The Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.) 1910-current, October 01, 1937, Image 6

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PAGE SIX FIATMEAD COVIUDISR. Poison. Montana Friday, October 1, MI I Letters on Timely Subjects Re- produced for Your Perusal And Comment. ...........SPIsIMIVss................ 4 To the Editor of the Flathead Cour ier: Dear Sir: Comment By Our Readers It would seem that my letter to the water users of the Flathead project published in the columns of your paper of September 16th has been sadly mis- interpreted by some of your readers. At Una time I wish to make myself plain as I have nothing to gain in misrepre- senting facts, turn to Washington. MESCAL IKE a, s. L ittiNTLIY When Moments Count s 'At 1 :!../ . , -. /10 l i ii IA ' , :.....t ;'; - , .. -',--.-_,At, -----,....__- WAIT A 51s iATTgg? MINJUTE.. ... 1 , -. 1 , - ,-, .. .... . I , , • .... ... 'IA!' 1 ; , / , . %' -,' ' , EAl-i, f5t...rr Ti-i tDifs0Gt..a . -1 reE0 RAISENT 'L-11-1- BE &D5..1E LoltE o'a,gs 1-OoKiT! \4012 GA -1W Aisxr Loczmo -4 l '' ' ' ' . ' r q r .41111111kigi k , :je - - e: .. . '. 41 2 . \111\ ...,.....ssi.‘ . 0. •• e .., .. FORE. L GAT A Ci-lArsiC TO LOAD i-lIT: Cs0 sOo EN..wos SUMMErt 30ORT3 v./wept.' sou vt..e2E. L.S.44S OSQ171 1 1 , -4 WICILK - ftisit) 7 ' .---.-. • i A #`„ ,, 'Ik. .. x. - ' • ' er 't , & • Mtlilodu . 1r : IF ..- . ...; • _ c • - . .......2:___ . ......._.... 1- t‘' . r '. e,--.' ..,.., 1 4 \ 1 e0 i I I. .,- la • .\ 6'7' ...isa„:. , - ..:401+4.464,4tel ......-0R• -r , to .q.tritillt. ley V. L. Hitstl..e. 'Pride lia. ocre akiao4a0 it) FOSga Ca 11.4a2 ; :,1 , Kt• 4 . , _ ..- .1 ' — - ' ' ^r,„ .-..-4,,,,E;._ z ..- 7 t h , -. ' - 424- ..- ..,,,, . ...) ........... oil •.: i A.'. V. a. Pat. OiN) .‘ ' Be it thoroughly understood that I have no desire to become personal in my remarks relative to the existing wa- ter shortage in this county. In the meantime be it understood that I make no apology to any person the contrary, it is my firm belief that if or persons for any statement of facts those who choose to label themselves that I have heretofore made relative the chosen elective representatives of to the same subject. the water users and persist in the meth - If the constructive Criticism that I od they haw. used for the last 25 years have offered in connection with auUl- Us voicing the sentiments of the entire enticated facts have fallen so heavily valley that it will be another 25 years Won the shoulders of those whose let it pefOre this pumping plant is complete. lies 'teen through a matter of elective And sorrowful io say It will be too choice to bear the burdens and assume the obligations of the dissatisfied water users of Lake county to the extent that there are sore spots I trust that they will remember the phase \Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's and unto God the 'things that are Clod's.\ And if for any reason the burden has became too heavy to bear there might possibly be a remedy through the med- ium of the ballot box as has been prov- en ist the past by similar action of the voters. There are a few people in Lake coun- ty, though indeed they are relatively few, who seem to be under the impres- sion that it is sacriligious to mention postponement of the constructive charge in the Flathead Irrigation pro- ject for any period of time. We have been assured by some who claim to have sponsored over a period of some twenty years the completion of this project that the additional electric power developed will more than offset the cost of construction and pumping plant. II. is the general concensus of opinion which has been voiced publically throughout the entire valley, that if the construction charge is applied In the immediate future it will spell dis- aster and destruction. One business man alone said to me. \Do you think it advisable to ask for postponement of construction charge while at the same time we are asking tar an additional appropriation for the pumping plant?\ form. \Did you ever hear of a man Let me answer that in rather a crude ' making a plea for a commutation of t his sentence after he had been hanged? If he is successful in securing a re- prieve he must necessarily make his tight for clemency before his execution. The same thought is applicable in the question that has arisen as to whether or not the water users of this valley should request postponement of construction charges at this time or wait until the Secretary of Interior deems it advisable to set a date for the collection Of charges. Of my worthy opponents I would like to ask if you are in any manner GM - versant with the Big Thompson Pro- ject of Colorado, which was passed up- on by the last Congress at a cost to the nation of some $44.000,000. You may Bay \Well. Colorado is a large state.\ Let use remind you ln answer to that. Col- orado has had prior to this appropria- tion from Congress some 11 major re- clamation projects. ranging in cost from $417,553 to $7,271,321 each. Therefore, I believe and I still main- tain that if a mass meeting of all wa- ter users in Lake county was called somewhere Us Lake county, possibly Poison, the county seat, more prefer- able, and our Congressmen and Sen- ators were requested to be present and It petitions were circulated at that mass meeting, securing the signatures of a major portion of the water users, then in my opinion, your Congressmen and Senators would have something to pre sent the proper officials when they re- • 2069 Ice Cream Is Not a Luxury . . . It is a food needed most in the colder months. Our flavors today are Vanilla, Chocolate, Straw- berry, Banana and Butter Pecan, Black Walnut, Honey - Almond. Also Orange and Lime Sherbet. Surely the opposers of my idea could not be impressed with the idea that the request for an additional $600,000 would startle the Congress that they would suffer a nervous break -down. On late for a great many of them to save their hOMes. I ask you, did this Congress hesitate When it was asked to appropriate $161,- 000.000 for a battleship? Did it hesitate when it was asked for $161.000,000 for a marine? Not one minute. Did it hes- itate when it was asked to send 15,000 marines to China with a fleet of bat- tleships to protect the interests of the silk manufacturers. Why should we, the people of the Flathead Irrigation project shed croco- dile tears over the possibility of Con- gress refusing the small pittance, of pin money necessary for the completion of this pumping plant? What we should be weeping over is the possible shortage of men who possess the intestinal forti- tude to ask for that appropriation. Why should we, the water users, be worried over the possible fact that we may be branded as high-jackers be- cause we are demanding such a so-call- ed tremendous sum? Has not this same Congress appropriated from $350,000,- 000 to $500,000,000 annually for rivers and harbors commissions? And for the future benefit of those who think for one minute that Con- gress is pickyoonish I beg to advise that there was the small sum of $3,000,000 appropriated from this Congress for the World's Fair in New York in 1938 and still, he who would dare suggest the possibility of approaching this generous SHORT ORDERS Are now the ''Order of the Day\ — at THE SPOT • Soft Drinks Hamburgers Lunches government for sufficient funds to com- plete this pumping plant is branded as one who would usurp the power of a water commissioner. Yea, verily, I say unto you that the sea may give up its dead, but none shall possess iuch modesty. This same Congress passed a bill al- locating to the different Reclamation Projects throughout the nation the small sum of $9,150,000 but the Flathead project, mind you, wasn't mentioned in that appropriation. They also in their generosity passe4 ii bill providing $16,500 for a fish hatch- ery in Glacier NaUonal Park and I Might add while they were in a mood of appropriation, just to show us what good sports they could be, they handed out another $2,700,000 for the Notches Trace Parkway, between Mississippi and Alabama. Did not this same Congress loan to the Great Northern Railroad in 1932 $100,000,000 at 3 per cent interest to keep them out of the hands of the re- ceivers? And that for 40 years. Did not this 75th Congress enact into law a bill known as the Farm Ten- ancy bill, whereby it will make a loan of $7,500 to any individual couple for the purpose of purchasing a farm. . And in connection with that I want to ask you people who are mortgaged clean to your chin, how are you going We Carry a Complete Line of Hunting Apparel Jackets and Mackinaws In All the Popular Colors. Both Button and Zipper Styles Wool Seeks The Famous Ball Brand in all Heighths Our Special Feature Wool Jackets This fine garment has double back and sleeves, rubber lined carrying pocket, four pocket - zipper front and knit wrist bands. The ideal winter gar- ment. HOLDING'S Shoe Store ! NAME IT ! 1 THESE FIRMS CAN SUPPLY YOU— They Are Leaders in Their Line Blacksmithing Welding and Spring Work Trailer Hitches our Specialty Iron Work of All Kinds Sterling Iron Works •)40' ./ F. N. Hamman Attorney At Law Practice in Federal and State Courts. Probate Practice ELECTRIC WIRING And Supplies, Batteries, Parts Expert Radio Repair and Service PECK'S Radio Shop Col. E. N. Edwards & Sons LIVESTOCK 'AND Farm Sales Auctioneers 22 Years of Stavessfill Sales Polson Phone 10 Missoula Phone 5065 to like it when your mortgage is fore- closed because you have failed after You have done your best, and Uncle Sam steps up and says to some fellow who has never had any desire to own a home. \we're going to make you a present of what this poor devil lost\ And Uncle Sam is going to loan this new purchaser of your home the money at three per cent interest while you were being compelled to pay 5 and 6 per cent when you lost your home. To date, covering a period of 10 yecrs ac- tordini to statistics furnished an agri- cultural contnilttee by the National Orange there has been some 735,000 such farm foreclosures, believe it or not. For verification of this statement search your Congressional Record. To those who are affected with tender spots for the spending of appropriated money and who doubt the wisdom of demanding this appropriation immedi- ately for fear of offending the dignity of that hallowed assembly namely, Con- gress, 1 would refer you to the follow- ing facts: More than 2,000,000 home owners of this nation were led to be - DR. A. E. OSTROOT OPTOMETRIST Comfortable, Efficient Vision 205-207 Montana Bldg, Missoula .../ lieve that when the borrowed money from the Home Owners Loan Corpora- tion and gave as security their homea, that they were borrowing from the Fed- eral government who possessed a great big heart, whose pores exuded the milk of human kindness to the extent that they would never be asked to pay, have since waked UP to the fact that they were borrowing from a Home Owners Loan Corporation of New Jersey, incor- (continued on page 7.) Guests at RUTH'S DINING ROOM frequently comment on the friendly atmosphere they find there. 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The Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.), 01 Oct. 1937, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.