wyoming's dude ranches during the summer want a season or two, but when we are ready to go, the Indian dude ranch is going Mr. and Mrs. Carey Gordon, Cary Jr. to pack thrills for the vacationist that and Jean, were visitors Sunday after - may be had in no other camp.\ noon at the Gine home. The idea of an Indian park no doubt Mrs. Leon Thompson entertained a originated here but it seems that the Shoshone Indians of Wyoming have been quicker to recognize its merits. Nearly all tourists from the middle west and the eastern states expect to be thrilled by a trip to western Mon- tana. They expect to see \cowboys\, Indians and wild animals. Many would be startled, of course, but not surprised if they encountered a band of Indians lifting a white man's hair on the main street of Poison—that would be in ac- cord with their moving picture educa- tion. The cowboys are all herding sheep or have moved to Hollywood; but we still have scenery, wild animals and Indians. The tourist can see our mountains from the road but even 11 he wanted to spend real Indians, the ones who could be Back to Old Virginia\ were the used for for show purposes are here and bers sung by the Girl's Glee Club at the there, scattered in the brush, and few Music Festival in Ronan Friday. Miss ever poke their heads out to see what's Kelly and Miss Sorg accompanied the going on. girls to the festival The members of The Shoshone Indians are going af- the club are Juanita and Pearl Rogers ter the big money -420 a day stuff. This Evelyn Bachler, Edith and Anna La- her home Monday. looks good on paper, but it is safe to saY cock, Elinor Olsen, Rogaria Mayers. that there are probably two hundred _ You Too! AT THE MODEL TAVERN WILL FIND— The Liquor you like—mixed the way you want it. Friends—that are congenial. Music—that is music. Surroundings --that are smart and modern. WE'LL BE SEEIN' YOU AT THE Model Tavern • A DAY'S PAY BUYS MORE ,Joe Smith drives to work III a N'ehicle that his moth- er's rich Uncle couldn't have bought with all his millions. His wife enjoys conveniences that fifty servants couldn't have •brought her fifty years ago. Joe's pay check buys more in better living than ever before. Think. what you can do ivith five or ten or fifty dollars. And think how easy it is to have that money. .. and more. The things you want can be Yours. They're bet- ter. .. and easier to buy. . because of money. The Security State Bank Poison, Montana Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation • tourists who can spend $5 a day for a every one who can spend $20 or $30 a day, and these $5 tourists are the ones to cater to. They now probably aver- age about four gallons of gas and one meal in going through Lake county. They hurry along to Glacier Park, al- ways hoping to see something different. At' the park they are given a little book and on one of the last pages of this book they find it is going to cost them $27 a day to really see the park. Glacier Park 1.2 no doubt a beautiful place, but the average tourist sees little of it. He is afraid to leave the road because he may become lost An Indian park in the Mission range ; located between Yellowstone and Glac- ier with a number M camps for the old Indians. cabins for tourists, trails for saddle horse parties and overnight camps on the sky -line would no doubt hold people here, provided prices were kept within reason. Nearly all Chambers of Commerce in western Montana are addicted to get- ting out \booklets\ describing the beau- ties of this part of the state. What we need most (next to a large 5c glass of been is a plan to hold these people for a time after they are induced to come. We feel as did Mark Twain when he said people do a lot of talking about the weather but nobody ever does any- thing about it—Can You Tell Me? New - Different Perfume.. Disseminators The Modern Way To a Delicately Fragrant Atmosphere HUBBARD'S PHARMACY Notice! Effective Thursday, May 6th Due to increased cost of production the price of ICE CREAM will be Pint Packages 25c BULK ICE CREAM Quart Packages 50c Pints 30c Gallon Packages .. $1.35 Quarts 60c HUBBARD•S PHARMACY EDDIE'S DRUG CO. POLSON CREAMERY CO. THE BON TON HARDIE'S LAKE CITY DRUG - ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• THE RED Et WHITE STORES The Sign of a Dependable Store liCor Red & White Has HERE'S PROOF - the Best Values tic statement 1111 their lips: \Red & White • has the Best Values!\ Sixteen years of Critical shoppers—women who go from value giving have earned for Red & White store to store looking for bargains usually the reputation of being the best stores in end up at Red & White with the enthusias- town! Specials for Friday, Saturday, and Monday. May 7,8, and 10 MORITLNG BMX, Special, 3 tall cans.29c With Cod Liver OS COCOA, Blue & White, One 2-1b. tin. .25c High Cocoa Butter Content Peas, Rod & White, 3 No. 2 tins 53c PanA No. 3 Sieve—A Rome Product PINEAPPLPE, Homestyle, 3,2% tins 69c Red & White. Luscious Cubes of Halvah= Goodness GRAPEFRUIT, 5 No. 2 tins 69c Red & White. Pah‘l , Whole Segments GRAPEFRUIT .TUICE, 5 No. 2 tins 590 Red & White PLAV-R-JELL, 7 packages for 37c 8 True Fruit Flavors and wiate Pudding BRAN rtaxas, Two 10-os. pkgs. . . .19c Red & White. 40% Bran CORN FLAKES, 3 small or 2 large . . .23c Red & White. Crisp and Tasty WHEATIES, 2 pkgs. for 25c The Breakfast of Champions MATCHES, One 6 -box caddy 19c Blue & White. Matches are advancing CLEANSER, 6 cans for 27c Red & White. No Grit or Lye SOAP CHIPS, One 5-1b. pkg. 45c Blue & White. The Economy Package WASHO, 1 large pkg. 27c The Perfect Soap Powder COMPLEXION SOAP, 6 bars for 27c Lady Godiva. For Fine Skins FLOATING SOAP, 7 bars for 33c Red + White CHERRIES, Two 5-os. bottles 29c Rod & Whitt Maraschino PICNIC SUGGESTIONS MARSHMALLOWS, 1-1b. bag 19c Red & White. They're Deiovely SALAD SPREAD, 1 pint jar Sunspun. A delicio Sandwich Pilling SALAD DRESSING, 1 pint jar 24c Sunspun. The Perfect Topper MAYONNAISE, 1 quart jar 47c Red & White. Adds Zest to Potato Salad • PORK and BEANS, Two 27-os. tins 27c Van Camp's BEVERAGES, Six 12-os. bottles 69c . Red & White. Ginger Ale, Lime Rickey. Sparkling Water. Club Soda GRAPE JUICE, 1 quart bottle 37c Red & White. Perky Eastern PAPER NAPKINS, 3 pkgs. for 29c Embossed. 00 Count—Assorted Colors PAPER CUPS, 3 pkgs. for 29c Plain or with handle -8 count—Cello Wrapped PAPER PLATES, 3 pkgs for 29c 8 -in., 8 count. Cello Wrapped—Assorted Patterns KOOL AID, 6 pkgs. for 29c 7 Flavors Try the New KOOL AID ICE CREAM MIX Chocolate. Strawberry and Vanilla Flavors ligemommomimm

The Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.), 06 May 1937, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.