The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.) 1873-1915, January 10, 1874, Image 1

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13 THE MADISON1AN a Asienristit THE MADISONIAN ith ltr ;4' which woulf I be len-tell to the getting of emigrants thr Montana if circulated and advertised throughout the United States. 'the Governor's matheinaties makes the combined debt of all the Counties of the 'territory tOot up $432.987 74. lIe asks the Legislature to do something. in the matter, and gives the County Commis- sionera compliments of an equivocal kind. He talks of • - the necessities of the situa- tion. - and suggests a moditieation of the rates of taxatior. whereby he thinks we would derive an augmentation of the revf ernes. what is meant in this part of his retrenchment argument we are perplexed at. Possibly it is thrown in to sound like the touch of a master argit- rer on the theme of econonty--but if that is the objeet, it tails its intended purpose. On this part of the nwssage we will com- ment again. The Governor rushes after the County officials. and thinks their fees and salar- ies should be cut down plenty. Butt one may read the message through and through and not tind any complaint that the Governor of Montana receives more salary than the depreesed condition of the public treasury can stand. There is a singular silence on this point, amount- ing to complete omission . Ilis finamr recommendation about the merging of some of the County offices is urged anew -but when adopted the Gov- eruor will not, probably, be a resident of Montar a. Ile asks some mends to be made in the laws in relation to jurors and witnesses they may not be taxed against the 'aspic ae they now are in certain eontin- gencies. This is a sensible suggestion. The Governor touches teniperance and asks that something be done toward the killing of the alcoholic king, and tidlows with an earnest appeal tbr a Sunday law. The message mentions the military men who have been surveying and inspecting within our t , ortiers Next the Governor asks a better show tor the boys and girls than they have heretotbre enjoyed under the law. and that the law be so modified as to permit them to marry at tenderer ages. Ile demands tiw pasage of a law pun - jailing fornication :yid adultery -but as there is nothing of thia kind going on in tlw Territory, we think the Governor is in necessari ly reflecting on our people in orging the passage of an act when there are no (Times to punish. The Pubiie Schools get a good deal of sputa. allotted to them by the Governor in his paper -which shows, conclusively, that he is fond of children and anxious to have them properly reared and educated. lie defends his course in the Territorial Peniteetiary matter, anti details how he fixed and ended the wastethl and extra- vagant expenditure of the people's money _but we have not the space to fully com- kep nient on this portion of the message. le refers to the subjects of irrigation, the Indians, amid the Territorial debt. The Governor, as he winds up, gets a patriotie and notes that there Will be a ceh.bration of our hundredth birth- day, two years henee, provided there is no disruption of Unde 110111illiOlas. oloemlielit ittirail with returning ihael,. to th e Almighty, awl the perora- tif elese- ill a 4eat strain. invoking the $6 5 ° 1 2 r26 t.' 11 5 ° I) 55 61 °_,. int 105 auto I' 95 0 nts; SATURDAY, JAN. 10, MU. Tim mut:H*0%1.i\ stecoted to the hilvocaey of the principles of the Democratic party and to general and local news. •111046* - OFFICE , Two doors We,t from Wells, Far- s .5; •• r • .-- TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. ilite Year in advel,noe $ 98 MOIlths riaree Months '` 1 50 ADVERTISING RATES. THE mAnmoNIAN. a- an advertising :Medium, is equal to any paper in Montana. ; ____ _ _ __ 1 .1: , I ; : z., Z, i ! 4 i .....t - 4 Zo I Zo Z. 1 .:-, I E . : El: ;I: : :::: ; - 1 -- n i -1 ' i - , ,:.-. 1 Inch .... '2 Inches :: Inches .. 4 1m-hes 6 Inches. 13 Inches 2.5 ns;!ies 11 .; $31 35 $71 $8 1 $10 $154-20$2.5 1 51 8 91 101 14 - 201 301 40 _ I, 8 1 9 lit 1-2, Iii, 2.14 37; rz i 11 1-21 141 17! 301 45: 70 1 i 10; 12 15. Is1 24i 38! 65: :40 i , l*i 21 30! 3•P 440 MI 90 1 1-10 -I 301 40 5W 56: 6:)! 75! 1501'250 The above scale of prices is for ordinary sin- gle -column. display advertising. Solid and tabular advertisements will be charged at the ra!e for space oiTapied. LOCAL NOTiCES Fifteen cents per line for first, and ten cents per line LA- e.ich additional inertion. CARUS, One-halc inch, $2 for one insertion ; $3 for t wo insertions; $8 per quarter; $16 per year. tr - r The foregoing schedule of prices will be strictl:. adhered to. All advertisements counted in Nonpareil nteasine. ..y( - )13 Of every description, executed in the best and neatest style, and on reasonable terns. NEWSPAPER DECISIONS. I. Any one who takes a paper regularly from o ff. the Postotlice-whether directed to his name or another's, or whether he leis subscribed or not • -is responsible for the payment. 2. If a person orders his paper discontinued, he must pay all art earages, or the publisher may continue to send it until payment is matie, and collect the xvhole amount, whether the pa- per is taken from the office or not. ::. The courts have decided that refusing to take the newspapers or periodicals from the 1'w-110:lice, or rem0ov ing and leaving them un- called Co-, is prima facia evidence of intention- al fraud. [From Tuesday's Daiiy THE GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE. Yesterday, after the members had had their dinners, and felt kimlly disposed they were messaged by Govern)] . Potts, and both hotts_.s were struck simultane- ously with the document. The message • is too long-winded for our columns and this is one of the reasons why we are forced to review rather than print it entire. The message was printed by steam. awl as there is HO special appropriation for printing len! . .-thy exeeutive documents advance of their acceptance, some peo- ple will, perchance, think it is a practical inzmilestation of economy without a price. If any do think so they are laboring un- der a momentary deitteion. The Governor commences his message with a reverent:illusion to Almighty God 1 and supplieatea tor a prolongation of a The 4144-re:eq. in the int lehtedness of Mail- shtiwer of mercies on the heatts or we eounty. for the fiscal year ending march of the - uncongenial climate.- Iste 1874. approxitiate 05,00e. The County Treasurer has advertised Following this the Governor strikes dunlier the 'wt . -sent year for the redemption 1 - i...own-Iv into a ti.rurative tabular ex- of *15,200 of Madison County . _Bonds. This . a saving, over last year. ot k;784) in Inter- hibit, showing the poverty of the people, est as OW-Sc . Bonds draw 13 per centum per annum interest. - VOL. 1. woo , VIRGINIA CITY, MONTANA, S continuance of the favor and blessing of Divine Providence on our people. Necessity compelled us to read the mes- sage. It is average for Gov. Potts -but that may not be making it a public paper of much account or one that the people will make much fuss over. From Grant to Potts we are messaged in so weak a manner that all expect little, and wheu we get nothing are quite content. IMIMMINPV6E1 HOUSE ORGANIZED. The House was promptly organized yes- terday. by the election of Jno. II. Rogers as Speaker, and the election of all the other officers of that body. The selection of Mr. Rogers meets with the approval ot his colleagues in the House, as we believe it will that of the people. While there were other claimants, equally deserving anti welt qualified, for Hie posi- tion, with Mr. Rogers, we heartily endorse his election, and in doing so do not feel that we are detracting from the claims or mer- its of other aspirants. In the proceedings will be found all the other officers' names. [From Wednesdat; PASSAGE OP A SUNDAY LAW. Strenuous efforts will be made at this session to secure the passage of a Sunday law, having for its object the compelling of the people to a stricter observance of the Christian Sabbath. Petitions have been extensively circulated throughout the Territory, praying for the Legislature to enact a law on the eubject. 31iaisters of all the different denominations have been actively engaged in stirring the matter up, me I our Legislators will be asked to pass a law in conformity with their prayers on the subject. SPECIAL SESSION OP TM COUNTY COM- MISSIONERS. The Board of Commissioners met yes- terday. pursuant to law, at the County Clerk's office -and levied the taxes for mad- ison County for the year 1874, as 'Territorial Tax County Tax Poor Tax School Tax Road 'Tax follows; 4 mills 14 \ 1 6 3 b 1 Total 23 mills Special Poor Tax :::;z2 on each able-bodied male resident over the age of twenty-one years. The only difference from last year's levy is an increase of one mill on the Coun- ty Tax. This year there has been no Special Road Tax levied While last year there was a levy of three dollars on each able-bodied male between the ages of twenty-one and forty-tive ears. COUNTY FINANCES. GRaANIZATION OF THE COUNCIL. The Counf•il met at 12 o'clock, in., yes- terday, and was called to order by Eee- retary Callaway. A. NeeTomer of Deer Lodge. was chosen temporary President, and A. M. S. Carpenter temporary Chief Clerk. A committee of four, consisting 3lessrs. Garrigan, Yager, 3laillet and Stewart. was appointed to examine and report on the credentials or newly elect- ed members, after which Council at Ijourn- ed until 2 p. Upon reassembling the report of the committee was received mid accepted. Judge Garrigan offered a resolution re- questing Judge Servis to perform the ser- vice of swearing the new members in. A committee waited on the Judge, and he came promptly and fultninisted the oath to those entitled to receive it. Coun- cil then resolved itself into a unanimous mass of thanks to Judge Servis for the neat manner he performed the job. Temporary President Newcomer an- nounced that the election of officers was ow in order. A flutter bf excitement ran through the gallery. for it was expect- ed there would be some little contention for the positions to be filled. Wash. Sta- pleton was nominated for President. A pause ensued to await flu - tiler nomina- tions. but none came. The eleetion of Stapleton was made by acclamation. and Judge Dance and Rule Arriek conduct- ed the President elect to the chair. Sta- pleton's address, returning thanks, did not last a minute. He said he felt deeply the honor conferred and would endeavor to impartially preside over the delibera- tions of the Council. That was all, and it was enough. The selection of 1Vash. Stapleton for President of the Council is indorsed by all Democrats and Repub- licans aequiesce in and approve of it. No better qualified man is to be Ibund in the Council. and his election will be cordially received throughout the Territory. A motion was made to elect the clerks and attaches by rire roce, which indicated that the programme was made. A rapid going through of their election was held. In the report of Council proceedings the result will be found. NO QUORUM OF THE SUPREME COURT. The term of tl!e Supreme Court for January, was called at 10 o'clock yester- day, Monday. No quorum being present, Judge Service, adjourned the Court until 10 o'clock to -day. NO ORGANIZATION OF THE HOUSE. At 12 o'clock yesterday. me the House was called to order by the rapping of I Speaker Rodgers' gavel. The calling of I the roll showed a full attendance of mem- bers present, and a quorum being an- nounced by the 4 :lerk, Speaker Rodgers, addressed the House briefly. stating the reasons why lie assumed the Speakership and citing parliamentory precedents to sustain the position that he was, de facto. the presiding officer of the House and in- viting a diseusiiion of the question. Mr. I . Curtis, elJetlerson, made a moth el to ad- jouni mifil half -past ten o'clock to -day. The yeas end nays being ordered, the mo, tion was carried by a close call -12 to 13. The House stands adjourned unti110 1-2 o'clock this morning. The adoption of the motion looks like a struggle over the Speakership, and that the members were desirouw of discussing the points at issue more fully. There does not seem to be any person- al feeling ia the question and it will, and the members anti officers mere promptly on hand, and looked as though they were in trim liar business. /# e , X 47 , ef. • y 4 ktice TURDAY, JANUARY, 10, 1874. from the House of organization of the Coun- cil, reported that duty accomplished and on motion of Arick the report was accepted and the committee discharged. A committee from the House, appeared Kerley, Chessman, Curtis, Sutton, at the bar of the council and informed the lorv. _ Council that the House is fully organized A committee of three was appointed and ready for business. on rules, consisting of Alger, Aiken and On motion of Garrigan, a committee of Stafford. three was appointed to act with a like 1- eSSI'S Kerley, Chessman and Mallory, committee from the House, to inform His were appointed as pedal committee, to Excellency. the Governor, that the Leo -is - watt upon the Secretary, m regard to lative Assembly is fully organized and probably, be settled to -day in harino- reauy to receive anv communication he Procuring printiug. nious good feeling. may be pleased to make. Message from the Council, informed On motion of Beattie, and amended by the House that the Council were organ - The appearance of the Hall was neat, Yager, so as to include Reporters for the ized and ready for busbies. Mr. George Callaway, appeared and announced the Governors Aneual Mes- sage. After which it was read by the LATER. -Late last night we sent a re- they may he present. chief clerk. A communication from the' Governor, Conned we tendered to Hon. C. appoiting George Callaway private Se- ering reliable news. There was a regular Callaway, Secretary of the Territory, for cretary. The Governors Annual Mes- Democratic caucus of the members of the lie effi c ient manner in which he has per- sage was read, and retered to a special formed his duty in furnishing the Council yommittee,consisting of Messrs. Sanders, with iinea% comfortable:and well puntda.- 4 . ' ati. Hartwei!, room in which to hold its se,S61011. _Mick, from Committee, on Rules report - recommending the adoption of the 7thed session, with an amendment providing for a committee on Territorial affairs, and that the committees shall consist of three mem- be T rs h . e report was accepted, and on motion adopted. A communication was received from the House. through Chief Clerk Barrett, in- forming the Council of the appointment of a committee to confer with a like commit- tee from time Council on Joint Rules. A Communication from His Excellency, was received announeing the appointinnut of Geo. Callaway, Esti., as his Private Sec- retary. and also enclosing liis Message. The Governor's Message was then read --OF- and on motion, the flintier consideration opmiTnNi of the Message was postponed till to - 0/1 l31 -)1U 11 morrow. Dance moved that a committee of three be appointed to confer with fine com- mittee from the House to wait on the Secretary and see what provisions has been made for printino-- carried and Dance, Davis, and Barber, appointed said IleSS in the locality of National Banks, committee. whereby the means of sueli banks may Yager gave notice of his intention to be employed to advance interests. introduce a bill to provide for the forfeit- - Allison introduced a bill to regulate ure of placer mines, held by aliens. and facilitate commerce across navigable On motion or Newcotner the Council rivers forming boundary States. lt pro - adjourned till to -Morrow morning at 10 vides that all i•ailway bridges across sue.h o'clock. rivers, shall be declared public highways, and shall be equally open to the use of every railway having tennines at or near such bridge, upon payment to the owner of such a bridge and approaches thereto - reasonable compensation, under limita, ions aad conclitioas, xvItich the bill in descri bes in detail. On motion of Wright, the House bill was taken up with the Senate Civil Ser- vice Committee amendments., which re- peal the law of March, 1873, to put salar- ies back to the old figures, except those of Cabinet officers, which were fixed at e'lue. Wright supported the bill, as did also Pratt, and the morning hour expiring it %Vent over. and the resolution reported from the Finance Committee before holi- days, declaring it to be the duty of Con - press. The Govetnor. Secretary of the Territory, and Justices of the Supreme Court, were invited to a seat on the tioor, within the bar of the Council, at any time porter around who is quite handy at gath- On motion of Garrigan, the thanks of the House. An adjustment of all the differ- ences was Inade. lion. John Rodgers, of Deer Lodge, will be Speaker, and this will prove entirely satisfactory to every- body. for John Rodgers is well qualified. The other caucus nominees will be elect- ed and the House will be speedily organ- ized to -day. dem.. The President has not withdrawn the nomination of Williams for Chief ustice, but hopes to wheedle the Senate into con- firmation. THE EEHITH REGULAR The filaltana Legisiature. - COUNCIL. Morning Session. The Council was called to order at 12 o'clticis by Hon. J. E. Callaway, who au- nounced the names of those entitled to seats in the temporary organization. Hon. D. P. Newcomer, of Deer Lodge, was elected President, por tem, and A. M. S. Carpenter of Madison, chief Clerk pro tem. Messrs. Garrigan, Yager, Maillet, and Stewart were appointed a committee on credentials. The Council took a recess until two o'clock p. Afternoon Session. At 2 o'clock p. in., Council resumed. President pro tem in the chair. Garrigan. from the select committee on credentials, reported the following, newly :elected members present, and entitled to seats. to wit : 1st District, Madison and Beaverhead Counties -O. B. Barber, G. W. Stapleton. 2t1 Di strict, Deer Lodge and Missoula. - Chas. Cooper and L. R. 3laillet. 11 District, Lewis & Clark and Jeffer- son -R. E. Ariel:, A. Beattie, and I. C. Walker. 4th District, Gallatin, Meagher and Choteatt-J. J. Davis. Report received and adopted. on motion, a eominittee was appoin- t& to wait on Judge Set - xis, and invite him to administer the oath of °Mee to the newly elected members-Garrigan, Yager fuel A riek. The Coininittee reported Judge Servis present. The oath of office was then administered. On motion of Maillet. the thanks of the council were tendered o Judge Servis, for his courtesy in attending at the call of the Council. The Council then proceeded to an eleetion permant offieers. which resulted as follows : President, 11011. G. W. Stapleton of Beaverheatl. Chief Clerk, A. M. S. Carpenter of Madison. Assistant Clerk. R. W. ofGallatin. Engrossing Clerk, T. E. Collins of Meagher. Enrolling Clerk, Wm. B. Morrison of Lewis & Clark. Sargeant-at-arms, Jos. E. Allen of Deer Lodge. 1 hior-keeper. J. M. Costner of Gallatin. Watchman, T. S. Fulkerson of Mis- soula. Messenger, J. M. Austin of Jefferson. All the foregoing offices were elected by acclamation, except the Sergeant -at - arms. The oath of office was. administerd to the attaches -elect. by the President. Council adjourned mitil to -morrow morning, att.() o'clock. Morning Session. House met at 12 in. Called to order by J. Rogers, Speaker oit the last ses- sion. W. W. Chapman. chief clerk of last session. called the roll. Preaent-Madiaon county, I. S. Staf- ford, Ben. Ezekiel, Alexander Cartnichal. Samuel Mallory. Deer Lot12:e. J. C. Kerley, J. II. Rogers, E. D. Aiken, J. 31. Alger and Isaac Dean. Lewis & Clark, W. F. Sanders, A. Duseld, W. F. Chessman, Geo. Heldt and Joseph A. Hai t Missoula, Janies Kennedy. Beaverhead, J_ It_ Brown anti Chris- tian Mead. Gallatin, Geo. S. Coleman and C. 31. Tztte. 3Ieagher, C. L. Ifarrington and C. W. Sutton. Absent, Missoula, C. C. O'Keet Choteua. James 31. Arnoaux. Mr. Rogers, explained his reason for assuming the chair-elanned it under his election as speaker of the extra ses- sion, and then stated that he would resign. On motion, adjourned until to -morrow morning at 10 1-2 o'cloek. COUNCIL Second day -Morning. Met at 10 o'clock a. in. Mr. President in the chair. Roll called -all present. Minutes of yesterday's proceedings were then read -amended r.nd approved. The attaches of the Council not previous- ly sworn were then called and the oath of office administered to them by the Presi- dent. .Arick offered a resolution that a commit- tee of three lw appointed to report rules for the Government of the Council, and to eon- fer with a like committee from the House to report joint rules for the Government ot the Legislative assembly, which was on mo- tion adiipted. and Ariel:. Newcomer, and Barber appointed such committee. Newcomer, offered a Resolution that a conunittee of three be appointed to wait on the noose and imfonn that body that the Council is fully organized aud ready for the transaction of business, which was on mo- tion adopted ar.d Newcomer, Davidson, and Stewart were appointed said commit- tee. Garrigan, offered a resolution that Sec- retary Callaway, be requested to furnish a sufficient number of Roll calls for the use of the Council. which was adopted. On motion Oouncil look a Recess unti, 2 o'clock p. Afternoon Session. At 2 o'clock p. m. Cornell resumed. Mr President in the chair. Eon called. Absent -Cooper. Present -Quorum. Newcomer from special comeettee to in - TELEGRAPHIC. HOUSE. Second day -Morning Session. ENROLLMENT. .Alger, Ezekiel, Chessman. PRINTING. Speaker in the eliair, All members present. The Clerk, read Journal of previous day, trhich was approved. 31. Kerley called to the chair. Mr. Rogers. tenderfel his reeig . nation. as speaker of the House, whieh was acceptetl. The chair announced nominations for speakers in Oriler,witen Ezekiel presented the name of J. IL Rogers, and Mr. Sam: - tiers. that of Samuel Mallory. On a vote being taken, Mr. Rogers received 18, and Mr. Mallory received 8. Rog - es was deelaieed (+geed. On motion 3Ir. Chapman was elected temporary Secretary. A committee. consisting of Messrs ; Harrington and Chessman. wereappo ht- ed to conduet the new elected speake0o the chair. A. H. Barrett. was elected chief clerk, by acelaniation. W. W. Chapman and Riehard Loekey ' were placed in nomination for Assistant Clerk. Chapman, 19; Lockey. 8. E. T. Owen and T. C. Deimling Were piaceti in nomination, and upon a vote , being taken Owen received 18; 8. S. Hughes and S. 11. Shankland were nominated tOr Ein . olling Clerk. Hughes received 17; Shanklanti, 9. Geo. Brialy and David MeCranor were nominated tiir Sergeant -at -Arms. Bruf- ly received 20: 31eCemor, 6. Mr, Linder was deelared Door Keeper by acelamatuel, Mr. C. P. Blakely was elected fer Watchman by acclamation. Masters Richard Watson and Willie Clark were placed in nomination for page. Watson receive.1 18, and Clark 7. Mr. Mead, offered a resolution, that the House. during the present week. as- semble at 2 p. o'elosk, instead of 10 a. in., in order that those members hav- ing business before the Supreme Court, taay attend. Merssrs. Ezekiel, Hartwell and S On motion, a committee consistil t i i g tto o n f , were appointed to wait upon the Coun- cil, and to infinan that body, that the House is duly organized - On motion a committee, consisting of Messrs. Kerley, Dusold and Arid:. were appointed tc act with a like committee, from the Council to wait upon the Gov- ernor, and inform him of the organiza- of the two houses. A resolution was adopted, asking the council to meet the liouse in joint session . at 3 p. to -day. or at some other con- venient time to receive a communication from the Governor. On motion adjourned until 2. p. M. Aftt?rnooit Session. On motion, the members. of the press, and Supreme Court, were Amite(' to seats within the bar of time house. Speaker in the chair. Roll called -all present. The speaker announced the following standing committee : WAYS AND MEANS. R. K. Emerson, J. W. Hartwell, E. I) Aiken, J. C. Kerley and Samuel Mallory. J CDICIAR Y. Geo. s. Colematt, W. F. Sander, J. 31. Alger, C. Mead and C. W. Sutton. INTERNAL IMPROVEMEMTS. Otho Curtis, S. Mallory J. A. Brown, Dean and James Kennedy. TERRITORIAL AFFAIRS. C. L. Harrington, 1. Dean, A. Dusold, R. K. Emerson and C. 31. Tate. FLYANCE COMMITTEE. C. W. Sutton, W. A. Chet:small. J. A. Brown, O. Curtis and S. S Stafford. ROADS AND HIGHWAYS. S. Mallory, C. L e : Harrington, C. Mead, Geo. W. McCauley and W. F. 6:Linters. FEDERAL RELATIONS. B. Ezekiel, Alex. Carmichael, J. M. Alger, E. D. Aiken and J. Stafford. EDUCATION AND LABOR. W. F. Sanders. L Stafford, A. Car- michael, J. 31. Alger and J. 31. Arneaux. TOWNS AND COUNTIES. J. A. Brown, J. W. Hartwell, J. 31. Arneaux, B. Ezekiel and G. W. McCrady. MILITARY AFFAIRS W. A. Chessman. A. Dusolfl. G. W. McCauley, C. 31. Tate and W. F. Sanders. INCORPORATIONS. James Kennedy, Geo. S. Coleman, C. Mead. A. Dusold and C. W. Tate, AGRICULTURE AND MANUFACTURES. Tate, O'Keef, Carmichal, Hartwell and Arneaux. ELECTIONS. Mead, Heldt, Aiken,: Kerley, and Dusold. IND/AN AITAIRs. Stafford, Heldt, Dean, O'Keef, e Lmer- son. MINES AND MINING. Aiken, McCattle3 , Brown, Suttote Cheestuan. Mal - WASHINGTON. 1Vashington, 5.-Buekingham intro- duced a resolution, which was ordered printed, directing the Finance Connnittee to consider the expeiliency of reporting a bill authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury to make a temporary loan of certiticates which may be used by Na- tional Banks as a part of their reserve . : also to provide for the redemption and concellation of legal tenders equal to the amount of those uscd out of the $44.000.- 000 reserve. And a resolution was - adop- ted instructing the Finance Committee to report a bill looking to the amendment of the Banking law to prohibit stockhol- ders and officers of National Banks from being concerned in private banking bus - gres,4, at present to adopt definite meas- ures to redeem the pledges made by the Government for certain practicable re- demption of United States notes ill COin, was taken tip. Hogg hh•essed tlte Senate. He be- lieved the Nvliole legal tender system was a good one ; but the country would and must have speedy relief. lie alluded to tlw unequal disttibution of the currency among tlitferent portions of the countr3 - , and advocateml a meissue of the 44,000,000 reserve, and on additional issue of $50.- 000,000 ot legal tender and $25.000.000 of National Bank notes. The consideration of the salary bill was then resumed. Pratt otlerefl and amendment the thus ave received pay at the rate. of$7 50 per day, since March 4th, 1873, be paid in 'eh monthly installments as will make aggregate for the whole. Congress •• the rate of $4,00 per annum. Logan approved the ameltdment. Per- sonally, he thought present salaries were not too high ; but he will approve any bill that did not wipe out increased salary, except as it relates to the President and Supreme Court. Thurman favored, and Morrill and Stewart approved the amendment. Wright gave notice that to -morrow he would endeavor to press the salary bill to a vote, and hoped Senators would remain until it was disposed of. Washington.5-The House Committee on Appropriations to -day disposed ot' the army appropriation bill, and reduced the esti- mates over $4,000,000. A message from the President, to -day, transmiting correspon- dence in the Virginia case, with the main points of which the public are fiuniliar. It shows that the President and Cabinet act- ed with energy and promptness in sustain - tabling the national honor and securing sat- isfaction for outrages cotumitted on our citizens by Spaniard in Cuba. Cuba n A Ira irs., Washin,gton, 4. -The friends of Castel- laies government in Congressional and executive circles, regard recent events in .4)ain as likely to delay promised re- forms in Antilles, and to prevent sueli negotiation through Caleb Cusliiiig • aS WoUld tend to the pacification ot Cu- ban ports ; and :it the same time protect American intrests in in Cuban waters from anoyance and outrage. Washingtoit t 5.-Edinund's Judiciary Committee reported back the House bill to repeal the Bankrupt law, with sundry amendments and recommended that, with such amendments, the bill be passed. Edmunds said he had ito hesitation in stating that the whole c.onnnittw had agreed,substaneally, to the amendments. Wright, of Iowa, introduced a resolu- tion instructing the Committee on Civil Service Retrenchment, to inquire into the expediency of reporting a bill making a reduction of ten per cent on the compen- sation ()fall officers whose salaries exceed 1,000 per annum, or five dollars per day. Cameron objected, and it was laid over. On motion of Wright, the House bill to establish the compensation of Senators, Representatives, and Delegates, was ta- ken up with amendments, as reported by the Senate Committee on Civil Service Re:Tencliments, striking out the first three sections, and substituting tlwrefor a sec- tion repealing the act of March 3, 1873, and fixing a ;3alarv as it was prior to the passage of that act ;and further providing that compensation for several heads Of departments be eight thousand dollars per annum. The President sent to the Senate the nomination of Caleb Cushin_er tbr ter to Spain, and Edward L. Baker, of Springfield, for Consul to Buneos J ‘ V , i y r r g e i : ; \ :I C . ushin g is designated as from Tne Ilouse met at noon, and und ir the call of States, a large number of bills were eadendared and referred. Washington, 5. -Among the bills in- troduced in the House the following by Kasson to create a National board trade and prescribe its duties, By McCrary, to prohibit the creation of a deficiency in the public eerviec: Ba-bcr legalize a ENGROSSMENT. pontoon railroad bridge across the Miss- gehlt, Hanrington, Cnetie, helppi river al Prairie Dlichice. By Suttle requiring the Attorney -General to prosecute suits for the repayment to the Government of interest paid for Pacific railroad companies. By Coburn of Mil- itary committee, a resolution instructing the committee on Military officers to en- quire into the expediency of reducing the regular army, and stopping all vorks on forts and other defenses of the country. adopted. By Wheeler of New York from the committee on appropriations repor- ted an army appropriation bill, appropri- ating $28,449,916, which was made the special order for Tuesday. The House then resumed the consideration of the supplementary privilege. Stevens dissented in address, but asked the House to extend his time, after some objections being made and with- drawn woe allowed, and proceeded. aead hi speech in opposition . 'io . the bill, he asserted that his opposition to the bill was not from any prejudice against colored people : he believed all men were created equal; but he was opposed to any kindred measure, being for want of constitutional forms by Con- gress, to pass it. lie contended that no new powers had J.ieen conferred on Con- gress by either the 14th or 15th. amend- ment to constitute a proper remedy. It was in the judgment of courts to be rendered in such a way as Congress should provide, declaring any State act in opposition. of the right of citizens to be null and void. He also opposed the bill on account of its inexpediency, and declared that the colored people of Georgia did not ask Or Want it, they had their ONVII churches and 8C11001S, and did not desire mixed schools. He spoke an hour and a quarter, having his time twice extended, and concluded Nvith a panegyrie ofiefferson on Democratic, and Republican princi- ples, whIch he declared were eternal. Ransier, colored, followed with a writ- ten speech, in favor of the bill, contend- ing.there was no political freedom tbr the people of the South, and would not be as long as the matter wits lett with the several States. Time Speaker laid before the House a message from the President. in reference to tae Steamer Virginitts which was read: and referred to the committee on Foreign aflairs. The substitute for House bill respect- ing the bankruptcy act, reported by the Senate Judiciary Committee provides for a number of amendments to the present law, the most important of which are the f011owing. That it shall require the ac- tion of one-fourth of insolvent's creditors, or one-third of the amount of debts to tome him into bankruptcy instead of a single creditor or debts to the amount ot $250 as now. Protested paper may run sixty days instead of thh•ty days as now. 11'henever a utajority of the creditors agree to take the case out of bankruptcy they may do so. Courts are empowered to permit any number of creditors to make account of their claims in cases in- volving bankruptcy within four immtlis' tune, mentioned in section 55, in the old law. Skil be changed to two months, and instead of six months therein named, changed to three months, put these pro- vision not to take eflect until two months after adoption of this act. Washington, 5.-Conkling introduced a bill to provide for the committee to propose and report to Congress a bill in reference to the enactment of the general shipping account, and for other purpo- ses, which was referred. Stevens introduced a joint resolution to appoint as a navy measure J. D. Dana censer and Alex. I. Stewart regents of the Smithsonian institute, in place respec- tively of Louis Agazzis, deceased. Theo. Woody and Dr. B. Astor, time expired. Bishop Welliner of Louieiana, called on the President to -day and represented that many persons were starving in that State. The President and Bishop subse- quently had an interview with Speaker Blaine and members of the Louisiana del- egation, and the result of the conference is reported to be that to -morrow Repre- sentative Sypher will introduce a bill authorizing the War Department to issue rations to sufferers. According' to present instructions at the close of the debate on the civil rights bill, to -morrow afternoon, a motion will be made by prominent Republicans to recommit the bill, which, it carried, may have the effect to indefinitely postpone action upon the measure. The act provides for the reduction for compositions, charges and all allowances except actual and neeessary disburse- ments, to be made by officers against agents, marshals, messengers, assigners, and registers. One-half these sections should be and remain in force until the Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States shall inert arid take meas- ures to promulgate new rules on this matter. The I1eralds special from Havana says the overthrow of the Castellar ministry is favorably received in Havana, The Casina Esperial is especially jubilant. The Volunteers are evidently fitVor of a monarchy. The Crowns on the sterns of Spanish vessels in the harbors which were pain- ted over when the republie was in rage, are now being reguilded, and the Imper- ial Spani$h Coat of arms again placed on the palace of Captain -General. Washington, 6. -Buckingham's free banking, bill was taken from the table and referred to the commi6tee on finance. Morrill,of Maine,from the finance com- mittee, reported back the resolution in- troduced by Sumner instructing that committee to report a bill abolishing the office of commissioner of internal revenue and to provide for the oollection of taxes by stamps, with recommendation that it be indefinitely postponed. said when the mille.durn arrived, it might be possi- ble to collect taxes without tax officers. To abolish the internai revenne bureau was to lose at least one half of the taxes now collected. Principally those taxes werc eollec.tted upon 41irit:i and tobaf.'.00. I and it would be impossible to 6..ollect alum without oftioup, NO._ 9. Sumner said here was an opportunity for poetical economy and by adopting - this system of collecting taxes by stamps an army of office -holders could be dis- pensed with. The rosolution was indefin- itely postponed. Sypher introduced a resolution setting forth that Atere are many people in cer- tain localities in the South suffering from want of food and are in danger of starva- tion owing to Etilure of crops and directs the Secretary of war to issue army ra- tions in such quantities as may be re- quired. Referred to committee on educa- tion and labor with leave to report at -ally time. The consideration of the supplementry civil rights the bill was then resumed. The fact that the President had a confi- dential interview yesterday with the Sen- judidary committee, gave use to the rumor that he intended to withdraw the nomination of Williams for Chief Justice. At noon to -day Williams was not informed of such purpose, nor could confirmation of the rumor be obtained at Execu- tive mansion. It is intimated that the sub- ject may be the matter ot cabinet advise- ment. There is considerable activity among public men in the West and Pacific coast in regard to a vacancy in the oilice of the ti n i t - i s e t . deputy commissioner of internal reve- Illinois CongresAnen, and others from that State, are anxious for the appoint- ment of ex -Supervisor 31unn. The Pacific men are in fitvor of Carey, ex -Collector of internal revenue. The treasury department suggests Sec- ond Deputy Collector Rodgers, in accord- ance with the spirit of the civil service law, while the Commissioner himself will repre- sent to the President that there is no neces- sity existsing for' s a continuance of the office. General Spinner and daughter left for Florida to -day. The Seuate Finance Committee to-day agreed to report favorably on the bill au- thorizing national banks to withdraw bonds deposited in the United States treasury, as security itt proportion as they retire their circulation, as retire their eirculation. NEW 1 - 01tii. PUBLISHED EVERY SATI:RDAY. A 'I' Virginia City', - - itoztana.. THOMAS DEYARMON. Editoiw& Proprietor, Papers ordered to any addreiox can be changed to another addreil% at the option ot the surscriber. Remittance by draft* chccht 4 rrione$' order or registered letter may be sent at our ris;A. Ohio Govovernor'sMessage. Columbus. 5 -Governor Noyes' Mes- sage, presented to the Legislature to- day, shows the total iate debt to be $32,314,000. Det reused last year 272,484. while the local inflebtedness increased nearly $2,500,000. The Governor recom- mends the restriction of the former minor political organizations to create debt and impost tax. makes a few other reconnuellliations, mostly of local interest. Be deprecates the Systeln now in use of letting out convict labor by c9ntract, and favors some plan utilizing, , eleh labor so as not to interfere with )11e outside.. 1141,1 NOIS. Chicogo, 6. -The Tribune's Washington special says it is probable that the matter of appointment of Chief Justice will be compromised by the substitution of the Hanle of Caleb Cushing for that of Wil- iams and the appointment of the latter min- ister to Spain. NEBR:tgE.1. New Y ork, 6. -Rev. Dr. Starr and Bud- dington and Mr. Beecher, have settled their difficulty growing out of the Ply- mouth church proceeding in the ease of Theodore Tilton. Suit has been begun by Capios against Edwin Roves and Co., to recover twc hundred thousancl dollars in gold for al- leged violation of revenue laws. Albany, 6. --Legislature met at noon to -day Gen. Robinson, President of the Senate. JaRtesi C. Husted, Republican elected Speaker of the assembly. •111040 An Infernal Machine. New York, 5. -An attempt was made on the life of Judge Morris, formerly Dis- triet Attorney of Brooklyn, by means of an infernal maelline, which was lett at Ills house during his absenee. The box was laid aside until his return las eve- ning. Judge Merris opened the box in his bed -room surrounded by his family. Oa liffing the lid the saap ofasprinp• heard, aud all at Once it was seen it was an infernal machine.* It was a miracle that it did not explode and only the too great precaution of the maker prevented an explo -ion. The matches which were to ignite the powder. having caught the edge of several papers across which the spring was extended. The box contained a torpedo and enough loose powder amid gun cotton to have shattered the leftist. to pieces. Judge Morris caretidly lifted the box and placed it in the 'mill tub. wlwre it was eaturated with water, and then taken to pieces. It is in the hands of the police. As Judge Morris is the prosecu- tor of the ballot -box stuffers of Brooklyn, the design is attributed to thom. Workingnirn's eting. About. a thousand unemployed work- ingmen met this morning in Union Square, in answer to a call issued by one Patrick 0 - Dunn, to denounce the Asses- tant Alderman, in failing to order the heads of the departments to have all work done by ,ley's labor instead of by coa- t met. Thecdore 11. Banks, who appear at all similar meetings, was elected tem- porary Chairman, and in the course ola short address. urged working men to the front, and hold their own against sordid politicians, who would keep them in star- vation. He advised them, however, not to take definite action now, but wait for the open-air meeting, next week, ar- ranged by the committee of safety, at the close of which the unemployed would march to the City Hall and pass in review before the Mayor and Aldermau. Dunn. who isssued the call, now appeared, and was made permanent Chaii•man. He ad- vised the xvorliingmen not to be hasty, at the same time urging them to organize on the spot, and march to the City Hall, and await the reply of the Mayor, Comp- troller. and Alderman to their demands. An engineer followed, saying. if their demands were not acceded to by fair means, then force must be used to pre- vent heads of departments frntil having their own way. A committee of live was appointed to wait on the Mayor and Comptroller ; af- ter which all started for the City Hall, their number being increased as they headed through the street i s. The meeting reaching 'the City Hall. the committee of five attempted to see the Mayor and different heads of depart- ments, butt failed in every instance. The crowd that accompa.nied thent listened to more addresses, and after resolving to hold a grand demonstration on Thursday next, dispersed. The Bar .:Vssociation of this city. will consider in special session to -morrow evening, the nomination of IVilliams for Chief Justice, 01110. I )niaila, 3.-A fire at Onowa, Iewa, to- day burned the agricultural amid inaelmine shops and a dry goods and millinery store. Loss $15.000. lieetrance nein. 3.-A special to the En- quirer says, Robt. Rowland, County Treasurer, left that place under circum- stances that alarmed his sureties and cit- izens, and to -day Judge Reitt appointed L. J. Tracy to act with the County Com- missioners to examine the County Treas- urv. They found S'11.000. They also thund that Rowland had azk - ned to Mr Dicky Sq0,000, colatetal, wink 11. Pickt - 3 rcfused tn r, MIMIC HUSEITS. Springfield, 5.-A brick block on Maim and Taylor streets, owned by liniersomi Wright and W. 11. Wilkenson, was burned to night. Loss $200.000. The principal losers besides the owners of the building were, %Vellum!' Fuller, har- ness makers, the Union Paper Conpany Cutter, MeIntosh Co.. Boot & Shoe dea- lers; I. C. Lutz, lithographer ; and the 3Iorgan envelope company. Insurance about two-thirds of the loss. Ilins-11-44 4 411111 PENNSYLVANIA. Pittsburglt, 5. -The Westinghouse. brake contraversy has been settled, by the %Vesting - house company purchasing the exclusive right of all claimants. At Elis abeth, port, Pa., on Saturday night Patrick Slavens Act Ind Dan Lynch without the sligttest provo- cation. The murderer was arested, eleased by a mob of miners, to which class he belonged, and is still large, LOUISI AN Fire. New Orleans, 5. -The glassware house of E. J. Hart & was burned to -day. Loss $20,00ti. The Legislature met to -duty in Mechanics Proceeding orderly. Governor lid - log's message is very long. It shows the total State debt to be ;i424,245,000, sonic of which of doubtful legality and is now be- ing tested the courts, States that he has paid the interest on the whole amount to date, but can do so no longer without a monetary rate ot TaNall011 would amount to confiscation. The Governor recommends funding tho debt at 60 cents OH the dollar in new 7 pt_q• cent. consols, guaranteed by constitutional amendment, and appropriation tor the in- terest. The public deb! could thereby be reduced to say $13,000,000. FIC111,14.11(4 - N. SPAIN. Madrid, 5.-Adecree was promulgated to- day suspending Government guarantites, and putting in fare , 2., thro:ighout Spain, the law of 1870, for the maintenance of pub- lic order. Deerees are also published ap- pointing Marlos, Minister of Jurisdiction; Masqueros Miuister of public works, and senor Alderina Civil Governor of Madrid. The new member of interior of Gorcha Rinz, has ordered the public:thou of all Carlists and anti insurrectionists to be stop ed. An armed resisting of the volunteers of liberty took place ill Saragossa, on Sunday. It was invited by the municipality. After eight hours hard lighting, the troops took 200 of the Insurgent's prisoners, and captur- ed six common and a large quantity of ri- fles and ammunition. The municipality lias dissolved. Castilla, in a letter, addressed to the country says. lie must protest with all ener- gy against recent Soup de dal. Ile con- cludes, -My conseience will not permit me t ) associate With demagogues, and in con- science and howeVer refuse to accept the stination created by heyonets.\ Several inelnhers, a majority of ‘vhich vo- ted ag - ainst Costellar, now approve the platk he has taken. Cardiff, 6. -The Bark Chin:L.111st ar- rived from New - York, reports tempestu- ous weather and having lost several halals overboaril. Stratagetic Points of the City Occu- pied by the Military. Madrid. 4. -Evening -All stratagetie. points ot' the city were occupied by mil- itary last night. Gen. Pavia Endorsed. 'rite chief civil and military authorities tu.i- in nearly all the yovinees column cation with Madri0 have telegraphed I Gen. Pavia ill approval of his condeet No disturbance is reported in :my gear, ter. 064 MLA N London, 6. -Time Metropolitan rail y carriage works at Bimiugham, burns , L last night. The loss is eslmated at 000 pounds. 400 persons of employment. are thrown FRANCE. Paris, 5. -It is said that Chaplein mat Avill be appointed to command the French trans -Atlantic company, steamer Ville de Paris. It is rumored here in Spanish Circlee, that General Doming - oes been or- dered to relieve General Morange. eoni- mantling in the Noelt. That admiral Topete has declined the Ministry of.,31111 - - ine, and that another military movenici is on foot in :Madrid for the control of tie - Government. Lonclon,4.-A dispatch from La Palma dated yesterday says, the assault upon Cartagena has begtm, Commander -in - chief is ativancing npon San Anton su- burb. and is within 150 yards or the city. A desperate engagement is in progress, issue of which is doubtfnl. The Bom- bardment had made no visible impres,ion on the Ecbel ports, o: tah.c; battery kept up vle,crous 1:artnine prevailz, in live diFtricts Ftit Sian provily:e of Samara. The Dut:e of LtVnlairg Arwed at e- ' • . t : •

The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.), 10 Jan. 1874, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.