Madisonian Times (Virginia City, Mont.) 1915-1920, March 12, 1920, Image 1

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p . x l iKxxisco•Ky,,)•10 00 7 0W0 4,#) sitt * Business men in search of pref.- * itable advertising will patronize 0.) the Madisonian Times, the best ® medium. (!i? DIS NIAN MONT. HIS. LIBRARY 1•-•' • ' • •-• $a,,The Madisonian Times has a a▪ - , larger number of subscribers 01 * than all other papers published L.11 iti the county. a Cit asys.xy„aasx.aszsy s. ), - t os)®ax . -- ‘ .. . , ••••••,®01 - jaisc.,K - oaa@t VOL. VI. VIRdINIA CITY MONT., FRIDAY, MARCH 12;1920 No. .4 WEEK'S ENNIS NEWS Related : in a Brief and Inter- esting Manner. i r _ Ennis, March 10.—The Messrs. David Frishie and Lithocoins spent several hours thereThursday inter. viewing our -business, men. .John' -- MeABiSter was among our out -of -t own 'visitors Thursday after- noon.' . • • Tony. Chiatiberlin left Thursday for Virginia City,' where he ,has ae- ,cepted a position With the Dudley garage. . ' • - • George; •Clarg. accompanied .by Mks Pearl; arrived here .Thursday noon. fetid': Cameron. Tony Criswell 'and -Paul Jeffers were business visitors here Thurs- - • • Berl Keller Was down from Cam- erotr'Thursday on business.• Mr. and Mrs..Karl McKee MoYed :lo their homestead Thursday after- noon from, Jeffers. • Will.Reants returned from Iowa Thursday, where -he - Spent the Win- ter. months. Milts Grace 111C.Call• from - Cliff Lake came down Thursday .to acs cept a position with the Trail cafe. Johnnie and Frank Kennedy drove a ear load of horses to Norris Thursday for John Conway. Mr. Conway will load the ordinals there for shipment. Walter• McAtee, * jr., - -returned Thursday from a week's sojourn in Butte. \_ . • - • .limmie MeDeed departed for Butte and Anaconda via Virginia City Thursday. Karl . Gilespie from Cliff _L• ake spent Several days here this week.' Albert \Verner, prominent stock- man from Cameron, spent several hours here Saturday. M. M. Duncan braved the terrible weather Saturday and came .over 'from Virginia City to transact•busi- !less here. - - Haolal Emison ri Hay nd Karl Whit- ney were guests at the Canter home to dinner Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Austin -Jeffers came Saturday. after an absence of -'everal months in the east. Clarence - Hungerford 'Spent sev- eral days of the week on the valley ot business.' Miss Pearl Clarkk a guest of Mrs. a& T. Corner and Mrs. Jack Spray.. Billy Nelson .Paine down from spent several' davs with relatives and friends. .Mrs. S. N. Emison. accompanied by Nast: . B. Hudson, returned from Portland, - Ore., Monday. Ifilly Wightman came dotsat ft:orn his mountain ranch Monday on horseback, thinking it -easier to dig, horse -out of snow_bankit _than it woulirhe en auto. - NIrs. Bertha Miller was 'celled to. itie antigens bench ranch Thursday lit receive Mr. Stork in the outer Vetter home. • t:. B. :iannilers transacted busi- ness herelloliday. 0. Thomoson carnet down from Eight -mile Mondas - on a business Mr. and Mrs. Joe Sicard and ---- artughtersaarm e nar - frrim M Allister Monday to do shopping and to en- joy a frisl class sleigh' ride. Thffinas Whitney ,came down inn\ conieroo SlIndaN' olkWettl to liOnsionn, act.ompanied 16 Miss *Andra -and Karl. - Irene Specs Was on the sick BA or n couple of does this week. Nels Nettles is recuperating here tor a few days from -a severe at- tack of .rhemnatisin. • Mr. and Mrs. Amos Storey and daughter, Miss- Lois, arrived here Monday afternoon from t'dilifornia they Were.met by' Luther Storey of 1;:imeron. .1 f( :!: \ rat i s oi ll ir a s y t i l l ( e n. o T f li C e t s tt i i n n e ‘ rO i i n t g s g e ,e n t l - • ing outnerons friends and' acquaint - :inces t Ben Hunt came -down • from the McAtee ranch :Monday to spend a few days with his wife :Ind son. Mr. and - Mrs. - Joe Evans were shoppers here Tuesday. • Cy'Brown is spending a few days here. seeking recreatiotrand soda - Ed Kroagsted came up from Mc. Allister for supplies Tuesday after- noon. Patrick k. McCoy and family were finsvo from Upper Moore's- creek Tuesday on business. Mr. and Mrs'. Abe Hut were aniong (Mr 011i-of7town visitors Tuesday. wilt visit with her parents in Jef- Paul Shoenic and family . . spent fers.- several:hours here Tuesdayin corn- • Vern Clark, carne - in• from Port - pony with Mrs. Jessie .and 'Walter land, Ore.; en routs. to his home at Corral creek. • - Earl -Hutton was down from Jack Ed Chamberlin returned from the creek TueSday on - business. coast Wednesday, where - he Spent Thomas Thexton,' sr., riccompa- several weeks in search Of health nied by -Tom, jr,. autoed to. our benefit. Nita Tuesday from Thextondale, Mt*. Betty Gilmer had suffickint- : -where'the snows lie .deep.. is recovered from her recent illness - Mrs. L. Jeffers and Mrs. Fay .Tef- to 'attend to business matters here fers were among our' out-of-town Wedeeiday. nder .yisited and visitors Tuesday afternoon, Mi•s. Murel Alexa Tim Crandall .amid brother were did Shopping here Wednesday .aft - in Ennis Monday looking after busi- ernotni. . - mess interests. _ Matser Luther Lane has been oe Mrs. McVey came dosen.from the the sick list this week. He .is eon- c u nninghimi ranch Tuesday and Vale - scent -at present ,writitig. left Wednesday for ToWa. Karl Vetter departed Monday for * Eric Walker is 'spending a fess . Virginia City, where matters of a days here. business nature &armed him until Word has been received here fhat i Tuesday evetung. Lyster Gilmer had, died. in Manhat-I. . Frank Herrick Collie (14)Wit •from 'tan. No particulars are known by !Cameron Tuesday and did shoo - - the correspondent.. ping. Frank` has' readily taken up \ hack SilYerlon and:, family' came tae attitude of as docile, happs• mor- on from the Missouri Mine Tuesday. They were en route tit'Ruby.••• . • •Marion Deems, - accompanied :by Mks Ruth Switzer- ,came.' 'over - Mrs, PaurDaams, spent Ofew hours - from Bozeman Wedresday, and here Wednesday. • CAMERON NEWS 1TEMHIGILANTE TRAIL MEET KNNEN INMNGS DEAD Good Locals from a Good, Live Community. Cameron, March Henry Werner has been quite sick the post week. , • • Homer Bosworth made a busi- ness trip to Ennis the first of the week. He experienced some trou- - ble on his return' home on account of so much snow.. WS. C. .Altnouse visited. Mrs. Frank Herrick Wednesday. , Miss Pend Clark went - down to Jeffers Wednesday to stay - several ,weeks with •Mrs. Gilnwr. - ' . Bert -Keller went down .the - valley Thursday after his new ear.. Albert Werner brought his cattle up from Bert Mitchell's at Jeffers. Saturday, where he has fed them for .the past .s*veral months. Mr. and Mrs: Grant Hill spent Sunday, February 29, with Mr. and Mrs. Idethicum. Oscar Davis made a trip to Ennis Tuesday. Mrs. Jens Christensen was• ill - with appendicitis last week. John Krauss came up Saturday to visit his uncle, Drive Lotteher. Luther and Arthur Storey and Boy Mason ,autoed hi Ennis Satur- day. Usher + Stalcup made a, business trio to Indian creek Thursday. Martin Slokk took a bunch of sheen to Jack* creek Saturday for Works &.Conninghtim. John Curdy left for Ennis Sim - day on. business. Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Davis. Mr. and .Mrs. Luther Storey and Nolen Lock - ridge suent,Satm•day evening With Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Storey'. Frank Herrick made a trip to Charlie Carlson's Friday. Andy Conquist returned form Butte Monday, where he has been on a vacation. Thomas Whitney went down to Jeffers Sunday. ' Alfred and Luther Stores' autoed to Ennis Monday to meet their na• ,rents, Mr. and Mrs. Ames Storey, who are returning from California where they spent the past two \ Vil h ; . Nelson made a business trip to - Ennis Monday. Ruth Althouse „atilved at Bert Keller' last week to attend school. Mrs. McVev and little dausidet left -Monday for-hee-hrime in Iowa. Mr. Rose home fermi Butte Monday. where he hos bee') pn a pleasure trip. Botal.---LTo Mrs. Homer Velter. xi •the Ening house. an 11 -pound girl. All are doing nicely. \ — JUDGES -AND, CLERKS — At the last regular meeting of the city council judges and clerks ot election _were appOild•'d and pol- ling place designsted as foilowi for the city election on April 5..19n: Ward One—Judges:' Sarah E. Potter, C. F. Satterbier and Mary McGovern; clerks, Alice Simerbler And Itannalt N\;overn. I 'oiling place, S. L. Potter's residence. Ward Two—Judges: Jacob Bea- ber, H. P. ,Beckett and Mrs. Clara Duncan; clerks, Mrs. Florence Thomas and Sarah Trout. Voting place; council chambers. Word Three --Judges:' : - M. 1). Ba- ker, Abraham Martin and Clara Fos- ter; clerks, Cora Gilbert and Mrs. Laura Dudley. Voting place, mu- seum building. . _ ELECT OFFICERS At a meeting of the West Side Canal association, held_in•Ennis on Monday, March 8 ; 192001enry W. Buford and .H. J. Crispers of Ennis and Jack . McDliweli of McAllister were chosen to serve as its - board of directors during the ensuing year. On die following day henry W. Buford was elected president. C. W. 'Hudson. vice President, and Wightman secretorv and treasurer of • the Lone. Mountain_ Stock association, also with head- quarters ut OFFICERS TO ASSEMBLE , IN VIR- GINIA' CITY MARCH 17 D. A'. Noble, secretary and treas- urer Of 'the Vigilante Trail associa- tion Was in Vii•ginia City from Laurin Thursdriy. Upon being asked by a repre- sentative of the 'Madisonion Times What progress, if any, was being made toward inducing tourists to select this /route in their .travels, to and from the two great national parks—the Yellowstone and 'Gla- cier- -ins 'replied 'that- each, and every member of the association was busy as it is possible to in furthering the interests of the route. He. i said that Charles II. - 13tiford, Madison county's member of the Stotts, Highway commission, had gone- to Helena Tuesday to Meet with that 'body, lie carried with him 'a number of signed rights -of - way to he submitted to the commis- sion as con - elusive evidence that the county commissioners Of Madison county are ready to place an adver- tisement calling for bids to con- struct what is knoWn as section' A of this .project. If Mr. Buford re- ceives the sanction of the i sevnain- der of the members or the State 111411W:is' -commissions - - there is no doubt but that the work Will begin on this portion or the roa(1 . as soon as the necessary legal formalities are i•ompliett with. Then, Mr. Noble says, the Meeting of the Vigilante Trail :association which is to be held in this city on the evening of Wednesday, March 17, will be coin - posed mostly of the executive com- mittee and vice presidents of the association.- . At this meetinil it Is very probable that the approval and adoption of a design and eon - Wits for the Viallaptl,Trail pamph- let will be &spits -et! of. This pamphlet, it is - surmised, will have a cover in three colors = red, white and blue -with ii disc upon one portion of it, divided lulu three whom, something after- the. loi s Ifiwingalesign, with w oration os in- dicated: lie points out the fact that one of the primary objects of the organiza- tion of the association .was to pro, - mote Imadienthusiasm-and cahopdeas tion with the board of county com- missioners, laying particular, em- phasis Upon the fact that the asso- ciation cannot build county roads. This power lies exclusively with the commissioners, but lite associa- tion will assist the board in every way ills possible to do SO to hasten early completion of - this, section of the Vigilante Trail.. On essential to the darly Using and construction of the Vigi- lante Trail, Mr. Noble -says, is . Ili= fiances. At the meeting of the Vigil:I:11e Trail association held in Twin Bridges a few weeks ago as- sessments were levied upon the towns along. the route in the fol- l ow i ng su m s; T w i n B r id ges . ason ; Sheridan, 13500; Virginia City, $400; Laurin, 5100; Madison valley, i3300. Of all these sans, the Madison val- ley and Lanrin only have paid as yet. He ekpresSes the hope that the other towns will make good their 'pledges on or before the 47th. 111611 OFFICIAL OF CONREY COMpAFY PASSES AWAy 'llennen Jennings, 'vire president and consulting _ engineer of the Conrey Placer Mining company BobV. 'died at his home in Wash- ington, D. C., Friday afternoon, March 5, 1920, after an illness cov- ering a period of several- months. When the United States entered the ' great ,war, Mr. chmings, with a large number of patriotic Ameri- cans, offered his services. gradui- t4sly to our government, tnid be With appointed choh•mon of the geld aid silver eommisidon. It Yaps al- yS hia Policy to enter whole rtedly intonny proposition that he undertook, and due to the mass or details he hod to supervise. the SHERIDAN HAPPENINO . Interestingly Related by Our Correspondent. ISheridim, March 11. ; D. Milk- ier of Cardwell, \s•ho recently par - (guise(' 80 • oi•res •'01' land • joining Foster brothers on the north, was in town last week Making arrange- ments to remove his family here. lie has rented .the house .recently swatted by Mr. and Mrs. O. D.'„Ba- ker, known.tO old-thners as 'the' E. P. Day house on Water street. He wilt be joined here by Mrs. Minkler OS $oon es her school - closes at Card- well. The family will receive a cordial reception when they toke up their residence here, Mr. Mink- ler was formerly employed -by the Bubs• Valley Farms company. The news the wedding , of Lloyd C. Wright and - Miss Anna Dollen of Virginia City„ who were married last week, came as a star- - prise to their Sheridan friends, strenuousness of the work greatly While the bride has never been o affected his health: and he soffered residept of Sheridan, she is well a very :severe nervous -breakdown and favorably known* as she is one Bud seriousls• affected his heart, rIbf !Jettison county's fair daughters. gruotoik the eldest sun of Mr. i s ii s' l s tit: ii l t .a iLentmly, was the cause Of and the late Mrs, C. E. Wright, one Mr. Jennings was born in Hawes- to a Sheridan's native sons, and grew young manhood here. When war Ky., a small mining town ,on 1 11 11 11 1 , 8 3 ,, ( 11 1 ( a m a t se lr 1 i l et i l le f o ( r 4 , 1 , l t s e t t ( .. 4 ,1 1 w , i , n y „ t i l r i : the Ohio river, in. 1A5 , 11. Ills early winning honors bv his strict alien ; education was secured in England. lion to duties, and wrote many in. States ;mid, • d the Wresting letters home or life .on the high- seas Bei' in com now with Later he returned to the Pulled his brothio., Lyle, who was 'also ill Lawrence seieniifie school of liar- the navy, received his honorable yard an hi '1873, and was discharge last fall and. returned graduated therefrom in 1877. home. Lloyd is the sixth one o i l • It was while at Harvard univer: a b n e t i r de sol s i i ig . 1) 1 = 14 1 h i ll , say that Mr. Jennings had the fay. ih e serv i ce. Th e ...nth ers were J amas °ruble opportunity of meeting Pro- Perry, Howard '1'hompson, ht. fessor N. haky, who Was then- Stine. Myron and Frank Baril: • r ihwtor-sit.ftierrisport Ids deathbed- - t h eir d ann id e r rs -s il - i sa r as-bermiii ig-- in 1906, made the rctinosi iltat Mr. lv ositi neatly.' in the school reoln. Jennings should shiro - on the work a plida-movy blue serge dress for that lie had -startedOn Ilatio, Mont., \ I ' l wIt '\ 11 , ;\ \\ 11 ,., a hui m l .'\'''•„ , f'''' and the board or 1111 ;i n-44 \ 7 rk d d . the more litaannieg and altraclive lhan warm weamer. piem‘ • mie. 1nr Conrcy Placer_Nliiiing company lin. ii , , g ail d• p arty dress. In Butte the mediately elected Mr. Jennings as high ' , quad lens all' ‘ 6.11111/ g liVei . 14 V i i:je eer pfe l ti t ift9 ,: t i t s iient1.101.11s*Iii.11,1)1r1INIii.111}.4:141:::-.. ; i l k ; 11\/ iiiiiiiii.1.8 ‘ Wiliir d'i tints valve derided to wear goi l diara nings' affeetionale regard for Do(•- Well cost of clothiag. ' dresses iii order 10 overcome the taw Shaler, and because. Mr. Jert- Mr an d m r .„„ ch ar h s nin were Ilings had been graduated rrout \\ d l ' i n sh. ” Harvard tiniversity (said university l i'4 . :! t ' , I ,?, 1 1 1 e 11.5 ‘ t i l tl i 1 1 . 1 1 ,-, ; 1 1:: 11 . 1( ,\„ H . S(' s . ;, 11;1 j •7 i :; 1 , tieing heavy owners in the stock of Ana,. Th o m a s p os t er . 'iii. •o o t sirs. the Conrey Plarer Mining contort- rharies Glasser. Mr. •••1•1 Mr,. F. D 0)' that Mr. .Tenuings gave a, great 11 \ rsh- 11'. S \\ (1 Mrs.11. ' ller lidi \ lid . Miss chutter. deal of his tithe - :Ind nioneV tow aro Mr. and 'Mrs. IlarrY Foster svere the work started by Doctor Shaler, charming host and hostess when Ntr. Jennings .never receiving one theY entertained it a_. di\?..\ 1 \.'. riv cent ,or hi s sen s ees. •fi n a tii m r. Standas atternoon. compionenimg \%tr. Foster's sister mot husbend. je \\ i \ it , c' w `Td e \\ I • aht li tY and Mr and - Mrs; Charles Glasser, .44n) .. loresignt must he credited the sue . - will r e hire to their home ie Weiser cess that has been obtainial by the the first of thealoming week. 'qese dredging operations at Roby. present. to enjoy !lir cordial tos- Mr. Jennings ranked alining the t o ..i i i l s o l lit e i: x . were Ntr. and Mrs. l'honois Nr. foremost mining engineers of the and Mrs, I •Cea' n ::! l M g I( s );( 4 • 11in r e Mrs. ' t l il l i u d world. His fir'st undertaking was Mrs. 1.en Foster. Mrs. C. W. Iliehtee- - ENJOY A BANQUF.T . . . - • :1: r : d i: e ra: II i i ll i j in n - Mu g\ f i l . e a l t d e , - r C li a e l - .7 - w i ts ivll e ot a l t i ' 10) 1 1a u e i k :' , , k: 1 6 ., 1 : i i iii ‘.. \11 : 1 1 1 1. \ •;: e c vi ' s re ic i ii , i . l ie l g i n n i g i n a ::;, 1 8\ i svs 7 e 1 4 1 1 Virginia Chapter No. 9; Order Of i IIP the Eastern Ster. was to have enter - ( 7 1;1 ( i . ;• (I 1: ( s ' ils,• ‘it e v r il l oil l o h •s e N in \ S v an . 1 ‘ : 1 :1 8 :1 ( a le r i a l Pilii , i ‘r i f ) .e7 l i l a gi ( 11 1 1 1:1) 1.4 1 e i V I 1 , 0 \t r i l i e e r .' of Last' (pined the grand worthy matron ountv,,Cal.. nod laler for 16 years night from alit yeerrmala .a visit Staurilas- last Saturday - evening, but because 'Was consulting engineer for Wern- • worthy nittl- ern Stor. :ohe of the iriclement weather she was. her, licit.. C L E o., or ondon. ngland. 1 1: 17 ( 1 • 1* () I r tr (i s e . r N r i l Ani n d t k fi l ei l l ‘ l li iv i lsrt q . 14 A T4I l fie i • unable to get here. That. evening who were operating so extensively the •rollehisti)ul of an interesting ge 'sessinn a social sessioo Wf151 h he aPpened to he t time , giac the in the Rand Mines in South Afriew. lod oyed and a Most excellent luich- ! regular meeting of Montana - Usage the largest gold mines in the world: t') No. 2, A - ..F.Y& A. M., 'so the members. %tr. .Teitnings- was _a W01111 ( fat eic- ti c 4 s:::i s ve 1 . 1 r ais;( 1 ).iti'l'o lie o I nri r S (P 'io l * * 4 f : n r i t i? lin g (i its ) . if' i f() of the Eastern fita r invit e d theirlecutiv e and in the executihn of his their high official. G. 1). Vickers (luck with them: Members, of Mow others, and in no Way spai•ed him- 1 1 ) ni e l l i 'g ri : i ! 'f rriil oc enr a li r e ' fti : r ,t, 1 \: 1 ( 1e -a r i , t i , 111 1 )1 : eli. ,, e :!: :11 ; 1 - )1 1. -F s r i n i s f14 _ brothet• Masons, to enjoy the bats:\ plans, . he • stimulated effort in clan , they never 'had the pleasure . Do h ed Mrs. Baldwin' With a beautiful - elan' glass kaise in a silver steal. tana lodge who were Present. de- self. of pa • rtaking. of a better luoch in, h e - ,,,, J , ' fis nit e nn t I es t it i ve Y ot v( a ) 1 1 , 1 1 ( 7 1 ;: f ol id i e n h i n ee g ' ll a il l e : 1 1 their lives arid 'say 'that ; the cakes both in this countryand EuroPe.. Mrs, Baldwin exiiressc•il the pleak- fired gove her in beima thus reinem- prepared by so* ( it the ladles Because of Mr. Jennings' pleas- I ( ) ) e r,Wel.. 1) Sue lii t i r litt e o i:r ( r ) ?•,•.;• ee r ib i r tl an 'I c i e l those of variety. emploYed 'by him. ft they' were jog personality - sall 'those who were hove a tendency to bind the - hearts in closer, renowsliip s and are ,i could not be eiCellerl, - especially • ' ,•-•------------------ . --J.., Wotking NV ith„ rather than for him. tile:Ise - id: reminder to the recipient hi after years. The Potato Peelers' onion is the His was a character that all Walter.Ellinehousedrove 30 'head ors, at Chiettgo. .Potato peeling , is 1Yo°11,1!lbgetitlelerila-cttorldilndniteisnetsa le e . s . an: e. ! * ample of horses to Dalian last week which Ixpected enter, for lbc his! latest in She s fieldi is hertaquart , , I I . an art. The. union cede is $6 a Mr Jennings in . :f4s left. a widow and S h a n t r u se t ala s ( a m • je o \ ra ll i i i ‘ fi l it ' . Wr ;) S Wi li ll e F:t( t ) I TI 10 1 . (la and three meals tIv) f e11d e , ' * (Continited,on - page Si 14 dekill of the scientific,sebool. From ( 1 , 11 11 1 4 ; s b o Tds i et N . V s e . l i t t . i ; s ill i n M r7, 4 1 1 . 4 kr i t t i l le l :. 1) % e v 4l iji 7 the thne of this introduction until 'Mike good and obedient husbands the denth or Doetor*.Sn'aler. Ntr, Prof. Gras' and the basketball _Jennings a nd th e d oc t or . we r e t h e team returned from Whitehall Sun-- leery best of friends, end financi- \Y. I vilvl. ''• they ftitel\1141 111e tut\- ally interested together. amen.; :iiio were- victorious in till of their games with the excention It will be remembered that it was of those of Bozeman AO - 'Wild ( ' Doctor Sheller who first saw the lin11. - • \\line our boys did nad will opportunities' of re- working the tournament they wer(• highly gravels of Alder gulch . by gold pearance. good team work and the conipliniented for their fine aii• dredges, and it was he who formed manly conditcl. Whitehall defeated the ConreY Placer • company, h e _ Livingston, dowel's - willoilla ihe ( 4 11 1bi re e rt• i t t l s w ri fi s fi t ait p e r i e ti g l il a i rli il l i. fd 'tift r l i ntil s d eL : - h 8 : 4 1 1 11 , 11 s: Il tn:t:7 1i - p \ :a l ' i s li r l ;:til ( i l a iski l l h e i l • ' i l i ii i;i 'l li i i i h- moosuitt- -• eatlier English got' WhifP. hug the first - two steam - dredges olonshin Itenani. 8 11 „r,,e sm.\ a„ 0 \ 1 : o p era t e d by t h e c oarey enamariv,, wholesome advice. -tie imiilleo41 Latin. these dredfiesi.-ciperakal by il i . f that it Wits nol 5 A im ',a ti le t ip 1 steatil, were abandoned due to the 'ling a game honorably contested, gOni l'Onnirii lint On' honor of will: dxcessive oin•rating cOsts unti l the There is also \victory in defeat.\ difficulty o r s ecur i ng No . t a y . \'Fite-Parent-Tiaighgrs' circle held gements were Insole for securing i :aa ‘ i in i teresting se ss im i l ast Thai ,,,,,,, ‘ , r t. ' il i i : eirii. power. mid in subsequent pi. • ,: i s t b i t l i g n . q. I s i t i rst he it. ab i s t e n ai i • vu : s i . f . v t il , i ( e , were buill, one or them being the \\'''' .','\!\\ 1 \.'\ ';''''' 11 . 1 • Iins. \' a ' 1 \\ 1 \ 1 presided. ' (we , o f lb,. veers four.electrical driven alra•dges ojesidelit. largest flume type of girt:lige hi the t he .- hi g h se h no t g i r l s m th e i ng li c r wits ino t ,•eannorsool MP art jolts oil world, and another, the targets table- of dress reform. In PreVellt ex1r 3 vil slacker type dredge in esistelice ill Min\ \II II i \ 111 \ 1 \ 1 SI v11 ' 4. . \i Is d that ,tiine. honed' that all porents will lake -si motley seriously nod, etwourt NEWS ITEMS OF ONY Tersely Told by Our Regular Correspondent.' Pony, March Miss N'eda gm of Tian arrived' last Saturday visit 'with Mr. and Mrs. 1$. Tinsley. C. E. f'airmin lists returned front several weeks' stay in Bozeman. While in Pony he will visit his mother ' Mrs. M. H. Cori Senftiter,,wito is engaged hi mining in Bette, has returned to that -city alter several days' visit with Polly and Norwegian friends. a e n n it hola t l i g iwtt a. Forks ft•ientis. her husband anal son Lester. whii Mrs- George MeI•cial will leave in a short time for Missoula to join havr• embarki•il in the ini•reantile business. .1. A. Wynn'''. a well.knoWn tinnsilesing htmsiuiess' iii' this loemilit. M. 1), Manley, who has been ering in Butte, is here making prep - orations for extensive larding op- er ols ti ‘ i , in i. s iii just as soon '10: - spring s 1)r. .1. A. Sin`I'V. .lnel Jackson. Thomas Alleo MIA hliciiuiroI flichter, eitirelts or Harrison. were. busineKs visitors here yesteialny. Bay Sotberil s(iiith Boulder Is ill tow', attending to Intsieess tumid Mrs, cowls. 13abenek of reliiliy_es, mid .frlenals for a few Chaney. whore they will In' guests \metope ore itessengers Inda'y for mesdames Frank Ilea. Thislon mul .1, 1. Carter end Ilessrc. M. W. Jackson and (.. W., Ferrell. mull of Norwegian, II nifisadligi liminess w i t h t he were s tm i s ves i e d av. Miss T.oln datielitee Of Mrs, .1. 0. Ilailes• - . :Ind Albert Timid- •11),S'15101 Of married in Bozeman. Fred Traworthy, stneknum Of Norris. o business mission. 'I of tu 'ici o • mi of ue l ii t s in t t i an i'Iieu'deol to mat Is,s ) t this ri!!(''lititt(lv Just Fm'id'is', Boirarmel motored tot from Harrison Thurs. day to visit friends :mil attend to business nrfcirs \ ,411.s. J. 0, v relitree-JISAnt•-., froto 1 brief 114lietwor, enutiols. where she offended Hie 1 7 r:incl..- p ro f , I.. 0 , rep c l ient the syleeii-end ju 'Whili•ball to witness ate leisket ball games ulaved IIV -the Soother., Moloalu i The eamatilion of \tr.'s, calve ,F,. \Vallee. wh o Ara* taken in liniemati ImmslWeiltiesdas• and pieced in a besot'sl for treatment. is sa•t•y fay- orgble: end she will return home \il .1 .4 m 7e l. r o k ri . .e11 ltoretoatt is snend- big ses-erd days al Morrison :mil Potty 1110 11 .ittr lin. , boldness noillers. Mrs. C. C. Hole and •I•multter Afire bay,. returned from liotenitin after to•ief slimy with relatives and ' . 1 . 1 „,v aeods, I (in is (ailierien In Flo 1 lade ;IfYie — es --- from Land. will return linei rl •! ifi al)7 : t i i v lhal lit! t April, 1.: ' • an d w in r e ma i n f or • n f ew d ay s . - . 11013E11T 1101IN HURT • Al • about 3 n'elork Wednesday inm•nisigi When Robert Cohn and Clarence Volker , were engaged In • 143'ing trai•k in the (mu mel of the MOH' in Jrungry an explosion occurred from the ef- fects (it 'Which Robert Cohn, aged, 1 1 1 il i t s ou r t ig t h l i t t s i •I( ‘ •-a, v r 1 1 1 11 : 4 1 1 s lost possiblyh si l iil t; sight of of the left one also. Ite was using a pick, preparing the floor of the tunnel to ley a tie, when brais supposed It, have struck apiece of gianl_pow•der which had • heel, lost by one of the miners/ . 'He was ill•a stooping position al the time of the explosion and received its full force in his face, chest and alms. \Talker had just left him ,to go to abe mouth 91 the tumid to,. .ing-In-a-44e and a by the time he was 25 feet away he heard the port. ,He immediately started hack lo see what had hanpened, When he inet Robert coming out, feeling his way along the side of the tun- nel. His colthing was nearly all torn , from . his hotly and his - face . and arms terribly, lacerated. Bert Saulisbury, -superintendent oI the Mine.. and:James Emshe, the mine foreman, started for town with the unfortunate boy as soon as a team ' could be got nearly for the trip and they had him at the home of his parents here before d o'clock., He was taken to Butte On the afternoon train and placed in . a hospitel, where it _is' hoped geed surgical treatment will save the sight 'atone CYe foe him. A -telephone message from the hoSpital Thusrday after- noon to -his relatives here said there . was hopes of saving the sight of the he -ft 'eye. Mr.. and Mrs. George B. Cohn, his parents', and james Ems - lie -accompanied him -to Butte. • it •

Madisonian Times (Virginia City, Mont.), 12 March 1920, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.