The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.) 1873-1915, July 04, 1874, Image 2

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THE MADISONIAN VIRGINIA - AT - IMP - AY, 106.. ••• 1 THE MADISONIAN. SATURDAY , JULY 4, 1874. Arrival and Departure of Mails at Virginia City Postoffice. Union Pacific -Corinne and C.P.R.R., arrive Daily , at oana. !wpart \ 6 p.m. Helena. Deer Lodze. and all points N 4 • rt h-nefttern and N orth-east- ern 3lontana, Arrive Daily, at... 9 a. in. impart 6 p.m • 4 Bozeman and Way Points. A rr ive. 1 ueeelays, Thursdays, and Sat- unlays, at 7 p.m. Depart. Mondays, Wednesthlys. and Fridays, at 3X a.m. Nevada. Argenta, Bannock, An ara, sundays, Wedneedays, and Fridays, at Q a.m. - Depart, Stmelays, Tuesdays, and Thurs- day e, at .8 p.m cieero. Twin Prid ;PS. Rochester. Red atonattairs. /env ar Bow. Roeker. Butte City, German Gulch. and BeartoW111. Arrive, Suudavs, Wednesdays and Frisiee - s, at 9 a.m. Oepart, Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thurs- days, at 6 p.m. Summit, errire and Depart on Tuesdays and Saturdays. fry' AU mails, except Bezeman route, close promptly at 5 2 p.m. Buzemao mail closes at 1)- In\ F. C. DEIMIANG. Post Master. Territorial Directory. Foneral Ofileers. Governor Secretary t;ioef Justice Assoc int* I 4 1 4 B. F. POTTS. Jas. E CALLAWAY. D. S. WADE. , ...H. KNOwLES. .Y. G. sEnv is .. w. O'. WHEELER. . .17, C• PAGE \ . . A. 1. SMITH. W . C. CUILD. S u - IL S'1.4•R• T P. FCLLER T. C. Cesimiajoa• E. W.CARPENTE:t• W. E. CULLEN. ..10IIN POTTER. THOMAS REECE ) r, S. Ex'ing Surgeons . U. AIIISIGIJR0D. J. II. Mc KEE. . U. S. Marshal t. s. Attorney Suri-eyor-6eneral: Begl.,ter Land unive Receiver \ • Collector intf.rnal Rev (ooze Collector CiLatoM6 / C. S. Commissioners.... Territorial Auditor... Territorial Treasurer .. Terms of SupnenSe Court. First M onday in January , Second Monday in August. Clerk!' Of District Courts. Icing District 'limo. MUFFLES' 4 ecoinil ' O. B. 0'1:ANSON . Third • ' A. H. BEATTIE. Tereilloriat Officers: GEO. CALLAWAY. R. U. 111CAMAN. District Courts. Times for holding the different Cour:a• FIRST DISTRICT. At VIRGINIA Curr.-First Monday in Aprli ahd second afonalay in september. At Ranzasncitc.-Third Monday in Februa- ry and second Monday in Ootober. At BOZEMAN.-Fir6t Monday iu March and Fourth Monday in October. SECOND DISTRICT. At DEEit Low:E.-Second Monday in April, fourth Monday in September, first Monday in December. At Missota.a.-Fourth Monday in June, sec- ond Monday in November. At BANNACW.-Firit Monday in June, sec- ond Monday in October. THIRD DISTRICT. At 'buss A. -First Monday in March ,second Monday in June, and first Monday in Novem- ber. At Dee mOND CITY .-secoud Monday in May, and third Monday in October. LOCAL NEWS. METEOROLOGICAL REPORT. War oepartment Signal Service, United States Army, Division of Telegrams, and Reports fia the Benefit of Commerce and Agricul- tme. Table showing Daily Mean Barometer and Thermometer, Maximum Velocity of Wind, amount of Reined', with prevailing Direction ef Weld for the- week eadina July 1st 1874, at Virginia City, Mentana Territory. • Dav of 2: - \; Week. .74 Fri 29:ia, a3 a --0 . A 1 48 Sat 29:7 • )1 tiel 4.-) Sua 29:1958 691 43 Noe._ ee :7., :,3 641 'Joe,: -z9:,4 ees 77: Wed te:6 7.: r9. Thum ::5:;11o2 61; 4 •=4: I d I >., - 74 ; 7 = •••••• i,...- . I to. :4 Z . .- ! . ::::: ... z \ 1 : .E , • • •:. . . . ::: 7. I . ..-.-; . L..: -:_-, • -, ; __. H..... -_-: - .--- 7 . 0 ' , -- .... '''' ' .... . , ... :..... 7: -,-. , X !F-' , '.._ =2;1 4 :::-. I .•-•-• .A 1 ii ,- • 6 i N W Cl 4 S E tat aPily 10 - W ....!Fair 44 S Clear 43 to W tie a. 52 14 W Fair 461 DaN W Fair J. B. CAMPBELL. Observer. Ellsor lfaili$0aidn:-Please annoneee the n ot E. P. PIERCE as a candidate for County eteninissioner, subject to the action 01 the Democratic Convention of Madieon County. For tbe best brands of Chewing Tobacco, go to O. B. BARBEIt's. Go to John Mannheim's for fresh oysters. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. THE Co -partnership Itereoefore existing un- der the thin Milne of MA i.sil Skirriug, this tiay (.1t.,6u1% ed by maival c Inaeat. Jolla MALIAN. JtstIN Virginia City, M. T., March la, ise.4. Gov. Potts. in his message to the Legisla- tit e Ansembly, omitted to mention the tact that 6 •Lockey's n trackers, &e., were supe- rior to imported ouee, cost less money, were healthier and bettt-r in every respect, and the dear people should economize by Inif- chasing them. Still, we don't give it up. onr goods are quite as iresh, tne quality better. if pos.:sane, and the country sate. Remember that greenbarke wiii buy any- thing in our line, and that orders will be promptly titled, notwithstanding the late destructive tire. MoNnaNa STEAM CRACKER Co., North Main Street. lielenteMonatu. Estray Notice. TAKEN up situated ou the Madison Valley, and on the ranch of the subscriber, kuowu as the \ Twelve -mile House\ on the i s t day ef April, 1874, one sorrel horse, white race, reet ah white. The owner can have the abeve deseri het horze by proving property and pitying charges. April 1, 1874 J. T. PIERCE. If you want a tine Cigar, go to the Pony. 'JULIUS KRAEMER, Harness and Saddlery, alla.ce St. VIRGINIA CITY,MONTANA. K EEP% eoniitsintly on hand a full , ,tock of shop -matte haulers-, manufactur- ed out , i f Ohio Oak -tanned Leather. SELLS no Eastern -made harueas, nor tises any . but Oak -tanned Leather iu manatees wain:harness. H A, S, also, on sale every style . ol t_atifornia-mades sadilles„ also, Caltor- 11 , plain and fancy bridles, canteeners, saddle whipa, spurs and halters. He is prvuared to do all kinds of repairing to hai - ne.-saiiil saddles, at very low rates, and de - competition in the harness and saddlery ile Cove him a call. 1411. DISSOLUTION NOTICE. r illtE co -partnership, heretofore calking Letweeu Nelson Cole and W. W. Cbsp- 111411 . dia.solv et' on v ember 5th, by tau- trMi l NELSON COLE. W. CHAPMAN. 1 7 :VNELSON ilMLE continues husintsa at tbe old ...laud, NTINUMMON. Enernethien you want at Snikee n a PROCEEDINGS OF THE MADISON t OUNTY DEMOCRATIC CONVEN- TION. The Democratic Convention of Madison County met pursu nt to call on the 1st day of July, 1874, at 12 o'clock, m., and was called to order by Hon. Samuel Word, Chairman of the County Central Commit- tee. On motion, lion. Samuel Word was elected temporary Chairman, and Dr. I. S. Sta fford, temporary Secretary. On motion CoMmittees were appointed on credentials and permanent ornanization, consisting of five members each, and the chair appointed on Committee on Creden- tials: Whit Tenant, W. W. Morris, Jno. E. Main, G. Cowell, and S. W. Hurst; and on Committee on permanent organization. Nez. Moore, Thos. .11am, Jas. Bradley, I. S. Stanord, and II. H. Mood. On motion the Convention took a recess untill 1 1-2 o'clock p. m. The Convention met per - silent to adjournment. The report of the Committee on Credentials was received and read, whereby, the following named persons were reported entitled to seats in the Convention: VIRGINIA Crean -Samuel Word, N. D. Johnson, T. J. Farrell, alternate for W. G. Plows. Thomas Deyarmon, W. AV. Morris. WILLOW CREEK. -11. IL Mood, M. Han- ley. JEFFERsoN BRThoE.-J. N. Bell. JEFFERSON CANYON. -John E. Main. SILVER STAR. -George Brutley. NEVADA. -William O'Neil. SUMMIT. -A. D. Adams, Jno. Holmead. TWIN BRIDGES. -A. Nisbet Moore, Joe Irwin. MADISON VALLEY. -J. G. Smith. . SHERIDAN.-Ueorge Cvwell, John G. Ba- ker, Jas. 11. Bradley. BitowN's GULCH. -M. D. Platner. ROCIIESTER.-W. Tenant, Geo. Black- man. I li 3 OT .SPRINGS. -S. W. Hurst, W. Mc - Caskal. WASHINt:TON . g iAR. - Pllil JalneS. MEADoW canEn.--lames tVord. T. B. Ham, ADOBETOWN.---E. F. inolln, Timothy Reardon. STERLING. I. S. Stafford.. CICER0.-R.Na8011, E. P. Pierce. JUNCTION. -E. R. Durston. UPPER STINKINGWATER.-Fred Peter- son, H. King. On motion the report was adopted. The Committee on Permanent Organiza- tion, reported as follows : For Chairman, Samuel Word ; for Secre- tary, I. S. Stafford ; which report was read and adopted. Mr. Adause ()tiered the following resolu- tion: Be it Resolred, That W. W. Mornis, Pat- rick McGovern, II. H. Mood, S. W. Iluret, N. D. Johneon. James Bradley, John E. Main, and I. S. Staflord are hereby choseu delegates from this county to attend the Territorial Democratic Courention, to con- vene at Helena on the 8th day of July 1574 ; and be it further resolved. that such of the delegates here chosen to said conven- tion who may be in attendence upon the same be aod are hereby authorized to cast the entire vote of Madison county in said convention. On motion the resolution was adopted. Mr. Cowen offered the following pream- ble and resolution : \%Vile:RE:us this Convention. recognizing the able and devoted services heretofore rendered by the Honorable Samuel Word to the Democratic Party, and believing that in more instances than one his untiring efforts have turned the scale of success in favor ot our party ; reposing unbounded confidence and trust in Ins integrity and zeal, and fully assured that he will repre- sent every interest of the people of Mon- tana Territory as Delegate in Congress, were he elected to the pos:tiou, therefore be it Resolred, That this convention hereby pledges to Mr. Word the 'Iran and nioiteL ded eupport of Madison county in the Ter- ritorial Democratic Convention to meet at Helena on the tith instant, and insists upon his nomination by that body to the Dele- gateship as a suitable reward for such ser- vices. and that the Delegates chosen by this convention are hereby instructed to cast their votes for him, and to use all honora- ble means to secure his nomination. Unanimously adopted. Mr. N. D. Johnson offered the following resolution : Resolved, That when this convention ad- journs it adjourn to meet at Virginia City on Saturday the 15th day of July, 1874, at 2 o'closk p. in. On motion the resolution was adopted. Mr. N. Moore offered the following reso- lution : Resolved, that delegatea to this conven- tion who may now be in attendance on the convention, and who may be unanle from sicknese or any other cause to attend the adjourned session of this convention, be authorized to designate in writing such person as he may desire to represent his precinct at stien adjieurned session. and act tor him by proxy. provided that such se- lection of proxy he a person who resides in the same precinct as such delegate. 4)11 motion time resolution was adopted. On motion Mr. Petereon, of Upper Stink- ingwater, was authorized tO east tne vote of his colleague. Mr. King, who was not present. . Mr. Mood offered the following preamble and resolution: Whereas, there are three assessor's dis- trict, in this county, and one nomination to be made in each district tor the office of District Assessor; and whereas such nomi- nation is inore propel ly a district nourina- lion. therefore be it resolved, that the dele- gates to this convention iron' each asses- sor's district be authorized to this COD% en - lion from each assessor's district be author- ized to meet in separate caucus and nomin- ate candidates for the office of assessor in their respective districts, and that such caucus be held at Virgitna City on the 8th day of July. 1874. at 12 o'clock tn., and that the nominatioes thereby made be reported to the adjourned convention to meet on that day. and that such nominations so made shall be announced as the nomina- tions of the convention. On motion the resolution was adopted. Mr. Word requested that the resolution instructing the delegation of Madieon county in the Territorial convention to cast the vote of the county for him, be rescind- ed ; and urged the same by timely remarks; whereupon the resolution was rescinded. On motion the convention adjourned to meet on the 18th day ot July, 1874, at 2 o'clock, p.m. SAMUEL WORD, Chairman. Attest I. S. STAFFolib, secretary. ANNOUNCEMENTS. Editor Hadieorsian:—Please announce the name of R. P. BATEMAN as a candidate for the office of County Commissioner. sub- ject to the decision of the Democratic Con- vention. to be held on Wednesday, the 1st day of July, 1874. Editor Nadisonian:-Please announce the name of Dr. L. DAMS as a candidate for re-election to the office of Treasurer of Madison County, subject to the decision of the Democratic County Convention, to be held on Wednesday the 1st of July. Editcr ifadisonian:-Please announce the name of AVM. F. KIRKWOOD as a candi- date for Superintendent of Public Instruc- tion, subject to the action of the Madison County Democratic Convention, to be held on Wednesday, the 1st of July. Editor Ifadisonian:—Please announce the name of A. J. BENNETT, as a candidate for Superintendent of Public Iestruction, subject to the decision of the Madison Coun- ty Republican Convention. Editor Nudisonian:-Please announce the name of AMOS PURDUM as a candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, subject to the action of the Republican Con- vent!on ot Madieon Co - auty. Madison anti Gallatin County Lines at the JeffertiOn River Mines. The objective pnint starts in mid -channel of Jelferton Ricir. opposite: the - mouth of Boulder Riven Random line run south 54 deg. and 30 . Min. east to mouth of Big Can- yon on WillOW Creek. On account of in- surmountable obstructions, in the shape of impassable mountains, Wiens were. run, the first offset nne running south 35 deg. and 30 min., east 255- chains and 65 links, thence south 54 deg. and 30 min. -east, at a varia- tion of 19 deg. and 30 win., east 982 chains; thence north 35 deg% 'and 30 min., south 61 chains and 8 links to the month of Big Can- yon on Willow Creek. Returning on corrected line, north 57 deg, and 10 min., west 431 chains and crosses Sand Creek (the course here being north,) and at 537 chains intersected the Jefferson River, three -fourths of a mile below the mouth of Antelope Creek -the course of the Jefferson River at this point being north 25 deg. and 00 min. east. From this survey it vaill be seen that the whole of the mines embraced in the Canyon District. on the Jefferson River, are withiu the boundaries of Madison County. The Surveyors -Jas. Page of Madison County and Reed of Gallatin -have erected monu- ments on all high points and road crossings on the line of boundary between the two Counties. A manifest spirit of anxiety and concilia- tion is witnessed among the wire -pulling politicians of Lewis and Clarke, just now. in regard to Jefferson Uotinty. When Ed. Cardwell. Bob Fisher and John P. Barnes were candidates, the Helenaties left noth- ing undone to slaughter them. Now these same politicians, of both parties, are eager to consult the wishes of the people of Jef- fereon simply for the reason that they want to catch votes for their pet scheme of removing the Capital. The sensible men of Jefferson County will remember the inju- ries of the past, and readily see through the present play. Mahan & Mellon's Bed -Rock Saloon, at Pioneer, is certainly the best fitted -up and arranged saloon in the Territory. The pro- prietors are both popular men, anti know how to run their business iu the most ap- proved manner. A Club Room, fixed up in style, and billiard tables, are in conneetion w i t n the bar, where the choicest liquors and en t nars to be had in Montana are kept. 1_ French & Tnomae have received a large invoke of merchnndiee, and their store- rooms are well-fillean They have a large assortment of groceries and a big stack of flour, and the whisky they sell ie of at qual- ity not surpassed. The editor of the Missoulian likens him- self to a lion -and of the species that coireen singly and but once a year. In this that editor is mistaken, tor he is merely w hang - doodle -mostly a doodle. • It may not be an in:pertinent inquiry to ask which one of the boys, politically, Turk of the Missuuliau is? One year ago he run as the Republican candidste for lreasurer of Missoula County, and now he is, oiten- sibly, editing a Democratic newspaper. Perhaps his political principles are as va- riable as his opinions on the Capital ques- tion. Let the people judge. For several days past we had noticed the editor of the Montanian standing about an inch higher than his usual altitude when occupying his highest -heeled boots. Cause why ? Read the following notice from the last issue ot tnat paper. ago& sal- gratulating the happy parents: 66 Born, in Boston, Mass., on June 19,1874, to the wile of Henry N. Blake, of the Mon - tannin, a daughter.\ A Capt. Southmayde met with a painful, but we are pleased to note not dangerous accident, on Thursday morning by being thrown from a wagon, down an embank- ment some twenty-five or thirty feet. lie was severely bruised, but fortunately no bones were broken. The accident occur- red at Summit. The Captain was brought to this city, and uuder the care of Dr. Ya- ger is doing well. A CARD. With all kindly feeling toward the Ed- itor ot the Muntaniau, I must protest against what I deem au uncalled-for attack on Marshal Wheeler for his refusal to open the Coen Room for political meetings. Hie previous experience in the =utter these meetings used the furniture of tite same, and his inability to obtain compensation for the damages, induced the; issuing of the order as to sectarian meetings. I would say that. all such meetings, held in said - room. do not damage the furniture; and tt they should do so, they are willing to pay for it. J. M. FISH, Deputy U. S. Marshal. The Minnesoto is the most popular Ito- tel in the city, and well it should be, for the accommodatione are A No. 1. In Town. H. [I. Mood, M. Hanley, W. 11.• Webb, and Al. Mason, from Willow Creek. Dr. I. S. Stafford. C. 11. Peck, from Ster- ling. anti George Hurst. Rot Springs. Joe Walbank. E. Stiles, J. Shervoy and Phil. James, from Washington Bar. Jesse McCoy. Geo. Cowell, G. W. Shoe- maker, M. D. Stewart, and R. P. Bateman Sheridan. Alex. Carmichael. Silver Star: A. Nisbet Moore, Twin Bridges. Sim Estis. Beaverhead. 0. C. Whitney and Evans' two boys, one of 'em. we couldn't say positively which it was, William or Joseph, from Madison Valley. George Bruffey . , Fish Creek. Maj. C. J. Kinney, is over from Bannack., and reports business brisk, and the people of that classic burg all contented an d hap- py. The Clasbey House Is continually crowed with guests. and its patrons are profuse in the praise of the excellent accommodations furnished by the Captain. Potosi District. Last week we mentioned the diseover3 of rich silver quartz near the head of South Willow Creek. Since that time quite a ' stampede has been going on, and favorable reports of the richness and extent of the discovery are constatntly coruing in. Mr. How has had an assay made of the rock shown us last week. - the lowest runninn $13 and from that up to the neat figure of f29,000. The owners of claims are sanguine that what they csame to the mountains to find they have succeeded in corraling at the head of South Willow. Mrs. Conway at the Cresent is prepared to accommodate a few more boarders. The Cresent Iirst-elass. If you want to get a good. genuine article on Floweret whisky drop into the 'Toney.\ where It is alwaya kept. The Moose Creek District. h4FICI I A`PEE - -- Arm ASCE; Sherfdan - Prinsary. _ • tween Inecheiner anal Red -.Mountain Mr. Dickey has three irastras con:77 running on rock from the Dixie Lode, and the quartz is paying well. He bionght over forty ounces of retort, which was shipped by Henry • ... Morcean & LaPoint, are running three arastras on the Nonpariel Lode, autl are get- tine - fair returns: •.\ A company at work in the bed of Moose . Creek, stripping and shovelihg intei sluices, are making wages. McCaig & McCord are at work further down the gulch, on a bar, ground -sluicing and getting pay. Allen Hays' saw mill is cutting all the lumber used in that section. Mr. Dickey also informed us that the miners of Highland Gulch are pushing oper- ations as usual, and that the bed -rock flume owned by Rod . Leggat, after haying been run for several years, has • finally reached bed -stone, and that the prospect now is that it will prove a good property. Mr. J. -E-Dickey s ar.retwed \typo was L.. L. Beneringe has. the mail p'antract . fror - . _ in from Moose Creek District, situated be- 66,900.iier yehr, end rfial stkbTleitbe rimtn froth . .Dger Lodge . to . missoula, te_Dinve hlyrn. Jefferson River Mines. There seems now no doubt that these mines are a big thing. We have the most unbounded confidence in their richness. .The discovery of this large and extensive gold field at this time is a godsend, as our people were greatly discouraged by the de- struction of their crops this season by grass- hoppers. The Jefferson River is falling very rapidly and work, no doubt. will com- mence very soon in the mines. Owners of claims over there are much exeited believ- ing they see large fortunes in sight, and we hope they may realize their full hopes. -Courier. When the editor of the Missoulian passed through Deer Lodge City. after being \en- tertained\ for a few days at Helena, it was noticed that he wore a new Nankeen suit of common clothes -the same as sold by the \ Cheap John \ clothiers of Helena. Re- sponsible men in Deer Lodge offered to chance two -to -one that the editor of the Missoulian only received $35 in fractional currency for supporting Helena for the Cap- ital. Further than this, it is the universal opinion, throughout Deer Lodge County. that the Helenaites have a mighty dear bar- gain, as the Missoulian's power is \chaffy.\ \ Enoch's Advocate,\ a paper devoted to the interests of the United Order of • Wood- en Shoes, is issued by We, Us & Co. -and is_supposed to be printed in Salt Lake City. .It is an advocate of old 6` Enoch, \ e., Brig- ham Young and its thrusts at and pictorial caricaturing ot the leading Saints may be classed as severely good. All the citizens of the metropolis of the ,Northern County of Montana are, to quote front the Independent, \ standing on their heads nut of pure delight.\ The cause of this pure delight is that Halenaites have got a hand ongan. It was imported from Gerineny for special purposes, and was tin:imported overland by that celebrated Helena institution called the \Diamond 'R' I Company.\ It is said enat all the people I of the \metropolis\ are praeticing on this I organ that song-\ AVe're Bound for Salt River\ -and that they expect to march to that music after the August election. We _hope they may become proficient and do creditable marching when the time arrives. wean We are in reeeipt of a spicy little paper - The Daily Press -issued from the office of the Utah .Miniog Gazette, every evening, pyralit.thet S.uhh9tit. It Aea full of local news and is red-hot in its werfare upon Mormon- ism, and its debasing influences. Phil. Poindexter, of the firm of f)rr & Poindexter, of Beaverhead County, is et Cheyenne, with 350 of choice 5 -year -old Montana steers. As soon as they are fat- tened up they will be shipped to the Chica- eo market. At the Democratic Primary held at Hele- na precinct a very light vote was brought out.- Only one ticket with '• For Delegate to Congress. Martin Maginnis,\ was in the field. This looks, to say the least, like home indorsement of the Major. It is asserted that Tom Farrell is the pooreet driver of a span of horses in Mon- tana Territory. There must be a great deal of truth , in this assertion, for within a week he had three runaways. The last one took place near Adobetown. A demolished bug- gy and crippled horse is the financial dam- age sustained. Tom Farrell was thrown out, hitting the hard ground with the top of his head, hurting the ground some and injuring that portion of his cranium coming in contact with that fraction of earth he lit upon. Mr. Farrell also \stoved\ up his right hand, and is, at present, in no condi- tion to fight a prize tight or lick a reporter. Batterton & Co., on their upper claim on Granite bar, are taking out the coarsest gold yet produced in that camp... . Our vo- calists are making the evenings melodious with rehearsals tor the aid of the Presby- terian Church fund ....Chas. D. Kenyon,of Pioneer. has sold his interest in the lumber and mill firm cf Murphy. Kenyon & Co. to Mr. Jeffry La ville, a former employee of the company .... Any of you who have crossed mining or irrigating ditches this month and have noticed the nurfaces almost covered with grasshoppers floating with the current, will not question the statement we heard at Yamhill Sunday. that the day before they had actually choked a gauge -box . from the Rock Creek Ditch :inn were massed four or five inches deep for rods. What a feast they would have made for Digger Indians. - Northwest, June 27. We call the attention of our readers to the professional card of Dr. 0. B. Whit- ford. of Deer Lodge City. The doctor stands high in his profession, and those needing the services of a skillful physician should give him a call. In another column will be found the ad- vertisement of the Scott House, Deer Lodg City. Montana. Under the personal sin pervision of Mr. Sam Scott. this Hotel has become one of the most popular in the mountains. Guests will find everything provided for their comfort, and Mr. Scott the \ prince of hale fellows well met.\ A Rush. Harry Warmington's Emporium, since the arrival of his new goods, has beeu the center of attraction of ladles, both of the city and from the country. Harry has a full line of goods, and is selling them at a bare margin above Eastern prices. His lines of cassimeres, broadeloaths, vestings. prints, poplins, silks, gloves, carpets, car- pet -sweepers, etc., are complete. NOTICE. All persons indebted to the Virginia City and Sterling Toil Road, for toll up to the 1st day of May, 1874. are hereby notified to pay the same to F. R. Steel,who took possession of said road at that date, and who is alone authorized to collect and receipt for money . due up to that date, and conduct all busi- ness appertaining to said road thereafter. in R. STEEL. ••• For Job Printing oall at the MADISONIAN office, mehere all kinde of printiug execu- ted with neatness and dispatels. • • The lodes located at the head of elefferson Gulch, hn Deer Lodge County, arc being snospeeted with nnusual viger. ntotne of them are rich, and as high as $50 per day has been made with a hand mortar. _ _ Prof. B. F. Marsh - is - surveying the Hope Ceniltany's property at Philipsburg. Mey- endoeff and Johnson are surneying in the NOrthern District , of Deer Lodge county. The NatiOnal Mining and Exploring Co., at Unionville, has purchased claim No. 3 on the Union Lodes No. 2, for $26,000. The Columbia Mining CoMpany, of the same place, have purchased 2,000 feet on the Park Lode for $30.000. A new piano has been received at Saint Vincent's Academy, Helena. It was man- ufactured in Louisville, Ky., in which city they are now manufacturing instruments of a superior kind. On last Monday, the dead body of Lloyd Mellon was found in Jack Ryarson's barn. on Ophir Gulch, about four miles below Blackfoot. The poor wretch died from the effects of intemperance and exposure. Several proposals have been filed with Mr. Smith, chairinan of the Commission ap- pointed to locate the site of the Assay Office in Helena. Lote on Broadway, Rodney. Warren and Ewing streets, are offered. Tiiie new bell. for the Catholic Church, at Relent', arrived on last Saturday. It weighs twelve hundred pounds. Col. Woolfolk, of Helena, says in a card, that 6 ' I am neither a' Good Templar, a pro- hibitionist, nor a candidate for Congress.\ This candid announcement will prove quite a relief to the public. There is considerable stir in the Sixteen - Mile .District, forty miles from Bozeman and twenty miles from the Diamond road. Recent assays of the ores run as high as $200 per ton. Fred Grant. of Emmetsburg, one day last week, struck his left foot with an axe en- tirely severing the forward inner third of the foot, and was taken to St. Joseph's Hos- pital, Deer Lodge, for treatment. J. B. Bell, formerly a successful Montana miner, and who .is well known in the Ter- ritory, has purchased 9,000 acres of Texas land. A nice little garden. Some stampeding took place from . Helena the other day on a reported discovery of a mountain of Cinnabar. The parties took jngs and tanks with them to catch the pure quicksilver that is said to run freely. This is, like many other things, one of Helena's hmnbugs. W. G. Edwards, Thos. SimPson, W. E. Bass, T. J. Demers, and Alfred Cave. are the gentlemen composing the Missoula County Democratic Committee for the en- suing year. Petitions are being circulated throughout the Bitter Root Valley to change the mail service in that valley and leading to Cedar, from weekly to tri-weekly. On Rock Creek, in Missoula County, there are twelve white men and an equal number ot Chinamen at work, and the dig- gings are paying $6 to $7 per day, the gold being of a coarse quality. They are on the trail of Peter Matte, one of the Missoula horse thieves, Deputy U. S. Marshal Dusold. at the Blackfoot Agency was telegraphed to arrest him. The Pioneer Company, at Pioneer, Deer Lodge County, cleaned up $3,700 on Sun- day, the 21et ot June, for one week's run - the buot of the fe4ita Five horses belonging tO Lent & Osborne . ,. livery wen, of Missoula, have died from injuries received from the falling in of the stable, a couple of weeks since. Hons. Thos. L. Naptou, Wm. II. Clagett, and John II. Rodgers are among the speak- ers unto will spread-Eagleize the beauties ot s eaneriean institutions at Deer Lodge to -day Saturday. Chas. S. Warren, W. AV. Jones, and the Bisnotte Brothers, are engaged in taking a ditch into Deep Gulch, a tributai t of Cot- tonwood,about six miles east of Deer Lodge City. Rev. T. C. Mir preached to his Bozeman congregation, on Sunday morning, June 14, on the benefit and need of Missionary enterprise. The amount received on a col- lection being taken was $91.80. . Jones & Co.; of the Gold Canyon, Deer Lodge County, washed up, from a winter dump -pile, $4,600. The company consists of four partners. A new wire rope has been put up at the Mouth of the Beaver Creek on the Muscle - shell route. and the road leading to the ferry has been greatly improved. Nellie Howard, a colored female residing on Clore street, Helena, died very suddenly on last Friday. under circumstances a little bit mysterious. The National Mining and Exploring Co., of Unionville, last week run out a brick of the value of $15,000 the result of a three weeks run. Adobetown Meat Market. We would respectfully inform the people of Virginia City. Nevada n adobetown,Junc- tion. and, in fact, the rest of mankind, that we intend to sell the choicest meats and de- liver the same at the lowest shop prices. Hail our wagon when you want the best. FOREMAN & READY. A tine assortment of Infante' Shoes, La- dies' Saratoga Ties, etc., just received, and New Goods arriving daily at Harrington, Baker & Co.'s Call and examine them. Harris & Lyons, deal in a general assort- ment of clothing and furnishing goods, in addition to making garments to order. BISHOP TUTTLE'S MONTANA AP- POINTMENTS. Julys, 5th Sunday after Trinity, 11 a. us. and p. in., Virginia City. July 7, Tuesday . 8 p. in., Meadow Creek. July 8, Wednesday, 8 p. , Ntiillow Creek. Jul's - 9, Thursday, S p. in., Gallatin City. July 10, Friday, 8 p. m.. Hamilton. July 12, 6th Sunday after Trinity, 11 a. m., and 8 p. m., Bozeman. July 15 or In. Wednesday or Thursday, 6 p. m• , Raderaburg. au ti s ly p l . n t l ip, , 7 1 t iei h S e t n in a d . ay after Trinity, 11 a. m., July 21 or 22, Tuesday or Wednesday, 8 p, m. Diamond. luly 26, 8th Sunday af er Trinity, 11 a. m., and zi p. na.. Fort Shaw. July 26, p. , Sun River. July 30 1 , 11 T e. hursday, p. m., Blackfoot • in. and 6 p. rn , Deer Dodge. August 9, 10th Sunday after Trinity,11 a m., St August 16, llth Sunday after p. m., Corvallis. a. tn. and 8 p. in., Missoula. Trinity, 11 August 23 12th _Sunday after Trinity, 11 a. tn., anti _p. m , Helena. August 24. Monday 8 p. m. , Jefferson City. Auguat 2.s, Tuesday, 6 p. Boulder. j4e‘tviulegirtni ss:02:46th Sunday after Trinity, 11 a August 27, Thursday, 8 p. m., Poindexter. August 2t3, Friday, 8 p. , Argenta. rn s . a an tige d is ti t p 3?, m 1 . 3 , thlu n n n t ac ia li v . after Trinity, a. Information Wanted. ney person knowing the whereabouts : of David E. Akers. who was last heard from hy his friends frem this city, will con- fer a favor by imparting such information to the undersigned. . MILTON . A KERS, Mena Lace Con Miami:vote. Pursuant to the call of rne Republican 'Central Committee of Madinern county, the 'Republican voters . of Sheridan Precinct, _met attheSnhool house in Sheridan, on Ole 29th of June, for the purpose of electing Delegates to represent said - Precinct in the Republican County Convention. to be held in Virginia City, on the 3rd day of July, 1874. : Samuel Mallory was elected C'hairman, and Henry Hill Secretary. Messrs. Ramsey, P. W. Baker, and S. D. Mullnix were elect, ed Delegates by acclamation, and Messrs. Thomas Runt, M. Sweet, and H.. X - Thomas were elected alternates. It was decided to vote by ballot as to whether the Delegates should be instructed to vote for Amos Purdunn . or A. J. Bennett candidate for Supel intendeut of public in- structions. Whale number of votes cast 38. of which Amos Put -duns received 35, and A. J. Ben- nett 3. Moved and seconded to have the proceedings of the Meeting published in the MADISONIAN and Montaniati. On motion th s e . n ig le , e i t r ilig o a R d y jo , u e r h a a led. irman. Heamr HILL, Secretary. Exhibition. 011Thursday evening Mr. Ballou. the gentleman who has been teaching in our city for the past few mouths, assieted by a number of young gentlemen and ladies, and school children. gave a Dramatic En- tertaimnent at TeMplars' Hall. The at- tendance was fair, and the performance in some respects was creditable both to man- ager and actors. We have not room in this issue for an extended notice of the r:a- spective merits of each. PASSAGE OP THE POLAND BILL POR UTAH. Congress has passed the Poland bill re_ lating to the Judiciary of Utah. The bill was so modified in the Senate, how- ever, that the result cannot be consid- ered a victory for the anti -Mormon influ- ence. It removes the difficulty which had arisen as to the rightful authority of summoning juries, by requiring the Uni- ted States Marshal to summon jurors for the Supreme and DistriFt Courts of that Territory. The Mormons have hitherto claimed that the Sheriffs eleeted by the people had the right to summon juries, but the Supreme Court of the Territory refuse4 to recognize juries summoned by them, and the Supreme Court of the United States decided that juries stun - molted by the United States Marshal were illegal. So matters in judicial pro- ceedings came- to a dead -lock two years ago, and have remained so since, except where both parties accepted a jury as summoned by the Territorial Marshal. The Supreme Court of the Territory has been at constant war with the Mormons, who have charged that it was impossible to obtain justice from that bench. Con- gress has now interferred, and, by an amendment to the Poland bill, provided that, by writs of error. cases may be tak- en from the District Courts to the Uni- ted States Supreme Court, whenever the party accused is liable to capital punish- tnent, or convicted of polygamy or big- au ' l l y tie most important provisions stricken from the bill by the Senate are those re- lating to the rights of women to procure a dissolution of marriage and obtain ali- mony, and the disonalitications of jurors. Under the third section of the bill, Dis- Ieict Courts were empowered to grant alimony to women applying for divorce on account of the previous marriage or Pretended marriage of the defendant to another party, and to establish the mari- tal relation it was only necessary for the woman to prove cohabitation, dispensing with all record or certificate of the mar- riage. This was intended as a deadly blow against the polygamic practices of the Mormons, by offering an incentive for u ites, after the fit st marriage, to coin mence suits and obtain from their hus- band a share of his property. This clause has been stricken from the section. In the fourth section of the bill, prescribing the qualifications of jurors, it was de- clared that •‘in. the trial of any prosecu- tion for adultery, bigamy, or polygamy, it shall be a good cause of principal chal- lenge to . any juror that he practices po- lygamy, or that he believes in the right_ fulness of the same.\ Tins also was stricken out, and the clause was further amended by allowing the prosecution five and the defense fifteen peremptory chal- lenges, instead of thiee. the number orig- inally prescribed by the bill. Section seven, which applied the common law of England to the Territory, was likewise taken out Of the bill. As the law now stands, the Clerk of the District Cottrt in each district and the Probate Judge of the County, an elective officer, in which the trial is to be held, are to prepare the . jury list and alternately select a name from each as the venire. The qualifinations are a six months resi- dence in the district and ability to read and write the English language. The jurisdiction of Probate Courts is confined to the settlement of the estates of dece- dents and divorce suits, but there remains the provision that actions for divorce in Probate Courts may be removed upoo the application of either party to the Dis- trict Court. This excludes the Probate Courts from the criminal jurisdiction which they have been exercising, and which has proved a fertile cause no - the disputes which have grown up between the Federal Courts and the Courts or- ganized under the Territorial laws. Thus the main issue of polygamy is left untotrhed. The new method of OHS- ting Cannon, devised by the House Com- mittee on Territories, does not appear to have been acted upon. This was a bill defining the qualifications of delegates from Territories, and enacted that 66 no person guilty of bigamy or polygamy shall be allowed to represent any Terri- tory in Congress.\ The bill as passed is therefore a substantial victory for the Mormons, and a virtual indorsement of polygamy.—San Francisco Bulletin. Market Report. pRontTcE. Flour, MW Creek, XXX \ Silver Springs, XXX \ Gallatin Valley brands.... . Oats per 100 pounds Potatoes, per pound Butter, in 10Ib. cans \ in Rolle Eggs, per doz 4.3 Hay. per ton 15 00 to 18 00 111111111ZIMINI=0:51E5' b 50 5 50 4 50 1 50 02 40 b0 DR. C. S. ELLIS H AvING taken an interest in . the Drug Depai'iment of A Carmichael's store at Silver Star, Moutana,can be fouoid ail times, day and night, at said store , wlifm Lot abeent on professional bus:l- ima. 1-29tf. I i goods. Call on them and examine their stock. Summons. 1 p the District Court of the Second Judicial District of the Territory of Montana iu and for the County of Beaverhead. James M. Ryan, Plaintiff, vs. John Gilmer, Monroe Salisbury and 0.J. Salisbury,non-res- ident partners doing business in this Territory under the name, firm and style of Gilmer &Sa- lisbury. Action brought in the District Court of the Second Judicial District of the Territory of Montana in and for the County t:f Beaver- head, and the c+onplaint tiled in Silid Con aity a•f Beaverhead, in the °nice of the Clerk of said District Court. The people of the Territory of Montana send greeting to John Gilmer and Monroe Salisbury, Defentlantzi: Yon are hereby requind to appear in an ac- tion brought against you by the above -named Plaintiff, in the Digrict Court of the Second Judicial District of the Temtory of Montana, in and tor the County of Beaverhead, and to an- swer the complaint tiled therein, within ten days -(exclusive of the day of service) after the service on you of this - summons- if served within this county; or, if served out of this county, but in this district, within twenty days; otherwise, within forty days-orjudg- meat by default will be taken against you, ac- eording to the prayer of said complaint. The :;aid action is brought to recover the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars for expenses laid out, expended and paid by plaintiff in and about the endeavoring to heal and cure plaintiff's wife of the sickness, soreness, bruises, &c., caused by neglect and negligence of defendants as com- mon carriers and for damages. Ind you are hereby notified that if you fail to appear and answer the Said complaint, as above required, the said Plaintiff will take judgment against you for the stun of Teu Thou. sand Dollars itial for costs of suit. Given under my hand and seal of the District Court of the Second Judicial Dis- [SEAL ] trict of the Territory of Montana, in and f. Ir the County of Beaverhe id this fourth day of April, in the yen* of our Lord one thousand eight huodred and seven- ty-four. WM. PECK, Clerk. J. G. SPRATT and s. WORD, Pl'ils Att'ys. Bailiwick, M. T. 33-5w O.- B. WHITED R - 0 — M - D • • 9 DR. L. DATM8, Physician and DELI: I ..)f)G1\ DILE. T. YAGM.B Surgeon, n MONTANA , f A. D: SCOTT HOUSE DEER LODGE, MONTANA SAM SCOTT, Proprid3r. RrDUCTION IN BO.S.RD. 'Board find Room per Week Table Board per Week Board lice Day, with Room Single Meals Lodgings . 812 00 7 00 2 00 50 refarnished and refitted the Rooms and Parlors of the Scott House. and secured the services of M rs .\' Mercer, in charge of the Housekeeping De- partmena, guests wilt find it superior in all its appointments to airy other Hotel on the West Side. Gentlemen's Heading te Card Rooms. A Fine Parlor Pinuo at the Service of Guests. NO effort will be spared to render the Tables satislactory to the taste and appetite.' THANKFUL for past uatronage, the con- tinuance of it is respectfully solicited. 1-attf. HARRIS tt LYONS, Successors to I. SIIILLER MERCHANT TAILORS: AND pr.‘,s IN REAVY-MADE CLOTHING lir AKE TO ORDER ALL KLNDS OF Gentlemen's Clothing, In the latest style and of the very best qualify o W. W CHAPMAN, CARPENTER & BUILDER- p LANS and estimates furnished on application. Will contract. for work in the city or coun- try. Job work promptly axecuted, and satis- faction guaranteed OR any and everything you want, eo to PATTON dr LAMBRECliT'S, aud as cheap for your money The Thorough -bred Stallion ONGFEI. 41) 41% A Blackhawk Morgau, dark bay, three years old, 16i hands high, and weighs 1,250 pounds, will stand during the season at the ranch of O. W. Jay. on the Stink- ingwater, about five miles from Adobe Town. Terms $10. GILMER & RUMP, 313COESSORS TO- ------ Wells, Fargo & Co. ST.\---VGE LINE CARRYING THE UNITED STATES MAIL, —AND — Vie!is Fargo & Co's Express. rirlirc•tigh From Helena, &Deer Lodge to Corinne $65 00 4 to Omaha 126 75 4 1 1 \ to San Fran 115 00 \ Vrginia City to Corinne 55 00 1 4 \ to Omaha 116 75 3' 4 4 LO Sall Francisco 105 00 a••••• . SECOND-CLASS R. R. FARES. Helena and Deer Lodgeto Omaha C00 00 Virginia City to Omaha no 90 WELLS,VARGO & CO., Agents. 1 2tf. GOE. GORNI S KIBLER. epPi - FETROP3LiTAN. MEAT MARKET. KIBLER 6 (% •.\;. yezything in tbe Meat _Line 0\ - '2 U0 • Will be found in the Metropolitan and of the choicest quality, and will hic sold at LIVING RATES. Tbey will give special attention to famishing by the quarter, and families . can rely on being supplied with the very best taes.ta procurable - in the market, and beong dealt honorably avian, ILE Asap will be supplied a -t timea with BEEF, VEAL. PORK, GAME; FOWLS, AND MUTTON. fav'eoes we so:Joie* oontar.uane.3 of this same Thanking ocr v irtrens for past Whofaale and Retaji DR UGG ISTS AND . APOTHECARIES., K EEP constantly dip hatid foil assort/11pm of Pure Drti,gs• Iktedifinez, Chemicals and a ssay Materiels. PAINTS. OIL.\ 4 . DYER. PERFTTMERY t'ANCY A IRTIMEN, FL 1.VOINING LxTRAtars, GLASS. Also keeper. eopnplete assortment of atent Medicincs, A'l 11)-.. CITY DRUG STORE, WALLACP, :STRr.ET, VIRGINIA:CITY, MONTANA. Special attention paid to C 014TP MIMING PERS CIIIPTIOr Itt . . JOHN G. VETTER, MANUFACTURER 07 BOOTS AND SHOES, TTEEPS constantly on hand. and iottfactures to orner,, kions of (2 - u - s rr c• I A_ 13 BOOTS AND SHOES. lir- EF.PS the best workmen. and will make Boots and Shoes as cheap and of as good quality as can be had in the world. IF you_want a good, cheap job go to the sign of the 1.30)0arT, Wallace Street Virginia City. Montana. HAS just received a large assortment of Men's and Boys' CALF, RIP, AND BROGA BOOTS, Which he will sell at less f1gureA than ever before offered ill this market. _L A_CROIX, MANUFACTURER OF BOOTS & SHOES. T AM prepared to manufacture or. j_ repair boots and shoes ot every Uez:cription Gents' and Ladies' 13CICYrS ADE a specialty. and I defy com. petition in this line, and if I do nun give Sal lAilaithl 11:It W pa:A . 011S to take toy goortb. e nie a earl, and be satisfied that I do not promise more than I am prepared to make good. Shop two door% below the Poster - (lee, Wallace street. VIRGINIA CITY, MONTANA. 1-2tf Chicago and North-Western RA LE 'W.tir. PASSENGERS FOR CHICAGO Detroit, Toledo, Cleveland, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Pittsburg, Cincinnati, Rochester, Albany, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Portland. Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Wheeling, Columbus, Dayton, Indianapolis, Terre Haute, Champalorn, Bloomington, Springfield Jacksont•ille, Quincy, St. Louis, Cairo, And all Point3 SOUTH and EAST should Buy their ickets CIIICA_C4-0 -AND THE - CHICAGO & NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY Close Connections Made with all the Railroads Running EAST or 1.:s•T from Chicago. THIS IS THE DIRECT ROUTE FOR Sioux City, Waterloo, Dubuque, Prairie duChien St. Paul, Marquette, Yankton, Cedar Rapids, Fort Dodge, La Crosse, AV inona. Duluth, Ishpeming, Escanaba, Menasha, Sheybogan, Watertown, Madison, L'Ause, Negannee, Green Bay : Stevens Point, Oshkosh, Fon du Lae, And Milwaukee. These points are all on the line of th s Great Road, or are reached by this route with less Change of Cars than hy any other. Among theindueernents offered by this route Are all the Modern Improvements. Rock and Gravel Baflasted Track; Steel Rail, Rock and Iron Bridges; Pullman Palatial Cars and Coaches; Parlor aud Drawing -room Cars anal Coaches; Smoking and Lounging Cars; M'estiogliouse Sub.:1y Brakes; Miller's Patent Safety Coupling a»d Plat fui ins ; Close Counet tons at Junction Points; Le,s Tratrfers thou by any other Route; Umon . Depots; No Car Ferry Transfers; Speed, Safety and Abaoltae CoMfort. From 2 to 10 Fast Express Trains run e.lch way Daily ovet the various Line_s of this Road, thus securing to the Iniveler seieet- lug this RoUte sure and certain eolillectiOUs in any direction he may wish tog°. r:ar - See that Your tickets read via this route, and take no ether. M ARVIN HUGH ITT Gen ..Sup. W . .SENNETT,Gen.Pase.Ag i t Chicago and North-Western Railway Trains'at COUNCIL BLL FFS: Going West. Arrive. Day Express 10:43 p.m.. Night\ Ex ness.... 9:I3 a.m. at;senger /U. Paasenger in. Ezprsss Freight.... in. Going East. Arrive. Day Expreaa m.• Night Exprees m. Passeihger 7 P • Paaso . ngesr.... Farpresa Freight - • • . Depart. m Depiirt. 6:4(ea.ra. s:OZp.iaa. 10:50 u..ixt. W. H. SENNETT, 13-1Y Gente - s1 .rassenzer Agent THE CELEBRATED STALLION JOHN MORGAN Can be seen at S L h a e u r r i i d n an ,,c , s M at o t n n‘ dp a y 3 S s a a ti ii . , / t T s i tz i e n a , t i la. o y ! . Subseriber n n Ranele near lanl'e garbige, ‘ N, ‘ 4 r e t_;( ti ln , as ciu d r ? R e g 1-113. n1tORInitT . DILAIPSLI

The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.), 04 July 1874, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.