The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.) 1920-current, March 19, 1920, Image 1

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aar, l aKijay s a - e, cx‘a • (,) S.) The Madionian has a- larger (.0 •a.) number of subscribers than all ® a) other papers published in the. 0 ta..) ,counta, . • • , 0 • - 02X0Y,11 . .1_,XIXtr . ' M b ) VOL. XLII. .1I1S1'01110A14'50CjETY ' THE MAliSONIAN, VIRGINIA CITY, INIONTANA, FRIDAY, MAIR:1-1 19,1920 %S %%SS S%ssswssm .91 •'s LOCAL NEWS NOTES ssssssmssssSsss Insurance, Lyn ii Comfort, Twin Bridges, Mont. 10 -If Miss' Alma Trenerry.has accepted • position in the drug store of C. W. .Bank. L. A. Metzel was a busness visi- tor - to this city from Dillon. Wed- nesday. 7 , in Laurin stop at Armes' ice ereatn,and soft drink parlor for refreshments'. 16-tf Good seed oats for sale, Weight eliout 40. , pounds. Wilte I). A. Noble, Lain - in, Mont. 3 7 5 Lee S. Tower and M. Grant were business visitors to Virginia City from Dillon Tuesday. E. V. Slack,., ie , well - • known resi- dent of Ditlon,• was in this town „Wednesday on a business errand. 'John C. Mahony and A. W. Pas- eoe _were Of_ the number of Silver' Star eitizena In this town Wednes- day: - Mrs. Emma Owen of Adobetown left -for- Butte Monday, where • she • will -visit with relatives ror a few days. When in need of carbon paper or typewriter - ribbons, call at this office. Our stock is' both new and fresh.--Adv.' 2 -If George C. Armitage, *the pi -ogres - :aye stockgrdwer of Cameron, had business interests to took, after iii this town Saturday. Mrs. Myitle HAW :the efficient' •leather in the Public •school at Waterloo, spent Saturday in Matti - .Son county's capital city. Miss EtheL'Huttoo, :deputy super- iatendent of comity scheols, went to,Sheridan Saturday to visit until ”onday . with Miss Katie Carey ; 'alter • Ellinghouse of' Sheridan,. live stock dealer Of wide ac.- •Auaintance, Vassed through this city Wednest ay .en route to the Madison . A inong i the new- sub4cribers to The ,Mailisonian this. week 'are the. Eemtomy grocery, • Ennis: C. . IL . Carlson, E. N.:Robinson, • Sheridan. Thank -you. - Mis%. 'Hazel McClurg who 'is 'lit- bifkiriess college in\Rulte came to Virginia Coy Wednesday • -(or a 'short. visit *4.1th :her. parentS,• Mr,• - gint Mrs. y.ou-XeCturg. . • • • Far Sale. Second hand, four • 74iorse: lianpueky dein and '.graskaseeiltr, iii go4d' conaltion. A , bargain. - Eastman: Ruby, • Mont. • , \_ • . • • • N. .P.• Nilson, 'the . well- known randier eitizenS,•,of dun, was in Virginia Cife.•Toesiley: ----11r•':.Nelsod:-Is Making strongmen& to remove from Madison counta - rt0 Sepple. • • J. IL :McAllister, of the town of m ai li son vanes-. was a visitor to this city Weilliesd:o •• He was returning to his, lamp ft -urn Nall Lake City. where he hod heen on a business -errand. Dr. B. I.. Bradley, the well-kolwo . dentist. will make a professional visit to Virginia City on Tuesday nextand-fetnain- a few days for the. purpose of serving all those in need 1 '4 work in his line. 23-1 Buick Service Station-Philadel- Ala diamond .grid • batteries; months' • guarantee; batteries 'rf • - rho ged. - • oxy-gretylene 'welding, Goodrich tires and accessoVs. See F. F. Adams, matmger, Alder Mont • 29.4f Sam A. Campbell of. the Upper Ruby valley came to the city Thurs- day for the purpose (it proving up 4•11 his lioniestead Defore Clerk of ••• Cour. Matt Carey. Robert Callahan Aind Isaac Webb served as his wit- nesses., • - Highest cash prices paid .for raw fors of all kinds. Furs held sepa- rate On request only. I will pay all • parcels bost and express charges -on furs if my price is not satisfac- tory. J. E. Chambers i . 37-ff Caine to Our Plaje-On - i. bay - stal- r\ lion, branded inverted F heart over .bar; four white feet; -star in face; len front ankle enlarged. ()wner pay for keep and advcrtising • and- take- animal away. Lorton A -Thompson,-,Laurin. Mont. 23-3 • Lost or Strayed.-One red- and white yearling heifer, ..(-coming 2 - \year -old) muley, - white head, round • red spot- on -top' of nose, branded -j-Lon right . hip: •.Reward for in- foinaIiofl leading to_ its tecoyery. W. H. Hoist: Laurin, Mont. • , . I- have ,a red, - &horned cow branded -H 3 on right ribs . and a .-straight split in right 'ear. She has -been here since -December. Anyone _ claiming her will please pay for the keeping and ;this John -Mc, „Donald, box 51, Alder, Mont. 4-4 F. Wehrbein and F. W. Linton were in Virginia City from Ennis Monday. These gentlemen are bus- ily engaged completing plan g for !he opening of their EconOnty groc- ery in the busy Madison .valley Me- tropolis. about April 1. They each hai'c had wide mere:01We experi- ence and will undoubtedly. receive „hearty snpport from all residents of the Madison valley in their' busi- oess venture. . ffitfi%MffiSffiffi 91919191919191 • For Sale. -Marquis seed wheat APPlY to. Owen Judy- Alder, Mow: , tame. • 3-3 Wool, hides and pelts -highest Cash price. J. E. Chambers, Vir- ginia City, Mont, •. 11-tf' If you need Remington typewrit- er supplies, call at ,this office and we Will suintly YOU. - Ray Kojits, at present employed In Autte, renewed acquaintance with friends here Thursday. James. C. Barnett, the McAlliste? .stockman, was in- Virginia City from that thriving title. town -Toes; day. J. E. Brennan of Laurin was a visitor to Virginia City Thursday while in the transaction of •-busi- ness. • Miss Nora Smithey of Jeffers Vis- ited With friends in Virginia City Saturday.. Miss Smithy is teacher in the school at that town. H. F. Jackson and son Donald, with H. A. Perz and his son, made alit autinnobile trip to Virginia City from Twin .Bridges Saturday. • Tobacconists in some western cities are forming associations •,•to oppose the prohibition of tobacco.” A sign. of coming cainpaigns! Jam - ES • Whisitian has So far re- covered from. his recent impleas-• ant experience with the flu that he was able to come to. lOwn from Sheridan Saturday. JaMes-Darnutzer and -Waller Mor- ris, each engaged extensively in the sheep business at Blaine, came to the county capitol in the transae- Hon of business Tuesday. - 7 • Frank -Lofton, J. C. Thompsim and George: R. Davis were in the oily from Californiamulch Wednes- day. On that day Mr. Lofton made final proof on_ his homestead. Larry Dunn, until recentls• en- gaged pi business at 'Ennis, was a Visitor to this city Saturday. Mr. Dunn contemplates inking un his residence in the oil fields. of . -Wyo- ming. • • • . Call -McDonald Bros., Alder, for automobile' service of alt.:kinds. Meet MU' trains going and coin- ing between': Virginia City and Alder.-AdV. • 144f ' Now York was compelled to issue tin .order •forbidding the use of tiiks for \one' day' to - clear -the Department of the Interim. I% S. streets of snow. Trainee prevent - Land office at Helena. Mont:, ed the. snow-cleagers Nvorking 80 .! February 15, 1920. .- per cent of their time. Notice is ;hereby giVen that, as directed by the cominissioner of Estray' Notice. Came In my 1116../eneral land office, under pro- place last fall, one hay coming 3- -vkleina Of Sees. 245fi e It, S.' pur- . 'year -old colt, -branded 1 on right • PROCLAMATION • %ffiViViffi%ffi$%ffi•W$W91 . 'HI THE GOVERNOR 91 . Wheeeas, A 'Petition pra AffiniloN ying for •ja - • • 91 AL Locm.-•- the referendum of .Senate, Bill No. ' 1 ' 1 30, laws of the Extraordinary ses, - • 91 . Mon of. the Sixteenth legislative as- sembly, and known as• -`An net to repeal Initiative Measore eiditled 'A bill to propose by ifiitiative pe- tition a law to. provide- foe the ex- pression by the people of the state •of Montana of • their preference of party candidates for president and vice-president of the United States, the election Of delegates- to . presi- dential conventions, and the nomi- nation of -presidential electors by direct vote,' initiated and passed by the' people or-Mentena at the gen- eral .election of 1912; and declare this act to he an•••emergency , law necessary .for the immediate preser- vation of the public peace and safety,' signed by the'. requisite number of legal voters. has been duly and regularly filed in the of- fice .of the secretary of state, with- in the time required by the urn - visions of the constitution and laws of -the state Of Montana: and 'Whereas', Said petition yontains the signatures 04 . 15 per cent of the legal voters of a- majority of the whole anjniber - of the counties of the state of Montana:v and Whereas„: the governor of the 'state is reqUired by law' to issue itis proclamation announcing the filing of such petition; Now, therefore, I. S. V. .Stewart, novernor \of the state of • Montana,. do hereby proclaim the Ming - of such petition .fOr the reference to the voters of the state of Montana for their- approval or rejection at the regular election to be held on the . second day of November, A. D. 1920, of Senate Bill No. .•31).. being chapter 27, laws of th.Exttaordin- nrv legislative as - 'senility, and entitled as hi - ores:dd. And T do further tiroclaim that suffieient signahires are :untended to said petition • to render the said measure inoperative until such time as it shell he' passed unon at said general• election - and the result 'determined' .and declared - as . pro- v id ei r by j aw. in Witness Whereof I have here. unto set . My hand and caused the great sent of the state to be affixed. (SEAL) - Done at the city of Helena, the. (-smith], this the eiahteenth day of- Febroary in the year of one Lord one thousand nine hundred twenty. . • • - • S. V. STEWART, BY' the Governor: • ' ' C. T. STEWART. • oeerelarv of State. •• . First 'pub,' March 12. 1920. 4-4 • 019885 NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION -._ • .- IS01..ATED. TRACI' - PUBLIC LAND • ' anent 'to. the ,applitation of Minnie _. n .__.... „ , si nim.i . um ner may recover the. . . .. . , Af.' (;Orden, of -Ruby, Mont., seri:il • .. .. Rod, instead of crossing the river following &scribed 1111111 hg claims N o. (wawa , we - N am/411. r a t im bue animal by paying pastgeage rind ail- opposite Waterloo 'and proetaaltit mid property, to -wit: The Petter l os t - r . op the valley on the east side l'i tpartz Lode claim, the Yellow side. to' the highest 'bidder. but at..vertising charges. Roy Jacket Quartz Lode claim, and the not less than V3.50 per acre. al ' 10 ' 'Sheridan, Mont. • ' 2-.1 • \ I stream Tbis meeting iif the Vigilante •Denver ouartz Lode elaim, said O'clock a. m., on the 8th day 0 :. ,_.,•„, . • • April, next 'id CMS office, the ,fol- ' r'or-;.1ale. ---- At $320 per acre. cash. Trail ussociation was in session un- lowing tract of land: NWl4SW% Or more, for terms; „ i • w ill (.,. til 4 Welock in thi. mond:N. • •; • ,•,',w1.-;, • •(•)•,....:Kis:•.• , ..0 ) 0) ) - )11) • 13Lisinoes men in seach,of yraf- MO itah!o 'advertising will patronize w '1 he Madisoniar, • the, hest n.a- CO ..*, diu1/1, . • • . (.0 l!!) (*N4):,,X 9 )(it,)(t):LX X.XXXXXXX.X.X.W 0 Y.XtY- 9 1::1X.t) NOTICE OF PRESIDENTIAL PREF- . ERF.NCE PRIMARY ELECTION Notice is hereby given that on Tuesday, the 23rd day .of April, 1920. at the . -in the Precinct or in the county of Madi- sop, state o'f Montana, an election will In. held, aj which the voters of the republican, democratic and so- cialist parties will - 'express their preference for their party condi- dates• for 'president and vict , Pre* dent; elect delegates tc, the presi- dential _conventions, and nominate presidential electors, which„ elec- tion will be - heht at and will continue until o'clock p. of said . Daied this '23rd day of March, 1920. • • • GEO. E. GOHN, • County - Cerk. First pub. March 19, 1920. .23-5 . PRIVATE SALE . 1 .Piano. 1 Heating Stove. Chinir•Ctoset Leather Coach. . 1 Hoosier Kitchen Cabinet. 1.Large Leather Chair. • • 1 Book Case and WriCng Desk. 1 'New Bed. . 1 Mattr6ss,.. 1 blz.w •Dining . Room Table. 6 New Diners. • I lee Cheat. . 1 Oak • Bed reom Set., 1 C,hiffonier. • 1- Kitchen °neon. Plrerns and '.Plants. • - • • J. C. FITZPATRICK. - 23-1 Alder, Mont. %% %%% %%•% %4• 1 %% . It l c . ...• 1 . 11 111 , ( i l i ti ,: 141 \ A I 'l;I t I N )N o It . N5 %. THE Vital -ANTE' TH.'kli. 1 ; 1. 1117r il t i :l i t. e i, \ •etai ‘ mr e if t i f il S ( Ia l nit ) t i e l . 1 11 iil i ll g N t t - . :$$$ $ $ $ $$$ $$$$$ sion of the. Sixteenth legislative • - -. NE 32, laws or the extraordinary ties= • , senility, and known as \An Act to , ; - '4dnesday evening members of amend sections 2, 3, 10, 16;.I. and gssoeiation - gathered in - --Virginia 32 and to repeal sections 20 i id 2 9 ',he Madison County Vigilante Trail City and condue of the law initiated and passed' by O es us t , i s n e o s s s t io e li i i s t it t n i s i j i t t:;:s y l ( tt.:\; li a ( t s ;;:t i ' l ( f ! l e t t i l i i r i es t i n i t a il t i :i g i i ... - - \t i l l e t tre e ( X l n e e A l l - the ilee s t i i t tt i i t i e of' 11 1 11 ) 2 11 , t l e l : i li l- t - I titled, 'A hill lo propose. by inilia- _ionization. live .petition a .law to provide for L • 01 ' d ro n s pp t a r r e t e t iii ll t i. t . i - ‘ n t i . eeting in, a -proper party nontinathins by direct -vote' manner, the Vii'.. and - • to add three new '. sections . . ginia - City membets of the associa- • thereto to be keown as sections 3A, tion had prepared a banquet at the 30 and 31; and .declaring this act hotel, where. about 50 boos;ers•were to be. an emergency law .and a law seated at 8 o'clock and•remained-in necessary for the. immediate preset. - the enjoyment of the good things vation of . the public health, -penee. M fo r r . e i t n i i t i e l m M t r u s i . t i I P l ee j f l - ,,tl had ()c k - pl N i ‘ i . ee h eti l l - l ei . : and safety,\ signed by therequisite (lumber of legal. voters, has . been l ournment ,was had to the Elks . h u ll duly and regolarly filed in the of- iii of the - town's best people in the 0 the •city building. Here a large lice of- t t l i t l e ne se:::: ii e t tii n i;:t e . ti of ii s y ta t tf , , ,. m i l i t i h ): figd gathered to participate in the visions of the ennstitution and laws business Of the evening. ' of th e state of Montana; and Slate Senator Jumid of Sheridan It hereas, Said petition contains president -- of the Vigilante T ri di the signatures of 15 per cent of the association, called the meet i ng t o legal voters Of a 'majority of the order at 9:10 o'clock, when Secre- wh° 1 \ 'nunThee of the e\unlies of too - J. U. Jones of Twin Bridges the state of Montana; and read Alio minutes of the' last Meet- Whereas,. the governor of the state is required by law to issue tug, which had been It..1d in Sheri- dan. After one or two minor cor. l f ) i l i s ina l7 f el s a t l i llr i o li t , i nt l i i o ntarnicing n the reetions, these Minutes were an- . • This was followed I*'• the ad 0 P - . •,-..,,- isow, therefore, I, S. V. Stewart, proved as reit& tio o ve h r t i , t i o c r iov of pi ti l i n i . . la s ilii t t l le ti o ie f f li i t i o i i n it g an o ti f , lion of constitution and by-laws, 1 such petitiOn for the, reference to t ‘ i N ia ti ii n ( i• h e N a v e ' l l t s saeeectliillePISiesill(tnii.abto.Siy7tilitiulgs the -voters -or the state of Montana consuming considerable time. One ,r,m' 'hell; liPP„roval or reiection at of .the sections, that d e fi n i ng. t he the regular elect ion t o he . h e m ' no •the -the day of November, A. Di boundaries of the different sections of. the road, was given part i cular 1920, of Senate Bill No. 32, being ehapter 28, laws of the Extraordin. attention. It finally was . decided that the trail should be composed of airy Session, Sixteenth' legisnitive eight sections, section one extend- \S A e lli l :I bi l y ' d u o nd fiir e n I t h i i i • l i t : d pi ll -: ; te ll i i r i n iii n es t a h h a l l ing from Yellowstone station to the sufficient signatures 'are appended' northern boundary of the 'Madisint m etionid hires , in the u pper m ac h_ to said petition to render the said son eidiey; section two, ih e , E mi t s ii i i s ita i i t su s rr ia ili i m i tt l e , r i i: ili t s t s 'e ed un ti t i l o s n ut i l i t Ii lull , division, to extend from that point trill , otgien? (, of or Virginia City; NRoo t,ii- , t g i t: i n n e iiii t . i i t I d el i t I T I t d iii 4 74 . 1 e( t i h t e is t;s r t , il ) v tiei d el e i ginta .City's section, NO. -ii, extends by law , to lb.' mouth of Alder gulch e l m. In Witness Whereof I have here_ yon; 'Laurin, No. .1, from this point nnl\ set INN - hand and caused the Sheri- great seal of the state to he affixed. ; to alkali four . miles south of diel. Sheridan is in section No. 5 (SEAL) - and is in charge of that portion of : Done ot the eitV or Helena, the ennital: this the eighteenth day of the trail from the Laurin bounary ti ne hi a Do i at near T w i n B r id ge ' s. February, in the year of Mir Lord Twin Bridges is No. 6 and- its see-. One tbOUSalid nine hundred twenty. - S. V. STEWAIll% lion extends to the Iron Rod bridge; By the Governor: No, 7, Silver Star, to the crest of Cedar hill, and No. 8. from that c• T. STFAVABT. Secretary of State. Point On into Bully, will he under First pub. .March .12..1920. 4-4 the direction of the Butte vice pres- ident of the Vigilante Trail. asso- --- --:- -- - • ----- NOTICE OF PRIVATE SALE - . '< '' eill A ti f t l ' il l . i the adoption of the consti- In the District Court of the Fifth totion. arid by-laws a motion pre- Judicial District of the Slate of vu ed making the temporary Organ- Montana, - in anti for the county of Madison. - lz permanent. The (lose or flie, publie'sesslop - Io the . Mailer of , the Estele of th e seven vice presidents %vent into Conrad Lutz, Deceased, executive,session and decided, by a Notice is herd)/ given, that in N . .fle of 'silt to one, that the Dermal'. pursuance of au order granted by tot unite of the Vigilante Trail the district eourt of the- Fifth in- troit) Cedar hill should lw on the (tidal district of the state of Moo ! sv.•.t sid e of the Jefferson river nod NMI, ill 01141 for the elnilllv of *lass - through the town of Silver Modison, - the_ limier - signed admin- . . • _ • hut' I •• I . • I intrator, will sell so private sale the claims impidentetl, mid situated in \ Rabbit tuinfrganizeill mining ills , - --- -.. 1 it Mathi .r.c., .son county, Montana. NE 1 .1. section 8 . lownsitiP 6 11 . 0 ,91h , change for California land or home, . Deed at expense of purchaser. range 3 west, Montana merman. 1 .. c ROBERT. GO1IN IMPROVING it east-hulf• of section 30, near The sale will be Made on or idle'. \This tract is - ordered into the mar- ' Reports_ from the .hosintal sit 'ket - on -- 4 showing -that the 'greater the Madison river. Margaret T. novendreitr)iiiinag lliilit ,. . r=fittlri(411111::11. • March 22, 1920. and sealed bids will be received at the office' - - of portion 'thereof is -mountainous or Kimatise, care of Mrs. e liein-ge. It Allen, Virginia City, too rough for cultivation.\ . son,' Oil Fields, Cal. 2-5. young man who suffered such se - 'Me sale Will not.'he kept open, vere injuries at the High -Up mine Will, or delivered loudministratpy . but will .be -declared closed .when . We sorely regret the necessity of i persona4ly, or filed with the clerk those present at the hour named eliminating all correspond ince this lust weft, are Ii) the tb ig it , t m i N i . e ,..or said coml. still '• is sufferi ' have ceased Waling. The person week. A glance al the paper •will though his condition j \ sllith . • Trellis of s imale, cash. ' Ten per ' making the highest bid will be re- I nt. \'\ all \ f Ill(' reason therefor. .proved. It eannet be pos iti ve l y d e . cent of nniounl of bid to accom- tiiiired to immediately pay to ‘t he One consolatiim, thinoth,. we are tet•mined yet w hillier he will be receiver the amount thereof. * , tiblishing the name of every Voter able to see front his lefreye, led thy . • Any persons claiming adversely in the. county, and • giving his ad- physicians entertain hopes that he vised to file their claims, or ob- (tress., H. F. Noyd. n. T. -, and•nd i may. When a lighted -candle was the above -described land are ad - pawed in front of hint and he was designated for sale. , John Lally and a few other , of the Pal Carney, with F,. w, T ow n sen d, Iti• Imagined he could see the sun. Administrator or Estate of •Colirad l ieetions on or before the nate asked to tell what he saw, he said s • JQS,A),Jilit, Register. prominent citizens of the Waterloo This causes his friends to hope that - WU, Deceased. • First pub. March 5, 11120. 3-3 First Pub. MareTfig'19.20. 3,5 neighborhood. were in Virginit h e may regain the -sight of this eve; • City - Wedhestiav and remained to The employes at the Iligh-llp attend the Vigilantem Trail eeting mine this week raised a purse of ' NOTICE TO CREDITORS that evening. ' ..,.a . *300 for Robert and - this sum was F,st a le o f (mho / i nc . D en i s , d e . A Kansis Citylawyer predicts ihe sent la 1)1111 to help defray the ex-. ceased. Notice is hereby given by day when there will be tio . longern 'noises incident lo n . his misfortune_ the 'undersigned • executor of the and also as A .token ,of the high es- estate of Catherine Denis, deceased, need for lawyers -and judges and . teem in which !Iris held by till who to Ihic ' t'm'etjitortc of and all persons courts -when every _man Will he a know hint. II is ,sincerely hoped having elm s against the said (IC - law Onto himself to the satisfaction that his recovery will . he rapid and ceased, ti Whit them, with the Of others. And he still lives after II fit lie wilt not he :fifth -led tar lire net essary (metiers. within.: 10 y total blindness. . ' _ months' ark. the first j niblivatioe getting that,- mouthful Snit •of . his .sysem. , , .- frii nil i gnit. ilaiiii(;et;slitiliiiii.6iiiittionrilicisi= • of - t ti li l e is _la n :: \ oCffict7. the M s . a1 \1. e l x n e n e fe. n i i i7i, .. _ Influenza reports from the' na- that The doctors found it meressary ' the same be lug the place for the _ lion 'indicate u decrease _in the mom* to remove Robert's other t . .ye, thus transaction -of busineS's of the sad rendering the young incin totally estate in tlw collide of Madison.. . her of canes compared with last blind. Dated id Virginia City. Mont, this year, but an increase in the pro-' 2•1Ih dim of February, - 1920. • portion of deaths. , This is account- In Poland you go shoppin Executorg-with' . • •PIElim, DENTIN; ed for by the fact that.a large per- a bag of Potatoes -if - 3'Ou are .fol;•• if .the , LasT Witt and Testanwt• of Catherine Dent , centage -of -*the deaths occurred tunate.enough to have them. Yini DeceWed. among 'persons who had taken the give 20 .or .25 piitatoes for a _pair 'First pub. Feb. ' 27, 6,20. 2 . -4 '. disease the previous„ year and had of: shoes. EntploYes are , paid in not made a full recovery, . .. • potatoes. . A nobleman completely Mark E Smithhas recently mode . ref.urnishell'histstate, wrecked dur- a discoVery of a ledge - Of very r i c h iag the war, att-a cost of 12,000 po- ore, values principallv silvet. The tatoes. It sounds strange, but hew findls only a .short distaree south sensible it is, after all., A , potato of, .lown and easily .of 'access nY. feeM and wagon. . Assay .actmais .(pi isa la lw r ri ft yl . oita a.: P r ri 7 tato , . hut NvItcti. is if front samples -sent to • Butte show i values of $1,070.53 per ton. Mr. Smith is not- the only persowitere . There k some slight excese . .for excited over the find. In telling of the prevailing discontent among the the original discover , - Mr. .Itmith says he was walking along a 'ridge Mat 'makers. European bonfidary- aod•-kicked at _a little rock hi' re- lines _are not always foun'tl . in the move it from his Vali. He. was stir- sa m e sp o t th e f o it llowing 'willing.% prised to find it was an outcrop - ohm of a vein otore, as only a very . . -7.----- . - . -small noint was extiosed :put . Po . Japan . 'great fear of boislie -- other sighs of mineral -bearing roek . ViSM breaking out and destroying in the immediate vicinity. He n th ow - • . nr l ..M en t s : in • this s news. iA busily engagext-:in sintOng on his e •monarehy The cost iving .A.dy e r-tis e 'Madison county's newspaper. find,. • - - -. • . isun'200:.ner ctot. \' paper may be relied unom -- • ' • tem\ bid, and balance on confir- mation or sale by the court; sale made subject to confirmation by ,., sidd. court. a .. - Dated March 3, 1920. • LEWIS A. - DUDLEY, • The \naval orange\ is . a natiVe Of Brazil. Fer - W-five years ago'lli buds were grafted on two Califor- nia orange trees.. These two trees still survive, The parents Of an In- dustry Ha has. Produced 840.006..- 000 in profits and nowuses 176,040 acres in California alone. , .The \naval orange\ was first brought to the United States by a missionary. _ Can't just - 'see ivhy the world should get into . a paniebecause of its debts. There'll be no more money in existence after the panic • than there Was before. • • No. 23 VISSViffigigiSgiSS S %$% 91 PONY SCHOOL ITEMS s s 919191919191,919; 9191919l91919 . boys'. basket ball Jean,' re.•• turned from the Whitehall tourney. on Sondes.. The boys did not win any games, but reported a fine time. Next year we hope to be able to du, -still bt,(1.itit,:eNet;.,ell: \ party . was given- -itF the honw-of Miss billy Boyd Moin- day night by the .junior girls for Its remain for some time, Next week there will be 4 . no senool in Pony: Prof 1.. 0.-.111eAfee 'will attend a teachers' meeting he Missoula. , Miss Miller -and Miss Chaplin will also be out of .town. • ' Willow Creek and Pony met ill a. game of basket ball las1 -Friday night. This waS a fast and furioui game. The game closed .with ‘ Pony to the lead by a score 0 1 11 to '43. The Willow Creek boys hat). not had as much pract-ice as Our boys, but -they had very good team work. A noticeable feature was that they were splendid loosers, 'Although they, were in q....strangt. aunt, ,they had many Suplihrter.S. The girls served lunch' after, the ganw•to all the players. A 'dance followed nit& seemed to. be enjoyed by all. p ro f . m c Af ee . was s t ar ti e d m on- morning when one of,lhe Jun- ior kirtS arrived at school at• 8:30. A tu i l i s Ta cloek has been pur- r - . Miss Madge Jenkins Was suffer- ing from iiSa.vere sore throat Toes - dos'. THE MADISONIAN • liming the past five Ilia Nlailismilan comPatty has conducted this intblit'aColl mo- iler the itione of the • M.Alsoninii. Tiitics, the name being .odopted temporarily because of the fact that U :Intl taken a tease on thelmsiness no d good w ill o f Th e Ti mes , Its elbilleilillOrarY iii 111;ti field it that' time. This lease expired the 1)ist of February, 1920, mot oa the first oily of March followity, the !nisi- ite.s of the Pid(lishing _company passed to the ownership and management- of T. E. Castle. II was suggested to the new man- aaement that the name of Madison- itin Times, which had' beeMlle ponliiiir,ehlrilig,the life of the Immo- urrangentent, he eontinued, and this policy W•i:s followed In :he first two publicallens in Mareit It does Itoh seem right o r proper, thought, that this mune be continued. The 'MA:simian was in its i2nd e vtair at lif e time of the row:Will:Mon sebum., making it ona ia the oldest new. papers in the stale, nil to rob It of that ilktinction by forcing it to carry it innate Ian its own is a do- wn-Mu'e frqiii what Or. preseill num- iet neon ctloccive., to le• good news - t'api'r itnIto. The modkoohm hos, loved, !moored ona resoeureii 1,,, omoy volts 111.11 wilhoent, r nothing else, prompts the reationtion tif its good yid game- --The Madiaamiao. NoTICE .tecortiLig tit Ile. order of ' the comintssiiinera I Would like all: \viler roitsuniers. who .are iii air-- regrs-- e (Fr use of • water -on their -'-- lawns or last -season to `- come In and kettle before the rum - ins watering ..ea.son starts. I olsii w i sh ih,,t tilt oarties who • are usiiig water for bathing Iii their bath tubs, whethi r connectedaip or not, will be •askeil to pay for tho matey, according to the order. Also parties fesjiig water •for - washing their autos must settle for It. 'dome are willingly paying for what The Ilse while other parties are avoid- ing this, which is eliarged for ac- cording to lite °IANr from - the einn- IlliSS1011 anti it Will be 100keil lip and' charged 'accordingly. All con- tractors --building cement, brick or rock work Will be kindly tusked to File with this office for the water supply before startinq work. Water supplies for lawn!, Will be the minus 1 this season as last tlilleSS consuin- ers are watering Alibi* ground. Then they are asked to fil e with this office. 23-1 MliS, SARAH IIICKF(1111).. Manager of Virginia City Water Co. The longest battleship, 900 feet over all, is soon to be I:time-lied by Great Britain. The United _ States . . Miey has designs - for six battle cruisers, each 875 feet long. A sugar beet harvesting madhine has , been invented which digs, frees the beets front clinging soil and places them inn conveyance in a retnarkable time. ' Most'perfinnes are chemical pro- ductions, but the most rare and ex- pensive are obtained by pressing , the oils iyoni the blossoms them- selves, 'The real problem cif the 6 -hour days iS not industrial, bet social. - Hew would people use their extra, idle time? • There is plenty of' faith, hopo and charityrieft in the world. But it appears to have been laid away - until it comes into style again. All the news.' all' the Si

The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.), 19 March 1920, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.