The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.) 1873-1915, May 30, 1874, Image 2

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• a THE MIDISONIAN, VIRGINIA CITY, MONTANA, SATURDA, MAY 30, 1874. amerspe - HIMT.\`\Xide . 2•5410ESINt • 41115 EZICZErK'ISI• Was 0 • \The Fstiltrir of the 31 alosoxtas is still en- gaged in Calling on the citizens of the Ter- = ritory. The Way the names of new sub- scribers eome in looks very much as though JOINNIR all people who can read want the Mainsts- Arrival and Departure of Mails at N IAN. Even so mote it be. Virginia City Postoffice. Cnion Pacific -Corinne and c.P.R.R. . Arrive. Daily, at. ... it p.m. to tan. Itspart • • Velem'. 'Scot- Lode.a., :Ind all points iti North-weet•srsa and North-east- ern Montana. Arr:‘ e Daily, at nepast Itoseinail WnV POlint*4. Arr,Ve. lle7i41.:* Tillin‘liays, and eat_ aiondays, ‘Veduestlays. and ; urdays. at I:Hitless at Nevada. Amentn,.Basanaek, Arrive, Sundays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, at 9 ss e psrt, Sundays. Tuesilays, s, :it.. p • ieero. Twin Rrid,wes, Rochester. Rea ti 4411 u fain. Silver Bow, Rocker. u n tie City, German Gulch, and licartown, A rr i ve . Wednesdays and 9 Fridays, at i) e part, stintlays, Tuesdays, and Thurs- 6 p.m. (113 s, Summit, Arrive and Depart on Tuesdays and Satirnlavs. s %II mails, except Bozeman route, close F ri:teptly at Bozeman mail closes at p F. C. DEIMI.ING. Post Mits.ter. Territorial Directory. Federal Officers. 1;overnor.. B. F. POTTS. secretary Jas. E. CALLAWAY. k hie( Justice D. s. 1 1 1* ADE. Associate ' ' H. KNoweEs. \ t it F. G. eeliVIS. 1\. s. Marshal .W. F. 11\ HEELER. U. S. Attorney M. C. PAGE surveyor-tieneral: 1 J. SMITH. Register Land office W. C. Culla). Receiver \ 44 sot. sTait. I olleeter Internal Revenue '1'. P Ft - et.Elt. - Collector Customs T C. Cusimist:s. k E. W.CAReENTEn. U. S. Commissioners.... :', W. E. CULLEN. f .10RN POTTER. Tutsmas REEck U. S. Ex • ing Surgeons . C. Musienttoo. J. 11. Meliesa Clerks of District t'ourts. First District TnEo. 3lueso.Er aesond \ O. B. (PHAN:sox. Third \ A'. H. BEATTIE. Territorial Officers: terr!torial Auditor GEO. CALLAWAY. Treasure. - 0. IIICK3IAN. Terna•• of Supreme Court. First 31 outlay in January , Second Monday in August. District Courts. Times no -Wallin- the different Courts. FIRST DISTRICT. At Veneisi A CITA\ .-First Monday in April ; 111fi M141141112.. t•september. Ar RaisEasituac,.-Third Monday in Februa- ry and second Monday in Ootober. At nozENAN.-First Monday in March and Fourth Monday in October. s!' D DISTRICT. At DEen Loot:E.-Second Monday in April, f.,arti: Monday in September, first Monday in Peeember. At MissouLA.-Fourth Monday in June, sec- t -not Montlay in November. At I:AS:NM:K.-First Monday in June, sec- Miinday in October. THI D DISTRIt 'T. At Ilea.Esi.v.-First Mondav in March,second tisettay in June, and Monday in Novem- 'ter. At DIAMOND CITY.--Ceolla Monday in May, .sis I h ird Montla• - in October. LOCAL NEWL=. METEOROLOGIC REPORT. Dc F arrinsitt Signal service. United States Army, Idyl:ion of Telegrams, and Reports ft or the Benefit of Commerce and Agricul- nos. 'I „Sie showing Ds ily Mean Bap rneter and hernnoneter, Maximum Velocity of Wind, amount of w ith prevailing Direstion t -f Wind for the week ending May . 2.s3th 174, at Virginia Montana Territory. _ _ _ _ • ' • I z .„ = - •••:: \ - 7! ! - 7 -'• • Pay ot :•-• • ! , tt- r• - • _ - Week. = the . .... •-• ' • -;7 V C inity pursuing his calling with the slic- e , ; •••• • 1: eel's that always attends him. \ Van's \ - . I labor among the is le 3 m - - - done miteh toward building up for the Her- seesSao= 431 33! Is s W l i 29:66 . 61. 71; 4 -, W.10 Vair ald the prosperous business it is now enjoy- est e9:sejaa -1:a! seSe VolY ing-for Van is a rustler hard to clean up see. ... itto:a2aes I, W i 4_;:ear 24 .s E ( 1, 4 1 y after. as he genendly makes a clear sweep. 29:54 1 58 79 1 5is Tues . sS9:ots s, 41: s E• . . ! Ca 'ilv • tretl....129:14144 1 471 Mil 12.N ... _ The Victoria Lode, belonging to Thomas, _ J. I:. CA 311'BELL. f)bserver. Stafford and Boyer. located at Silver Star, is - - looking well. Messrs. Lloyd & Richards I: RI; 1 '-'. 1 I'S• have been engaged in working it for some time past, and have about forty tons of rich quartz on the dump -pile. Some of this rock . is very rich, showing gold freely without the aid of a glass. Out of the soft crevice dirt as high as $8 to the pan has been ob- tained. The Tripp & Ainslie mill is to do the crushing. THE MADISONIAN. SATURDAY, MAY 30, IS7-11. ........ Pipes in endless variety, at Tor:: No. 1 Cigar, go to O. B. BARBER'S. Fre41 4 st at Mannheim's. rot -the best brands of Chewing Tobacco, go O. B. BARBER'S. tit) to John Mannheim's for fresh oysters. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. 'ME Co -partnership heretofore existilw un- der the firm name of Mahan A Skirving, this 'lay di -:solved by JOHN MAHAN. JOHN still: VING. Virgioia City, M. T., March 10, 1674. .111 kinds of .Smok lug - Tt.baeco at 0. BARBER'S. - - _ _ One Thousand Pounds of \Wonderland\ arrked per last evening's coach. Now's our chance to get one ot the books. (Jo to Tittour.4 bookstoee-or to the private resi- dlinci llarry .1. Norton, oppoeite the 3 1a9lsoNIAN offiee. I.ISSOLUTION NOTICE. tss-partnership, heretofore existing 1 between Nelson Cole and W. W hap - :ism, was dissolved on vevember 5th, by mu- ss! s , :ie•ent. NELSON COLE. • W. W. CHAPMAN. . .9 a.m. p.m. a.m. a.m. All accounts from the newly -discovered Jefferson River Mines are of the most flat- tering nature, and all who have visited and prospected them are unanimous in express- ing the opinion that they will prove the richest and most extensive placer diggings that have yet been discovered in Montana. The prices of claims are high, which is an assurance that claim -owners do not value their ehances lightly, and as all unite in one opinion as to the extent and richness of the new diggings, they may be set down as a reality, only to be fully realized when they are opened up and worked. Mr. J. J. Ilarvey. of the Big Hole, reports the Big Hole high and on the rise. Ile also says that many head of cattle have died on the valley of that stream, being poisoned from the eating of wild parsnips. Col. Black's ox train, from Bozeman. consisting of eleven six -yoke ox teams, with trail -wagons. passed through the city on Tuesday. destined for Corinne. The train presented a tine appearance. and was partially loaded o ith furs and hides. The new Alley -way. running through from Jackson atreet to Van Buren street, has been cleaned out and graded.and is now in use, affording to the property \\ that block accommodations not heretofore enjoyed. The notice calling for an election for Al- derman in the Second Ward, to fill a vacan- cy. as pobliehed in last week's paper, has been annulled. and there will be no election held. as advertised by the Mayor and City Attorney. The local editor of the Helena Herald, in copying Virginia City items, half the time gives t he 'tother sheet credit for paragraphs that appear in the MADISON1AN Now, we don't care a snap bout having news items credited to us -for when an actide is print- ed, and not copyrighted, it becomes public property. liable to be appropriated and used by any journal that may find it worthy of a reprinting-. Come, Herald man. put on your goggles, and give the proper credit or no credit at all -and if you fail in the fu- ture, there will be a cremated sub -editor in the Herald office. • The Adobetown meat market is doing a good business -its weekly sales averaging about 5,000 pounds of dressed meats. Fore- man & Ready, the stirring proprietors, are careful in making selections of stock for slaughtering purposes and serve the public with none but the fatest and best. Their wagon calls everywhere within reasonable supplying meat -eating people. The speed displayed by the running horses down at Nevada, Adobetown and Junction has rendered it an absolute necessity to lay out and fix up a better race track. Mr. Os- car Sedman has taken time matter in hand and has laid out a half -mile course, on the flat, back of Judge 3Iearns' store at Junc- tion. We understand that the course is to be put in good condition immediately', and that many horses and ponies will be trained from now on for the Fourth of July races. \Judea.\ Van Fisk -the 199 -pounds of hu- man avoirdupois engaged in soliciting and collecting for the Herald - was in this Billy Norwood has struck a rich streak on the Cremlin Lode, on Granite Gulciewhich has indications of being a permanent good thing. The heavy rain caused a flood to come down Granite on Monday, washing away the dam used tor running the arastra, which will delay grinding for some time. • Dr. C. S. Ellis was up from Silver Star this week. Ile reports continued activity in that camp, and increasing excitement over the new placer discoveries on the Jefferson and Big Hole Rivers. The mining operations at and around Adobetown have not been prosecuted with so much energy for many seasons as they are at the present. Every claim is run with a full set of hands, and they are all paying good profits. The same may be said of the claims around Nevada and at Junction, and all along the gulch between the towns. Carey & O'Brien, the popular merchants . Gov. Potts. in his message to the Legisla- down at Ndobetown. have received a part bre Assembly, omitted to mention the fact . - of their stock of groceries, and are every that -1.orkev's” 7rackers, &T., were supe- rior to imported owes, cost less money, were day expecting more. Their store presents healthier and better in every respect. and nightly and on Sundays the appearance of thts dear people slioniti economize by pur- • 3 _ Ale . 1 -I e of pu the amusement -for the crowd shasing them. Still, we don't give it up. ' ' , our orootis are quite as fresh, the gnalitv that collects there is big. They are descry - better. if possible, and the country sale. mg of the patronage of the people for they Reniember that greenbacks will buy any- are business men who command the conti- , thing in our line, and that orders will be proiniptly tilled, notwithstanding the late deuce of their customers. destructive tire. MoNTANA l'..\3 - NELSON COLE continnes business at the elti stand, - STEAM CRACKER CO., North Main Street. lelen .Monatn. 2247CitEll Estray Notice. TAKEN up tm the ranch of the subscriber, 1 -i;;;:;:ol I • n the Madison Valley, and knsasi ss the • Twelve -mile House' , on the ist (izi ' f April. lzi74, one sorrel horse, white Nce. f•Ao ail %%it ite. The owner can hav e sis.v e horse by proving property charges. •••••emm... _ it you want a line Cigar, go to the Pony. J. T. PIERCE. -- 1- .‘ , •rvannz von want :it Spiker • s. !=tannom momminu mlimmusenzios W CHAPMAN, CARPENTER & BUILDER- p LANs and estimates furnisheti _ On application. contract for work in the city or coun- . 1 •rid) tverk promptiv executed, and sates- issosit gitaran:ce,d = 31 cr - ary The Thorough -bred Staliion 4 4 isioNGF_EIAL.OW, A Ricc;:licw1; Morgan. dark hay, three obi, 10i hands high, and weighs e, --- ' 4 1\'UlltiN. stand'iluring the season 1 hr rZi 11 4 )f I b. W. .1:ty, tlw Stink- , about five miles frOttl _Adobe Terms i;1.4.1. As an indication of the general prosperi- tv prevailing among the miners in this sec- tion we have noticed that considerable in- quiry has been made for hands during - the past week. Sot le parties from Summit ward have been after hands, offering good wages for good men. A miner from Bivins was in the city. the other day, trying for hands, hilt idle men were scarce, and he left with- out !rettinsf help. Just now there appears to be a scarcity of good miners. No fears need be entertained this summer that men in Madison County will go poorly clad or want for stylish wearing apparel. To avoid the possibility of such a thing hap- pening to men, Ed. Walter has received and is receiving a stock of gents' geods that are atot to be surpassed for style anti texture of fabric. Visit Ed.'s \ Overland Clothing Store,\ :mel if you find not the gartuents stated to your taste, you must be laboring under an attack of optical delusion. Reverends Riggin and Van Orsilel will preach on next a tinday, May 31steis follows: Point of Rocks, 11 o'clock, a.m., Wisconsin Creek,31 o'clock, p.m.; Poindexter's School llouse, at 10i a.m., and at Bannack at 8 p.m. On Sunday, June 7th, at Sheridan at 10i o'clock, a.m.; Taylor's School House at 3 o'clock, p.m., and at Virginia City at 8 o'clock, pan. For choice Liquors go to Mannheim week, on business. Both gentlemen have departed for the Eastern Capital of this Ter- ritory. Sol. Star. Receiver of the Land Office for Helena, has been in this city, conducting business connected with his, office -a posi- 4: avslis•14 4444thanittiOn as could be expected from a first-class Re- publican official. G. B. Wheat, the champion and premium butter manufacturer is in town from Bea- verhead -diligently intent on the sale of an oily substance obtained from cream by the process of churning. A MImber of dwellings are being beauti- fied with tastily -tinted paint, adding much to the looks of time property. If others would follow the example set,the city would present a more inviting appearance. Secretary Callaway received, on Wednes- day, two hundred copies of Volume One ot Montana Law Reports. The reports are to be distributed to States and Territories in return for like reports received from them, in conformity with a statute provid- ing for the same. Mr. A. J. Rosenstine was brought before Acting United States Commissioner Alden on a charge of selling cigars contrary to the provisions of the Internal Revenue law. A hearing of the ease resulted in holding Of Mr. S. in $1,000 bonds to appear at the next term of U. S. Court. The cigars were sold at the auetion which Rosenstine has been holding at his store -room. and proba- bly no hifringement or violation of law was intended when the cigars were sold. Two lads. weary of the irksome duties imposed on them at comfortable homes, left the city the other day, bolding striking out for the city of defiled saints. They provided themselves with a box of matches and fifteen cents in cash. Next day, crestfallen and hungry, the boys arrived at home satis- fied. Moral -don't leave home until you are big enough to \paddle your own canoe.\ The Round -Up called to be held in Dis- trict No. 7. on Willow Creek, was postpon- ed for a multiplicity of causes too tedious to mention. The stork board to be elected on next Monday will make some further provision to uttitIUDt a whoop -up. No offi- cial notifieation of a meeting said to have been held on Willow Creek has reached this office -hence the public: sent is& 115- norance in relation to what transpired. LETTERS -ON -THE -WAY. From Dr. Ogden who journeys Eastward we are in receipt of a few jottings, dated at Fort Benton on the 21st. Ile writes: \ My last was from Sun River, and I promised to do it again directly. \ As to Sun River, one would rather live there a single week than a whole month. \ I visited Fort Shaw aud found it a neat little place. I may not be a competentjudge of what eonstitutes the -good and bad tinal- ities of a foit, but it may be safely asserted that there is not a superior military fort on the Continent. It is beautifully situated on the right bank of the Sun River. The buildings have fieen so arranged that they encircle about two acres of ground, which is used for drill, parade and other purposes. The dwellings, hospital, barracks, stables, and in fact everything pertaining to the Fort is kept in the best order -clean as clean can be. There is a place for every- thing and everything is to be found in its proper place. Too much praise cannot be given General Gilbert and his officers for making Fort Shaw such a model place. Messrs. McKnight & [Leith are doing a good business in the commissary store, and they are accommodating and well liked. `• This town, Benton, contains about one hundred and fifty souls -including half- breeds and \domesticated\ squaws. Two stores, two hotels and seven saloons in full blast with three more in course of erection, will sum up Fort Benton's principal build- ings. Times; are close, and the display of greenbacks wouldn't buy a pauper's break- fast -at least they are not circulating - , but they may be horded up for speculative pur- poses. \ The first boar of the season, the Fon- tennelle, arrived here this mottling and will start down as soon as the freight is elis- charged. Many passenger tor tile down trip are here and more coming. Will have time pleasure of hearing her Daddies thanu- ming on the waters of muddy Old Muddy. More anon.\. The following are the monthly means for April, as reported by Sergt. J. B. Cam:•bell, Observer at this station: Mean Bar 31ean Titer Highest Bar Lowest Bar Highest Ther Lowest Ther Total Rainfall Prevailing Wind . Total No. of miles traveled Max. velocity of wind per hour Number of cloudy days Number of rainy days 29,48 38.40 29.98 29.32 71.00 20.00 .10 S. E. 409 • 28 10 6 The Conference of the M. E. Church, South, will commence its session at Good Templar's Hall, to -day. Saturday, and will continue to -morrow, Sunday. Rev. C. W. Sanford will officiate and preach. 10,000 rounds of Government cartridges were dispatched by Gov. Potts to Diamond City. on last Tuesday. The ammunition is intended for the use of citizens of 3Ieagher County, in case of attack by Indians. Four Thousand Havana Cigars at the \Poney.\ Get one and you'll try another. FOR en___ •.,4. y and everythin .__ g you want, go to PATTON dr MRRECIIT'S, and as cheap for your money as anya here. Key West Cigars at the Poney.\ For SONJAN. eat a l s:- t the mADI New Organization of a Yellowstone Expedition. A call is made by J. V. Bogert, Secretary and Treasurer of the Yellowstone Empedi- tion, for a new organization to proseeute the prospecting anew. Mr. B. says: \A party of 200 or 300 Crow warriors is about to go out against the Sioux, and at least 125 of the late Command are anxious to return to the Big Horn country. If we go rightly to work we may yet recover the ground the Committee has reason to know has been lost; and, if we 410 SO, it is necessary to re- organize immediately. We, therefore, call for instant enrollment of all who desire to take advantage of the efforts the Com- mittee is making to inaure a successful Ex- pedition. We are now expecting valuable assurances of support and assistance, which will be made public at the proper time, and in the meantime we ask ail who wish tojoiu us to send in names and data without de- lay.\ The Bozemanites are not satisfied with the temporary failure and it is quite probable another Expedition will he speed- ily organized. High Waters in the Rivers. PERSONALS. lion. Samuel 1Vord and Judge Spratt are abaeut, luta lea- gone to Bannack to attend the June term of the District Court wiiich meets on Monday, June 1st. Harry J. .\ orton, local editor of the Mon- tanian has been confined to his room for over a week -caused by ulceration of a mo- lar:a - adjunct of the jaw -but is convalescent. Jack Carl's mule train, from the railroad came in last Wedneeday, bringine freieht for Raymond Bros., E. J. IValter and Har- rington, Baker & Co. Johnny Skirving, recently of this city. has engaged in the dry goods business at Jeffer- son, lowa-also. he has complied with the laws of Iowa defining the crime of matri- mony and says he likes the infliction muddy. Silas Ralston, of the Miming and mining company, of Sedum», McGregor & Co., down the Gulch, gave us a call, reporting mining operations paying and work going on vigorously. IliWouse Raymond, of Raymond Broth- ers, arrived, per private conveyance, from the railroad last Sunday. Their train is coining, loaded with merchandise for their house. Advices from all parts of the Territory Nelson Story and Chas. Rich, Esqs., of r . epo . rt h . eav , y rises in the rivers. The Mis- Bozema», have been in the city during the so , belo the Three Forks is booming. The Jefferson, Gallatin, Madison, Beaver- head, Big Hole and all their tributaries are running banks full. The rains during the past week have swelled the volume of water which the unusually warm weather of the first of the week had started from the snow beds in the different ranges. Old Muddy \ ?n,lnitaa.azleati444.4. now, and the boats that are aniving and de- parting from Benton must have an excellent stage of water to paddle in. The lauding of freights as high up as Benton will save much teaming. and the indications are now that the Missouri will be in a condition to enable boats to hind freights at that point. Mowing and Reaping Machines. The Mowers and Reapers manufactured by the Champion Machine Company. of Springfield, 0., have a reputation second to no other machine made in the United States and the Company have put up for this sea- son's sale 25,000 Mowers and Reapers. Mr. Stone, agent for the Company, has been over in Idaho Territory, where he sold Sev- eral of these machines, to be used in the Lemhi Valley. Mr. Stone is prepared to deliver these Machines in any part of Mon- tana, and parties wishing to invest in one would do well to write to him. The uni- versal satisfaction given by these machines . is all the indorsement they need. --40-1W•e The Adobetown Races. Last Sabbath afternoon the Adobetown race course was full of excitement, and the way the cayuses skipped over the track was not slow, although the scene might not have been pleasing to the piety of pious Chris- tians, on a hot Sunday, to witness the speed of ponies let out to their best gait under a vigorous application of dried and twisted raw -hide. Five races came off in rapid suc- cession and time festest bronco won every time. No scullduggery was practiced and the men who bet their money done so with- out compulsion as Montana statutes do not compel men to bet money ou Sundays. Greenbacks were tolerably free, showing that the boys around Adobetown arc taking out some of ever -needful. Tosmorrow, Sueday, a number of races are to come off. Tickets of admission, free -no seats being reserved. Items from Bannack. The first team from the railroad at Corinne arrived on the2.4th. Mining is progressing favorably and the various companies are busy. Shelton & Co.'s mills and arastrass are run- ning steadily, with their usual success. C. 0. Trask & Son's mule train, loaded with Merchandise, from Corinne, arrived OH the 27th. Sheriff Metlin started fur Helena, last Sunday, taking with him McClain, who is crazy, for treetment at the Hospital. The Bannack Indians passing through town the other day, caught a drawing of Injun whisky, and on the road to Horse Prairie one of them pulled a six-shooter on a teamster, but didn't shoot. Major Bruce bought a grindstone yester- day. Ile will, probably, use it in an effort to grind his way into the House of Repre- sentatives. Its a thin dodge, the Grangers won't be caught in that way. -Daily Inde- pendent, 26th. The veteran Major may, possibly, stand a better show with time Grangers than with the Democracy ! By the use of a grind- stone he may be enabled to griud his poli- tics to a sharp point. Who knows? We learn from Mr. James Johnson, who came over to Helena yeeterday. that Dog Creek promises well and a very fair season is anticipaticed. There are from 50 to 75 miners or claim owners in the gulch. and so fitr as developed the claims prospects well. On Gilbert's claims above discovery, a .$15 nugget was taken out a few days ago. Good pay has also been struck on 'Downer's claim. No. 20 below ....Capt. J. V. Statibrd. of Canyon Ferry. has removed to Helena. and will make this city his permanent home. . W. S. Paynter received a telegram this morning from .1. 11. McKnight,of Fort Shaw, in answer to one making inquiries in refer- ence to steamers, saying that none had ar- rived up to yesterday morning. The Nellie Peck and Western were both looked for and expected to arrive during the day. -Daily Herald, 26th. Data -a - A Strange Answer. Two gentlemm arriving in Virginia City, and being desirous of finding eom- fortable quarters itse tne colored gentleman on tl i i i e na s t id h e c w b - at, To which the colored gentleman, with a him where they would very dignified air, replied : \ Whar eber de hen scratches dar's whar de bug is.\ The strangers feeling themselves some- what taken down by the strange reply, asked for an explanation, to which they received the following: \ Duz you see all dem folks going in to de Clasbey House? Dar's whar de grub is, and't only cost four bits a meal, and ye gets a big bed and a nice room all to yoursef, to sleep in, Row'd i it for anodder four bits.\ • Services were hekl in the new church on Sunday last. Rev. Mr. Riggin. assisted by the pastor, Rev. T. C. Iliff, conducting the same. A large congregation was in atten- dance. The sermon of Rigein display- ed earnestness.of thought and a r 'ibility. lie is a young man of pleasant address and is evidently devoting his every effort to his divine calling.... Col. Black's bull train left here Tuesday for Corinne, loaded with furs. ....Dr. Monroe and Major Miller went over to the Jefferson River mines, on Wednes- day. to look after their claims....We had a call from IV. A. Davis, one of the beat min- ers in the Territory, who has just come up from the Jefferson River mines. Mr. Davis after an investigation, and what little pros- pecting could be done at the present stage of high water, is satisfied that the mines are the biggest thing ever struck in the Ter- ritory ....Seventy -live horses were stolen a few nights since from the Crow Indians near the Agency .... The Crows camped be- low the Agency have moved to and above the Agency in consequence et a report brought by a Crow war party that the Sioux were moving up the river in that di- rection in large force. -Courier. Mining- Items from Up the Gulch. Editor -11 - adieonian Tinies np \ Old Alder \ look lively, and after haying taken a view of the situation, perhaps a few items of what I saw will be interesting to you amid your numerous read- ers. In leaving the Social City for the trip op the gulch, we first come to the milling graund of Connery &Crockett ; on which they have some twenty-five Chinamen em- ployed. obtaining results sufficiently satis- factory to warrant them Putting on an above is that 6f A. 31. a d T di h t e i t f o c r l c a e i flart & Co., who are drifting, and sluicing steadily, arid although they were very rets iceut as to the;rdean-ups, I learned sue& dent to justify no in saying their pay is A No. 1. Immediately above - Ifound Hays, Stearns o & t. C n o , I e . : g d a o g ne e d i i n n p d r r e i ft p g F f r o 7 the amount they must have good ground ani adlle‘n;tayteorf, it. As they clean up every night now, I presume they are getting good pay; at any rate they seem satisfied. Messrs. Knight k Marshall have construct- ed a substantial reservoir for supplying their bar mines with a regular head of wa- ter. It will be a great help to them. Parker, Willianis & Co. are next in rote. They have twelve or fifteen men at work, and are moving an immense amount of ground. They'll soon comMence cleaning up bed -rock, with a good prospect for big pay. None are more worthy than they. The Highlaud Fluming Corn under the a e r ffi c c d ie o n in t g ni pi ta d ga: I ni o e rk il t ,. o n f a M a r i . a E rg d ot H am er o e u n n d t o o n f , it, and will soon have ground enough stripped for a valuable summer's work. They have commeneed cleaning up the bed -rock left over last fall. Their prospect looks very encouraging. Col. 31artindale, as superintendent of the upper flume of the Highland company -put down this spring -is getting the work in good shape and will make his mark before the season closes. Ed. is a good miner. The Pine Grove Company have just got under way, making a lair start. This company start in. with a flattering prospect for a lucrative season. So mote it be, for they are good boys, all of them. Roy Southmayde has his claim in good - shape for business, and means it. Hy- draulic instead of pick, as heretofore, with which to knock the dirt down, and a der- rick to remove largb rock, he appears to have the thing his own way, and will, un- doubtedly, get in a good season's work. Schenck,. Rossitter & Co. are moving off heaps of dirt, and will keep up their lick while the high water holds out. Their chances for good pay are more than aver- age. & Hyde's, the upper, I might add, the best -paying flume in the gulch, has just got under way,but will give a good account of itself in the end. Taking into consideration the light fall of snow the past winter, and the consequent light flow of water in the gulch, the season will be a more prosperous one for the miner than had been anticipated. Summit looks very quiet now, but I hope co e e l o . n g to see her the busy town she was A. Y. Z. Another Mining District ou the Jef- ferson River. Another Mining District has been organ- ized on the Jefferson River, called the \Silver Star District.\ It extends from the upper Silver Star Bridge to Parsons' Bridge, embracing the bars on the East side of the River. Prospecting in the River gravel, has been attended with favorable results, and as soon as the water falls sufficiently to permit of work being done in the channel a number of miners will Commence operation. The officers of the District are Dr.C. S. Ellis, President, and G. W, Brown, Recorder. If David A. Vance, who is supposed to be a resident of this Territory, will call at the Independent office, Helena, he will hear of something that will please him. He has fallen heir to a valuable property. Joe Magee, formerly an Egyptian, but now a avholesale liquor dealer at Helena, is traveling over 31ontana, interviewing peo- ple in a business way in behalf of his house. Capt. Dusold says that on W.Alnesday the 13th a fight occurred at Itittinger's Ford,on the Marias nit er. A war party of Asslim- Lollies, Gros Ventres and River Crows at- tacked a camp of Piegans, killing and wounding a number. Four of the attack- ing party were killed. - Yesterday we made a visit to the St.John's Hoepital to inspect the new department for the care of the insane of the Territory. The building, which we found almost complete, is 30x40 feet, and is much more roomy than would appear from a view ot the exterior. We were furnished with the following names of the insane patients: Six are troEu Lewis . and Clarke county, viz. -George, Thompson, Pat .Murphy, Jackson Green (colored,) S. Carr, Major John Owen, and . 31rs. Howe. One from Jefferson County, David Longwell. One from Gallatin Coun- ty. Daniel Rowe. One from Missoula Coun- ty, George Redinger. One from Meagher County, Steiner. Peter Morrison, a pri- vate insane patient from the Prickly Pear Valley is the most violent -and ungovernable in the asylum. Jackson Green is the noisy spirit of this department. lie announces himself the Savior of the world. Dr. (nick attends time insane. In time County Hospital are eight county and five private patients -five of Mr. Glenn's little children and 31r. Howk's little boy. Seven Sisters of Charity, besides Loretto, t he Superioresa,and two guards,manage the institution. Dr. Bullard attends the coun- ty patients. We visited every part of the ..-....lauseeseet. Davi eaela rent hot observe that the greatest order and cleanliness reigned everywhere. nor could we help con- trasting the condition or the poor -unfortu- nates as we saw them, to what we have seen them before the Sisters took charge of the County HOspital.-Independent, 27th. If you want a nice hat go to Ed. Walter's, where you will get one to suit you -both in , price and quality. We congratulated the country, last week, upon the establishment of a through line from this place to the seaports; and now Mr. Clark sends up word that he is reluct- antly compelled to withdraw the stock from Isis division of the route. Messrs. Foot &- Walker will continue to operate the route from Pen d'Oreille Lake to Horse Plains. The traditional hotel clerk, in all his na- tive purity, is on exhibition at the Dana House ....Frank H. Woody is now prepar- ed to make homestead filings on Bitter Root Lands.... Any body wanting dogs had bet- ter go to Cedar Creek as that camp has a surplus and more than is really necessary to do the business ....Ferd Kennett came over from Helena, by coach, Tuesday evening, accompanied by hts sister Miss S. Kennett, of St. Louis.-Missoulian, 21st. Eugene Stark, of Virginia, gave ns a call and an \old times\ chat last week. Glad to hear from the folks....R. N. Sutherlin returned to Diamond. yesterday, having or- ganized four Granges on the West -Side. ....Big nice purses are being made up for the Fourth of July was apprehended last week that there would be a shot -gun matinee in the representation of some min- ing ground ;war Pioneer, but it seems bet- ter counsels prevailed and Peace sitteth triumphant on the stomach of prostrate Mars. 'Tis better thus.... There has been some placer mining done heretofore on time bars of Camp Creek. but an enterprise is in progress this summer to bedrock flume the gulch. Messrs. Wm. L. Moore, John L. Stone and Charles E. Parks have about 400 or 500 feet of flume in. three miles above Stone's Station, and have some 400 feet more to put th, when they will strike bed -rock at 15 feet. -Northwest, 23d. If you want to get a good, genuine article of Floweree whisky drop into the \Polley.\ where it is always kola. „ MONTANA MELANGE. The lirst up -boat of the season, the k tennelle. has arrived, having tied up at Fort Benton. at 5 o'clock Sunday,- the 24th. St. Louis. She was about sixty days coming up from Two Granges of the Patrona of Husband- ry have been organized in the Bitter Root Valley, named respectively - \ Corvallis Grange and Fort Owen Grange.\ The District Court of Meagher County adjourned last week, after disposing of ail the cases on the calender-24 in number. I turned their pigs feet up on being inter - 1 Amos Buck. ofRoot Riirer,Missoula County, viewed by a bear. Twelve full-grown hogs belonging to Mr. The County Consmi:asioners ofDeer Lodge have appropriated the cum of $50 per month to hereafter pay a guard at the county jail, whenever any more prisoners are therein confined. On Cedar Creek 'the Flume C.o. at Cayuse, 'neve succeeded in getting their flume on bed -rock, having been four years at work, in ace.smplishing that object. The wet of the New Presbyterian Church at Deer Ieedge is about $3,600. It is uearly finished and will soon be ready for holding services in. the church of debt. There remains about OM to be R r . a l is v e . d i t i o in fr E ee s - q. , of Gallatin City, is spok- rp , Potatoes, per pound en of as the Desnoe'ratic candidate for the ; County. Legislature, from the lower end of Gallatin Eggs, per doz Hay, per ton s Thmnpson Gulch are All the miner' tis little camp. appears to be prospering in.0 reported to be doing well, and everything The Museleschell road runs .*In - ough this gulch, and is in good couditiou. There is a move on foot to or g sanize a brass band in Missoula. Seven male indi- viduals have volunteered to neake helhaws. of themselves to blow the brass horns. A new discoyery of coal has been made in the Bozeman Pass. The coal vras dis- covered by Col. Chestnut and is about a quarter of a mile from his old mine. Harpin Davis, while at work on ooe of the flumes on Upper Ten Mile, last we . ek, met with an accident resulting in the loss ol one finger and the crippling of another. A detachment of cavalry, from Fort Ellis, has been stationed at Flat Head Pass, and a station will kept up to watch the Indians in that section of the Territory. The Forest Flume Company, running on Cedar Creek, are rushing gravel through the flume, demolishing cabins and sweeping everything as it goes. C. J. Lyster, Cashier of the People's Na- tional Bank, and John Kinna, two of the \solid\ men of Helena, were among the af- rivals from the East on last Saturday. A little lot of retort, purchaSed by the People's National Bank, of Deer Lodge, from Aspliug & Son, Yamhill, on Monday, contained some bogus dust. Its manufac- ture was traced to Hugh MeAvoy, who was arrested and held to bail in $1,000 for his appearance at the next term of the Dis- trict court, Sam Tittler and a Mexican, while under the influence of liquor, enjoyed the pleas- ures of a brutal tight, in front of the Pacific Stable, at Helena, on last 3Ionday. It was a rough-and-tumble fight, during which Tit- tler thawed the Mexican's fingers in an ap- proved style. The telegraph line between Fort Benton and Fort Shaw is in a bad condition. The wires are down at diflerent points, said to be the work of the noble \red men.\ A detachment of soldiers sent north from Fort Shaw to capture whisky traders, re- turned to headquarters last week. The whisky traders hearing of their coming slid across into British -territory. 111111311110 TIIE 11.11ltiANSAS TROUBLE. Little Rock, May 9.-A munber of shots were fired this morning, and one of Brooks' colored troops was killed. Later -A recruiting party of Brooks' was captured and brought to the guard house. Captain Welch and party which escaped from the steamer Hattie, yesterday, arrived here to -day. The Federal troops have made temporary fortification in various parts of the city. Baxter's forces have also in- trenched themselves, and since ten o'clock this morning permit neither exit from or entry to their lives without passes. The schools closed to -day and business is stagnant. The ministers have called on the people to unite in supplication to God, to -morrow, that bloodshed will be prevented and that right will prevail. Nearly enough of the members of the Legislature have arrived for quorums of both Houses. Arrange- ments have been made for convening the Legislature outside of the House limits. Washington, May 9. -The attorneys and agents of Brooks and Baxter here have signed an agreement subject to the approv- al of the contestants for the Governorship of Arkansas for the settlement of the difficul- ties. The legislature is to be convened by a call from each party on the fourth Mon- day in May and they shall decide accor- ding to the State laws which of the claim- ants had the majority of votes in the elect- ion of 1872. The decision of the legislature shall be binding on both contestants, and both shall suspend military operations pend- ing the decision. The Attorney General drew up and indorsed the document. The President has expressed the hope that the matter will litmus be amicably settled. It is understood unless this receives the con- sent of the principals the President will summarly settle the difficulty. Little Rock, May 23.-A resolution passed the House to -day, requesting Clayton and Dorsey to resign their positions in the LT. S. Senate. The preamble sets forth that the said Senators secured their election by fraud : that they misrepresent their con- stituents in Arkansas ; that they entered and conspired with the Supreme Court, Justice 3IcLane and Joseph Brooks, to overthrow the State govermnent, making war against its constituted authorities. The resolutions ask the Senate, if they re- fuse to resign, to investigate the charges made in the preamble and to expel them. Gen. R. C. Newton was to -day appoihted State Treasurer, in place of Henry Page, resigned. The action of the foreign bond -holders, in attempting to divert capital from the development of the valuable coal and iron interests of Virginia is being serious- ly felt in that State. The commissioners sent to London thr that purpose had suc- ceeded in interesting not only English capital but English' miners in the enter- prise. But just at these projected ar- rangements were being completed, a cir- cular was issued discouraging in every way suet) investment, and declaring it a measure of common prudence to aban- don it because no private investment can be safe where the obligations of justice, morality and laws are set at defiance by the community as disclosed in the refits - :11 of Virginia to pay the interest on her I bonded indebtedness. Harris & Lyons, deal in a general assort,- meut of clothing and furnishing goods, in addition to making garments_to order. _ conference of the Metho- Vt. litirch South is ip session ..t 1 i t as before it the propo- sition to unite sepaiAted wings into one grand national clerical organization. The churches have been known as North and South Methodists since their split on the slavery question. That institution hav- ing been swept away, there is nothing nOW to alienate them. 31A.11,1 - 1,IE113. SARTORIS-GRANT.-On May 21, 1874, at tbe So-Exeetit ire ManSion the temporary resi- ossce of the bride's father, in N% ashington, D. C., by -Rev. Dr. Tiffney, Mr. W W. Sar- toris, of tondon, England, to Miss Nellie, eldest daughter of U. S. Grant, Esq. 13011,N. DAILEY-At Boulder Valley, M. T., on May 10th, 1874, to the wife of Patrick Dailey, a son. McCAULEY-At Boulder Valley, M. T., on May 16th, 1674, te• the wife of Henry McCauley, a son. RYAN -At Boulder Valley, M. T., on May 19th, 1874. to the wife of Edward Ryan. a daughter. 41.14141411MMEIMIIIIMMIll• Market Report. PRODUCE. Flour, Mill Creek. XXX 4 00 \ Silver Springs, XXX. 4 00 \ Gallatin Valley brands 3 5i) Oats per 100 pounds 1 500 02 calla 40 50 05 13 00 to 15 00 CENTRAL HOTEL Radersburg. Montana. MRS. A. PARKS, Proprietress. THE House has been recently refitted and newly furnished. First-dass accom- modations, and charges reasonable. THE CELEBRATED STALLION JOHN MORGAN Can be seen. at Falheridan, Mondays and Tuesdays; Laterin's, Saturdays and Sundays; Subeeriber's Ranch, near Lott's Bridge, welluesdays and Thursdays. of each week, during the season. Ternis, $10. 1-28. ROBERT DEMPSEY. DR. C. S. ELLIS H AVING - taken an interest in the Drsag Department of A Carmichael's store at Silver Star, Montana,can be found at all times, day skinl night, at said store, when not absent on inasfessional busi- neas. 1-28tf. AUCTION! Pot ' 4 1 AUCTION: AUCTYON: IIAVING decided to leave the Territory I will sellmy entire stock of DRY - GOODS At Auction. Commencing on Monday, may 18th, 1874. And Continue from day to day until closed out A. J. ROSENSTINE. Administrator's Notice. IN THE MATTER OF TIIE ESTATE OF JOHN THIS- TLEWOOD, DECEASED. N OTICE is hereily given that., on the 4th day of May, A. D. 1874, letters of ad- ministration in the above estate were granted to me by the Probate Court of Madison Coun- ty, Montana Territory : and all persons having claims against said estate are hereby required to exhibit them for allowance within one year after said date, or they may be precluded from any benefit of said estate; and if said claims are not exhibited within two years from said date they shall be forever barred. GEORGE '111EXTON, i n istrator. .41141111110 City Treasurer's Notice. A\ ERSONS owning real estate with- P in the limits of \ irginia City, are herebY notified that the tax levied on such property under city ordinance, passed 'March 16th, 1874, will be due and payable ons and af- ter Monday, May 4th, 1874. Owners of such property are required to call or send the money in payment of the tax, as the treasurer will, in no instance, call upon any person for taxes. Ten per cent for deliuquenoy will be added to all taxes remaining unpaid on the 2d of Juue, JAS. HANDLY, Treasurer of Virginia City. 1874. Virginia City, M.. T., May 2, 1874. GALLATIN CITY HOTEL,. JOHN A. CULVER, Proprietor. GALLATIN CITY MONTANA. 1 1 11 IS House has been recently re -fitted and the proprietor will endeavor to make it a flisa-class hotel. The patronage of the public is respectfully solicited. pf• F• STOER. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in GROCERIES, Liquors. Tobaccos. and Produce of all Kinds FURNITURE• Hams. Shoulders, Sides, CiIrk..Co. C AT? Tri „ and Lard, Etc., Etc.. OF MONTANA C1'111NG. eNsaminsearimarstionstasiceriazisnenesa HIRAM BRUNDAGE, GUNSMITR AND MACHINIST, AND DEALER IN GVNS, PISTOLS, LOOSE AND FIXED AMMUNITION. SPORTING GOODS, POCKET CUT- , LERY, ETC., ETC:. H AVING rreetered the largest En- gine Lathe in the Territory, which ens- bset me to eepair anything in my line, from a quartz mill or locomotive ta A sewing machine SHOP. one door belotte. L.Dahler'S Banking Hose, Wallace St., Virginia City, M. T I. STASBURGER, DEALER LN STAPLE AND FANCY Dry Goods - Dry Good's Dry Goods Dry Goods Dry Goods Dry Goods Dry Goods Dry Goods Dry Goods Dry Goods bry Goods Goods DRY GOODS Dry Dry Geod= Dry Goods Dry Goods Dry Goods Dry Goods Dry Goods Dry Goods Dry Goods bry Goods Dry Gooda Goods Dry j'AF every variety and description. k s , An examinatimi and cttniparison of stock and prices, is respectfully solicited. I - -Orders from the conntcy will re- ceive special attention. 1-Itl U. S. MINERAL LIM SURVETS. AM prepared to execute United States Mineral Land Surveys at the most rea sonable rates. Addrese J. M. PAGE, Gaffney, Montana. GILMER & SALISBURY, SUCCESSORS TO Wells, Fargo & Co. STA_G EINE CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL, -AND- Wells Fargo & Co's Express. 'Through Tickets From Helena, & 1)eer Lodge to Corinue 1463 00 4 6 6 t g to Omaha 1241 75 44 4 4 4 \ to Sam Iran 115 041 ''''Vrginia City to Corinne 55 OD 4-1U to Omaha 116 75 to San Francisco 106 1111 .t‘ • • 4 SECOND-CLASS R. R. FARES. Helena ant! Deer Ledge to Omaha $100 DO - Virginia City to 0411ftlia 9 . 5 90 WELLS, FAIWO & CO., Agents. 1 2tf. I'll It ,:rrzt - )c.:TZ.AAPT--It4. 0. C. BUNDY TS again at his old iiitais411. where he is \better prepared than ever for otakilig all kinds of pictures in his line. Ile hffew BABY cHARmErr. Also a Just patented, which enables hinti to take tb best pictures taken this side of Chicago. Call and examine his stock and work and judge for yourself. DR. L. DAEMS. DR. E. T. YAGER OHMS & 1AGER Wholesale and Wail DRUGGISTS APOTHECARIES, K EEP constantly on hand a full assortment of Drugs Medicines, Chernicals and asts.ay Materials. PAINTS. OILr, DYES. PERFUMERY FAN( •RTICLES, FLAVORING EXTRACTS, CLASS. Also keeps a complete assortment of Patent Medicines, AT THE CITY DRUG STORE, WALLACE :STREET, VIRGINIA7 CITY, MONTANA. •i)ecial attention paid to COMPOUNDING PERSCRIPTIOPTR Proprietor. TrEEPS a well -assorted stock al- Wallace Street, Virginia City Montana. kV ways on hand of MINER'S TOOLS AND FARMER'S IMPLEMETS. I will at all times pay the highest cash price for PORK, WHEAT, OATS. BARLEY, FLOUR t'OTATOES, BUTTER, AND I'RODT( E OF ALL KINDS. F ARMERS will do well call and see roe before belling their produce. Give me call before purchaeing. Lower Wailace Street, Virginia City,. 1-ltr. W HY don't you make your wife present- of a nice French Bedstead, a What -not Work -Box, a Rocking Chair, or some other desirable and useful article of fur- niture, which can be bad at my Furniture Rooms, Cheap for Cash. • T KEEP for sale, VABNISIT,(in quantities) corn:4i TRIMMINGS, of all kinds, Velvet, black and whitt Merino. Silk and Satin, Trimming Gimps and Fring - es, a full assortment of Handles, Screws, Tacks, Tassels t Studs, Nails. Fringe Tacks, Plates, ttc. 601112 I WILL furnish Trimmings Plete. rN A RDERS from the Country prom pt- ly attended to. ( - 10FEINS made k.) notice. .4i LL kinds of Wood Turning done. and with my maehinerr (J-ber facili ties, I cau do Carperler Work f...besij th..41 Montana. you can get it done e6ewhere in the TeiCtertat I -6:t. on the short*st,

The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.), 30 May 1874, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.