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THE „MINERAL INDEPENDENT • VOLUME ONE. NUMBER SUPERIOR, MINERAL COUNTY, MD ANA, THURSDAY, JUNE 3, 1915 JUNE 15 IS GO D - R0 ANOTHER • IMPORTANT EVENT co Alberton Lodge Visit 1-4 For First Time. Trip a_ u --I Made By Automobile. (1) Banquet After Meet- ing. irre 1 Jim Clark, of Quartz, and Governor Stewart Join In Appeal For Better Montana Highways. STEWART'S PROCLAMATION Jlig Clark, Of Quartiris very desirous of securing all the pat- riotic good roads makers for June 15, he wants them to come early bring their lunch and spend the day; just what manner of work to be done on the road between Westf all and Quartz is not speci- fied, but a you come prePared to haul gravel, fill up ruts, cut down hills and make ditches, you will not come far from missing the mark. Jim is iii ardent good roads booster and a frequenter of the county seat, and his mod- est request for 6. better road iiceorvistes with rirtent legisla- tion GovernerStewart has issued the following proclamation ask- ing the co-operation of his people upon that day. The following food roads day proclamation has been issued by Gov. Sam V. Stewart: \ 'Better Highways,' is a slogan which should commend itself to the people of Montana. Good roads con- tribute incalculably to the permanent peace and prosperity of state commun- ity. They bring the farmer nearer to his selling place and put neighbor in closer touch with neighbor. Ill -kept roads yield only wear and tear of tem- per, depletion of purse and diminution of profit on products. \Our state is alive to the importance of the question of improved highways. Much has already been done in this re- spect, but there is much left to be done if we are to attain that degree of gx- audience that Is 'so desirable. \In the hope of giving fresh impetus to the movement roads, the Fourteenth Legislative assembly passed senate bill No. 57, establishing a `Good Roads Day' as a yearly incident inlr„he lift; of the state. - — \Therefore I, S. V. Stewart, as governor of the state Montana, do hereby designate and set apart Tues- day, the fifteenth of June, 1915, as Good Roads day. \And t do earnestly urge upon the people of the state that they join in wasJsingtabte. eeeasioa ell that its cantutistplet - 44.- Let theontribute o their labor, of material or of money, and take such active part in the obser- vance as will tend to make tfie day a memorable one in Montana, thereby adding greatly to the comfort of the traveler and to their own s tisfaction over a well done deed. - \In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused tha great seal of the state to be affixed. \Done at Helena, the capiglit, his, the twenty-second day of May, in thr- year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifteen, and of th. Lode,. pendence of the United States of - Amer- ica the one hundred and thirty-ninth. By the governor: '•S. V. STEWART. \A. M. ALDERSON, \Secretary of State. ODD FELLOWS Monday evening the Alberton Odd Fellows lodge were guests of the local. loilgt..... , They came down by auto and were well rep- resented; this is the first time the new lodge has been visited by the Aperton boys and they ex- piessed themselves as very well pleased with the progress being made. After the regular order of work was completed in the lodge room, the gentlemen repar- ed to Maxwell's cafe where cov- ers were laid for forty and a most sumptuous repast served. With W. L. Hyde as toastmaster many clever and witty responses / were given. Messt...-. McElhinerv. ;%. Thorn, Garrisot., AIs-tin, Thomp- son and Falroni of --ilberton, 'and Hoffman of Iron Mountain were were among those who lifted their voices for the good of the order. ENTERTAIN TRACK MEET Tarkio Came, and Saw, But Superior Made the Runs. Colts Will Play. The ball game between Tarkio and Superior Sunday is not for publication, the sporting editor likening it to a track meet, there not being enough space allowed for runs, errors and innings ; how- ever another game will be played here Sunday between the Super- ior Colts and the Tarkio nine *hi& will uhdotibteAly go 0 record as the game of thvsea- son. • _if WE HELPS Lyman Dill returned from the Clearwater Saturday night, hav- ing gone in with Mrs. A. 0. Rickert of Spokane, who came the Nee part of the week to ,join t rar ik, go e. in Caufornia gulch, Iri. Rikert has been making this trip f the past seven years, and sharelifion- ors with Mrs. Jacob Krul'ata who each spring journeys to her hus- band's placer grounds, jointly working with him and*bringing out the season's \clean-up.\ $2.00 PER YEAR SHEEP COME 500 Head Will Be Un- loaded Here. Will Go To Oregon - Creek. A Milwaukee carpenter's crew are building a stock yard prepar- atory to the unloading of 4500 head of sheep which is expected to arrive Thursday or Friday from Oregon, and will be taken op Oregon creek and over on the Clearwater divide to graze. Mr. wan of Seattle, was at _ Haugan -- er — itlylobking over the - ground for the running of about 5,000 sheep in that vicinity. NEW SIGN PLEASES The Mineral Cafe is the proud possessor of a new sign, which improves the front of the place considerably. John Daly and Ben Snook ar- rived from Missi.ula yesterday to visit a few days at the Iron Mountain Tunnel. Vernice T1 orn of Alberton, re- ceived the highest marks in penmanship at the recent 8th grale examination. STORE ROB13ED Riberdy Mercantile Com- pany at St. Regis Lose When Burglars Enter. PAIR OF THEM St. Regis, May 23—The Riber- dy Mercantile store was broken into Saturday night and men's wearing apparel consistinfkof two pairs of shoes and four shirts word. takon . arriant;ty .-c goods was also missing, which lead to the belief that the mis- creants were on the move. Isn't it a fact that \crooks always travel in pairs?\ ° 4: FORMER RESIDENT IN ACCIDENT Willis Munger a former dent and well known in this lo- fmlity, but now residing at Three Forks, fell twenty feet from the Milwaukee coal shutes in that place, breaking one of his arms in two places and sustaining in- ternal injuries. He will, however, vver;-- - ATHOLIC LADIES TO ORGANIZE The Catholic ladies of Superior and Iron Mountain met with Mrs. Charette Wednesday afternoor for the purpose of an Altar society; a dainty repasi was served by their' hostess as sisted by her daughter Miss Rose Charette. WO S CLUB , T Mineral County Woman's Clu will hold their annual elec- tion if officers at the school house riday evening June 11th, a full a endance is desired as work for t e coming year will IA planned. LOCAL HAPPENINGS IN AND ABOUT SUPERIOR Miss Inga Strum, the guest of Mrs. Mont Wilson for the past few weeks, returned to Minnea; polis via N -P Wednesday. W. F. Ziebarth, of Missoula, stepped in town yesterday for a short visit. He is on his way to the coast. County teasurer Lein reports April special poor and road tax collected by te Milwaukee road from employes to be $1,49200, similiar collection from the N -P $304.00. George Dryer at one time head ticalJerman at the Iron Moun- tain Tittinel returns after an ab- sence of afJ sears seeking em- pymettt. Chas. Davie is calling on hi & inany friends after work hours, he being here temporarily with the Milwauke e car- pinter crew. A banana special went west on the N -P Tuesday. Tom Lapp returned to the Clearwat- er Saturday, after enending a few daVh in town. Mr. and Mrs. C. H: Coleman went to Missoula Tuesday. Jack Tibbetts and partner, of lace, have gone into the Salmon country looking for a homestead. Mrs. Tillie Potts is nursing Sam Wil- son who has been ill for some time at Iron Mountain. Wal- rivet The Ray family, consisling of father, mother, daughter and son are making an extended visit in the east. Mr. Ray is being relieved at the Milwaukee de- pot by P. A. Galiager, and Mrs. Ray by her daughter Mrs. Spangler. Max F. Quinn, assayer at the Iron Mountain Tunnel is taking a two -weeks or a hiaanro *. Charles Coyle has returned to Iron Mountain after several weeks' stay tt Spring Gulch. J. W. MacDonald and brother Calvin went to the former's mining claims on Four -Mile Wednesday, WEST END MAN DESIRES ROO T - IMPROVEMENT Shows How Good Highways Will(Be Benefit—To-All Enterprises In the Community. HELP MINING INTEREST The following comes from a west end good roads booster, too late for last week's issue: Chas Luedke took a party to DeBorgia Sunday, in his machine, making record time, a little improvement on this stretch of road will make it the best in the county, and we live our/commissioners will have the\ whole road- from the Idaho line in good shape shortly. When the change of road from between Randolph creek and Sal- tese is completed, we will have a road grade that any machine can pass over with comfort; the driver will not have to get out and clear rock slides every few The activity in mines this sea- son, especially in our district, in fact, th1oughoui the center and west end of the county demand rood roads, for the men outside Of Mineral most interested are in Idaho. This end of the county is dependent on her mineral re- sources and timber—the timber is going fast—the mineral wealth just beginring to be developed. We must have good roads; co-op- eration with the commissioners, who are now putting forth every effort to satisfy the public needs, is essential. Let nothing stand in the way of the good road, for it brings to us the much needed investor and promoter. China with a wall was not a progres- 7e - eetArtil 4 tr-FeSillesii—etitffitsti7--f - Is an undesirable as a walled China. $ 1Q,000 SCHOOL ONDS ARE VOTED By a Vote of 62 to 2 Superior Will Build Modern School House. Plans Accepted. At the special election held at the school house last Saturday, the bond question was suttled by in overwhelming majority, there weret4 votes cast, two against and the balance for the bonding if district 17 for $10,000 for the purpose of building and equip- will be -advertised shortly. FOUNTAIN INSTALLED Om. H. Schoenfeldt has installed a large fountain at the rear of his residence and passers by can see the beautiful speckled trout vorting about in the radiant 'sunshine; this is the first fountain of th*sort in the county, and will used for practical pur- pose well as a beautifier. CLAUDE BERRY VISITS C. ncrry rct-rr.\ t\ Warm Springs Thursday after a short visit here. He speaks in the highest praise of the treat- ment received at the state insti- tution where he has been under treatment for inebriety. 1 / 4 1 ping a new school house. Archi- tect Renpedy of Missoula sub- mitted the plans which were ac- cepted, a slight change being made in the rostrum of the as- sembly hall, these plans have been accepted by the state board of health, bids for the _erection GRADER IN WRECK Struck By Passenger Train Near Saltese. Cater- pillar Narrowly Escapes. Salteae, June, 2 — The new count); road grader and caterpil- lar engine narrowly escaped de- molishment last Friday when it wax. 0'1d uy etie east bound passenger train on a crossing just west of here. As it Was, the grader was slightly damaged and the pilot of the passenger engine broken off.

The Mineral Independent (Superior, Mont.), 03 June 1915, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.