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- WE THE FLATHEAD COURIER Main much of in the local society, and was riug SUFFERERS: orysorb, Grease_ just starting a flirtation with a pretty less. Surprisingly quick home remedy. Extra mari,et, woman when he learned Marys, money earned weekly. Write DRYSORB CO., Bolkonsky, In charge of Andrey's little P-4. St. Louis. Mo. boy. was staying in the town with • maternal aunt, Mme. Malvintsev. The CATARRII-SINI18--SORE THROAT. Governor's wife had an inspiration; For best spray, write AGNODINE CO., As- be was just the husband for Marys' As- toria, Ore. She broached the notion to him, and In a sudden burst of confidence (she was a motherly woman) he told her CORD WOOD SAWS -Saw mandrels. the whole story of how he had in fact belting. M r lee\ are right and SO are our already fallen in love with Marys, but \AMA RINK °C). ' ine \ elecikena ' his otiligation to Sonya stood in the Wash. way Nothing daunted, the kindly FARMS WANTED — FARMS WANTED: With the com- pletion Of Port Peck dam. hundreds of far- mers will be obliged to move from their Mis- souri bottom lands and will Sc looking for new locations. If you want to sell your land. advertise It In the GLASGOW -PORT PECK COURIER. Box 2111, OrlassOw, Mont. Rates one cent per word per Insertion. Stamps accepted. AASSIFIED VICATISEMENTS-- BEAUTY CULTURE By Authority Silver New Trades Enroll Now! IN NEW CLASS 1938 Skilled Beauty Culturista are in greatest de- mand. Our exceptional training system teaches You all endlecte Catalog free upon request. Guaranteed lawman' to those who qualify. McCARROLL'S 7 E. Granite, Butte. Mont. APPLES ,••• FOR SALE: APPLES. AU grades and . varieties. OITO BRFIN. Stevensville. Mont. ARTIFICIAL LIMBS ------ ----- OUR WORK IS SURE. For 32 yrs. we have fitted artificial limbs and defective feet. CUSTOM SHOE MPG. CO., Butte, Mont. ASSAYERS, CHEMISTS LEWIS A WALKER, M . era, chem B - lots, 199 N. Wyoming, MONT. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES .........,-................-................-----., The Rostovs leave Moscow the day TWO -ROOM COTTAGE, 'Two Acres before the entry of the French. The land. fenced. Nice location for trailer camp, house is a scene of wild confusion, cabin camp. roadhouse. chicken ranch. etc. while out of doors wounded men are Cash. RILYCHLSR, 1831 Holmes Ave., Butte, pouring in from the west and refugees Mont. streaming out to the east, and drunken LABORATORY AT BOZEMAN IS A Digest of Tolstoi's \War and Peace\ , and the Countess degenerates into a querolotts old automon. Nikolay leaves ' the army, marries Marys, pays the Rostov debts, and settles down as a model landlord. Sonya resigns herself to the existence of a barren flower. Tolstoi concludes with an elaborate till suddenly a letter comes from Sonya dream in which he was struggling disquisition on Fate and Free Will, to which would have made him popular herself setting free from their en- keep a door shut against Death; Death among the devils in Paradise Lost gagement. This renunciation on her forced an entrance, Andrey died and who amuse their leisure by discussing part was not quite what it seemed., awakened from life. After that, all these tangling topics. The truth is that the poor girl's ever- earthly thoughts and wishes fell away .And find no end, in wandering lasting unselfishness had gone a little . from him. The two girls watched by his stale with over -exercise, and it had side in unspoken, understanding know- mazes lost.\ occurred to her that if, ai now seemed ing that he was lapsing farther and -THE probable, Andrey recovered and married farther away from them, and that it -- Natasha, a marriage between his sister was well. When he died they wept, not and her hoother would be contrary to for their 'Personal sorrow, but from the laws t : the Orthodox church; so , the awe that filled their souls before why should she not acquire merit by the simple and solemn mystery of death seeming to make a sacrifice which that had been accomplished before would never be required of her? Be their eyes. that as it may, Nikolay's conscience • • • was freed from a great burden. We left Pierre in the French guard - Next day he went to rejoin his rell - house in Moscow, about to be tried on iment, and Marya to Yaroslavl, where a charge of incendiarism. From the Natasha was nursing Andrey. Till this course of the trial, it seemed certain time the two girls had been prejudiced . that he would be found guilty; and against each other, but now, in their when it ended he was led, the sixth common love for Andrey, their hearts in a gang of men condemned to death, were united. Andrey was slipping out to the side of a gravel pit. The first of this world, and already half in the five were shot and thrown into the pit next. Till now his love for Natasha had by Soldiers who plainly hated their made him wish to live; but he had a part in the work; but when Pierre's tuft came he was, for some unknown SEED SAMPLES prison. The sight of the helpless vic- reason, spared, and sent back to the tens, the unwilling butchers, had utterly destroyed the last remains of his faith in just or benevolent ordering of the universe, in the soul of man, and in his own soul. From this despair he is rescued by a new friendship with a fellow -prisoner, one of those creatures that suddenly spring complete and alive from Tolstoes inexhaustible imagina- tion, the pleasant Platon, a simple creature in whom a soul of goodness As a prelude to the Montana is manifest. Under his influence Pierre seed, corn and potato show which slowly rebuilds his shattered world. He will be held in Billings Dec. 15, 16 learns, not through his intellect, but and 17, seed samples to be entered through his whole being, that man is In the show must be totted for pur- created for happiness; that happiness ity and germination prior to the lies in the satisfaction of his natural event. Tests are to be made at the human cravings, and that unhappiness Montana grain inspection labora- comes not from lack but from super - tory at Bozeman, according to a fealty. communication received the other The doings and sufferings of the day by Ralph D. Mercer, extension agronomist at Montana State ea- French between the entry into Moscow lege. anti the final destruction 'of the army were like the death struggles and con - Samples, he said, should be sent to vulsions of a mortally wounded beast. the Montana Seedgrowers association Napoleon, according to Tolstoi, was office at Bozeman and the deadline for all the time no more than the figure - receiving samples is Nov. 20. In add- head carried along by the ship. The Lion to being marked \seed show ex- retreat began on Oct. 8, after a clumsy hibit,\ the sample should also carry but significant success won by the a tag giving the name and address of Russians at Tarutino. Tolstoi takes the growers and the amount of seed leave of Napoleon, \the most insignia - which he has for sale, cant tool of history,\ with scathing The ruling on testing applies to all ridicule of his tactics throughout the retreat, and reprobation of his cowardly desertion at the Beresina. Napoleon a great man? \There is no greatness where there is not simplicity, goodnessand truth.\ It is not clear why the French ham- pered themselves by carrying along the risoners they had taken in Moscow; MUST BE TESTED .e.addeodo FARM LANDS FOR SALE HAVE SEVERAL Phut Class Cattle and sheep ranches for sale. with or without, livestock and improvements, western slope Colorado. ROY AL JACKSON. Glenwood Springs. Colo. FOR SALE -130 ACRE RANCH ad- joining open range 50 acres irrigated. Free water. Price $2,000. HARLEY WAGNER, Ham- ilton. Mont. A REALLY FINE GALLATIN VALLEY farm for sale. 310 acres, good water right of 300 inches. Oood buildings. 34 miles from town. MS POT acre. 84.000 down. 8 percent. WATTS -PARKIN CO., Bozeman, Mont. FARMS AND RANCHES for sale or trade. Write for List. WHEELER BROTHERS, Inc., Billinos. Mont. FIELD SEED CRESTED WHEAT GRASS seed of highest 'duality. DUBAY AND STADLE31. Associated Seed Growers, Poison, Mont. FILM FINISHING QUALITY KODAIL FINISHING -Any size roll developed and TWO prints printed of each negative for sac. Reprints Sc sock. TIM PHOTO NOOK, Bog 2134, EtIlinga. Mont. HUNTERS' ATTENTION SPECIAL SALE on Flood shotgun shells. Any gauge. unasserted shot. Mall orders. 2 cis each. A1111 quantity. NUL JUDD. 83' So. Park St Butte. Hons. LIGHTING PILANTS loved and hated most. 'Then he sees ••••••••••••-•\---•\----•••••••----••••*\\'\--\\.\-- her, and thinks it is delirium -but there NEW AND USED DELCO Lighting she is. It is the real living Natasha. Plants and electric water pumps, cheap , and he does not wonder, but quietly EMERY'S AUTO SUPPLY. 114 K Bdwy,. Butte. LIVESTOCK FOR SALE MORE BU'ITERFAT From Your Herd. Select your future herd sire now. We have yearling bulls ready for light service from high producing and high test sire and dams. Write norsyrriga soLeTeran IPARY. Mlles City. Mont. rejoices. She kisses his hand and asks him to forgive her, and he tells her he loves her better than ever before. Her maid comes and fetches her away; thenceforth she nurses him at every halt. Nikolay had been taking a wholly professional and practical view of the ,_,,,, war, doing his job as it came, and look - RAMS ' Jul \ few elmgee °13614 ' I ' m- trig on what was happening in Russia R. It MeALUSTER. Hos 393. Groat Falls. without despair or gloomy prognoetica- eoe - E - i nt s, g ood ages and 2se, awe tions. He was delighted to be sent in Iambs ft Z. McALLISTER, Box 353, Great glint Of remounts to Voronezh. which Tells, Mont. meant a return to civilized life hot water and clean clothes. He was made MISCELLANEOUS FOR SALE and Coyote Exter- minator Capsules got nine coyotes one night that brought $121.58. Tree formulas and instsoctions. Get Edwards' real coyote Scent. GEORGS SOWARDS. LIVINGSTON. MONT. By WINSTON CHURCHILL (Translated by Constance Garnett) Published by Special Arrangement With The Chicago Tribune -New York News Syndicate, Incorporated IN TWO PARTS -PART TWO Pierre had returned to Moscow from Borodino, almost mad with the con- flict of his emotions. He disguised himself as a moujik, quartered himself in the house of his dead Masonic friend Basadayev, deserted except fer a lunatic brother of the dead man, and brooded over his design of saving Rus- sia by killing Napoleon. A French of- ficer, Ramballe, comes to take pos- session of the house, and Pierre saves him from a murderous assault by the madman. The two men fraternize over many bottles of wine, and Pierre pours out his soul. This first intercourse with a fellow creature after days of torment- ed solitude changes his heart, and he realizes with shame and self -disgust that it is not in him to kill Napoleon. He rushes out into the blazing street filled. with the marauding mob and its fleeing victims, rescues a beautiful Ar- menian girl from a drunken French soldier, and is imprisoned in a guard house on a charge of incendiarism. crowds breaking into casks of spirits. NAMED TO CONDUCT Only Sonya keeps her head, and ANALYSIS methodically packs the entire belong- ings of the family in huge crates, to be loaded on the wagons which stand In the courtyard. Natasha, in an ec- stacy of excitement, is utterly useless. Wounded officers besiege the doors, which the servants bar against them; but Natasha suddenly comes down to earth and insists on their being ad- mitted till the house can hold no more. They beg to be taken away and the Count orders all the crates to be un- loaded and the wagons filled with of- ficers instead. The Countess is indig- nant, but Natasha shames her into ac- quiescense, and at last the cortege drives off. At nightfall the family es- tablish themselves in an inn, and the officers in adjoining huts. All through the afternoon Natasha has driven along in a dream, for Sonya has told her that one of the officers Is Andrey. The Countess Is furious, and forbids her to see him; but when every one is fast asleep she creeps out bare- foot and cross the yard to Andrey 's samples of small grains, grasses, le - hut. She fears to open the door, lest games and corn seed. she should see him disfigured and Because seed supplies will be very horrible; but there he lies, beautiful short in many sections of the state, and calm, just as she had always known an attempt will be made through the him. She rushes to his bed and kneels show to list all supplies of seed avail - beside it -he puts out his hand and able in the state. There will be three classes in the smiles. seed show -registered, approved and It is seven days since he was wound - matctunaker expounded her plan to Mme. Malvintsev, who passed it on to her niece. Marv: had settled down to a life of self-abnegation, devoted to her little nephew, content in the inner harmony which she had won by conquering in herself the dreams which had arisen WANT reliable party to keep small up- from her meeting with Nikolay at right piano: might allow party who takes Bleak Hills. But now all is changed, piano to later buy, reasonably and on low and when she sees him she glows like terms. Write tierce BROS.. Butte, Mont. a painted lantern when a light is kindled in it. Their mutual feeling deepens. Nikolay is torn between an in- stinctive conviction that it is right for him to love her, and his duty to Sonya, Edwards' Wolf MISCELLANEOUS NURSERY STOCK BEFORE MAKING YOUR PLANTING PLANS send for our large catalogue which describes our many New and Improved - BETTER Varieties\ of Fruits and other nursery stock. COLUMBIA & OKANOGAN NURSERY COMPANY. Wenatchee, Wash. A few more reliable agents wanted. PERSONAL LONELY?1 Find hanniness through LOVE. Confident al Ie ter introducing yOU to lovely, refined, many w althy men and women. Don't wait too long to romance it is your right and duty to have. Write for FREE particulars sent In a plain sealed envelope. Address P. 0. Box 1313, Chi- cago. fit., or Box 772. Palm Beach, Plc UNHAPPY? Banish Loneliness. Make friends. find a sweetheart or life mate through Interesting correspondence. Send $1 00 with your description. SADIE ERICKSON, Akeley. Minn. LONESOME? FIND FRIENDS, Love, Romance. Select happy members: USA and Foreign. Over 70 countries. Personal Introduc- tions by mall. Low fee, Real Service. Sealed details free. \CULTURAL SOCIETY,\ BOx 87, Vancouver, Wash. US A. • NO CHURCH SERVICE. No Sunday schools; no stated meeting for prayer, Isolated Christian believers denied these spir- itual privileges are Invited to accept Scripture Portions gospel sermons by some of the world's most honored preachers and soul -nourishing devotional messages in print. Please Indicate local conditions, naming this Patter. Bible Institute Colportage Man., (founded by D. L. Moody). SD 14 Wells St.. Chicago. 131. M. N. A. NOVEMBER 22. 1937 (I) THE JAIL BLANKETS Counties must pay for the blankets used In their Jails from funds other than those Provided sheriffs for feeding prisoners, ac- cording to an opinion by Attorney Oen. H. .7. Preebourn. The ruling was requested by Sheriff Dan Stevenson of Yellowstone county when It became necessary 40 buy new blanket. for the Yellowetede jut ASSIFIED] ADVERTISEMENTS POITI.TRY WaNTF.T1 CASH FOR YOUR EGGS and poultry. .1. L. DOREN CO.. Butte, Mont, HIIP TOUR' CHICKENS and eggs to IPTITIIIANT) POULTRY 00., Butte. Montana. 'et INN latices and Prompt Returns RUBBER STAMPS AND SEALS RUBBER AND METAL Stamps, Sten- cils, cheek signs. PACIFIC STAMP WORKS, W. 814 Sprague Ave., Spokane. Wash. WE MARE STAMPS, Rubber type. HELENA STAMPS WORKS. Helene. Montana, TRAPPING TRAP FOX OR COYOTE: Bunch sys- tem gets the slyest furbearer. Results guar- anteed. Q. BUNCH. Welch. Minn. Box Z. RUSSELL PRINTS Groupines of RUSSELL PRINTS are to • large extent, a matter of personal taste For two -print selections we would suggest the following combinations, for color harmony. I. The Bolter. The Wagon Bose 2. The Jerkline Caught With the Good. 3. Shooting Out the Stragglers Innocent Allies PRICE Sec EACH (Postpaid in the United &stee) MONTANA NEWSPAPER ASSN. GMAT FALLS. MONT. put they did, and Pierre was of the ed. and his wound is still in a terrible common, Entering of registered samples will number. By now he is a changed man. state; but 'tonight all the faculties of His massive frame is compact of his soul have been strong and clear, they are submitted to the seed growers strength, and in moral stature also he be automatically taken care of when except that he has no control over the ( order of his ideas. He recalls the feel- association for grade, Mercer said, and has grown to full height, for he has regis . tered growers should send in their come to know that there is nothing ins of love that had overwhelmed him samples at once, in the world to be dreaded. His perfect when his enemy 010.5 dying at his side, Approved seed which is produced un- selfishness and his serene courage make and realizes that happpiness consists der Usk supervision of Montana county him the hero of his comrades. At a In love. This brings back the thought extension agents should be submitted stage of the torturing march he Is tea - of Natasha, whom of all beings he had ' , for tests by the agents. Producers of cued in an attack on the convoy by I this class of seed should supply their our old acquaintances. Denisev and , county agent with a sample for testing. Dolnhov. and the youngest Rostov, I The common seed class will be corn- Petya, who is killed. Pierre goes to re- posed of all samples submitted aside cuperate at Orel. where he learns the from the registered and approved class- scandalous end of Elena. who has died es. A sample cleaned as it will be sold in an attempt to avert the cones - should be submitted for testing, quences of a last, too dangerous in- trigue; 80 now his heart is free to OCTOBER STATE WARRANTS turn wholly to Natasha. She is now State warrants issued in October totaled living in Moscow with Marya. On stssoms. according to State Auditor John Pierre's arrival they soon come to an .r . . ue e d rames iwI n n te g.ct t rer 6.i ir i5 ;ile warrants l is.i. understanding and are blissfully happy. October were 03.040,087 less 512.$88 in Ilin- For Pierre, the whole meaning of life, vestments redeemed, not only for himself but for all the , €) world, seems centered in his life. and I SCHOOL TRANSPORTATION he sees the good in everyone. Natasha , Reimbursements by the state to counties for i is transformed by Joy. and the awak- its share of the cost of transporting pupils ; ened force of me in her is so irrests- to and from schools for the last semester of 'table that Marys cannot, even in her t230 000 Under the state law the counties are I heart, blame her for forgetting Andrey. the past year are expected to total about are reimbursed by the state for one-half the I Pierre and Natasha marry toward I amount they spend for this purpose. I the and of 1513. Count Rostov dies, END - A goose ha.'. about 12,000 muscles under its skin that do nothing but control the action of the feathers, H , Mont, Mont. Fireproof (0121. New Fm• len Outside - --- Rates: 400 and up. 00 HOTEL AINBOW R GREAT Ra r te l a re S pr i.5 0 0 0 p. FALLS MONTANA'S DISTINCTIVE HOSTELS, It's good taste to choose whiskies that taste good: AT STATE STORES PRICES SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE Richer whiskey. ... that you don't have to be richer to enjoy.That's OLD QUAKER. Aged 2 full years in deep -charred oaken casks under modern, scientific tempera- ture control ... CH.D QUAKER is richer, smoother, mellower whiskey. Call for OLD QUAKER by name. THIS WHISKEY 1S2 YEARS OLD BRAND STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY Alm awash!, is Rye PINT 90C QUART $1.70 Na. 32C (Bourbon) No. 326 (Ilevelisa) No. WC (Rye) No. 130E (its) 90 PROOF If you're the type with a rich taste, CREAM OF KENTUCKY is your whiskey. Why? Be- cause CREAM OP KENTUCKY is double -rich . . . straight Bourbon whiskey made the good old Kentucky way. BOURBON PINT 95 C QUART $1.75 No. 10C Na. lot HALF PINT 55c N. 108 Lb 44e - Not one whiskey alone, but several great, straight whiskies combined to bring you she golden goodness that is GOLDEN WEDDING. Rich whiskey, all whiskey ... it has had no peers for fifty years. Golarn tlfeading BOURBON BLENDED STRAIGHT WHISKIES PINT 1.30 QUART '2.45 No. 201C No 2015 90 PROOF HALF PINT 70c No. ims COPYRIGHT 1937, SCHENLEY DISTRIBUTORS, INC., NEW YORK CITY ... I „ E FOUNDA WHISKEY An Interview with Allan McDonald, WORLD TRAVELER, Washington, D.C. ./ \THEY SAY TRAVEL tear hi's you things But I learned more about whiskey right here at home than during all my travels abroad... Ain \I ALWAlS IlloLGIIT good whiskey had locosla lotof money. But when I returned to America, a friend asked me to try Silver Dollar, THAT MAKES MY MONEY GO FARTHER\ \IT TASTED BETTER titan some whiskies I'd paid a lot more for! I like its grand flavor—believe me, it's my whiskey now!” (INS OF THE WORLD'S FINEST treasures of millions of gal- lons of aging whiskey to draw from ... 80 years of ex. perience behind every delicious drop—no wonder Silver Dollar Straight Bourbon Whiskey tastes better,. .is amoother...rieher...full of mellow flavor! Be whiskey - wise.. .say Silver Dollar—in package stores or bars! TN! MIRY 671/SKEY ir/M THAT St III 4 2 WARS OLD 0 STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY o ITO PROOF o At? T4'4 2t , t \.••.• 0. , V. 90c Nil Copyright 1937b, Lino. PIET Ins Distilling ComPany. Cud. Soin-C Jac. Lawrenceburk MAKES MR DOLLAR GO FARTHER

The Flathead Courier (Polson, Mont.), 30 Nov. 1937, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.