The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.) 1873-1915, July 10, 1914, Image 4

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* 4 'THE MADISONIAN, VIRGINIA crry„, NIPNT., JULY 1O, 194 DOINGS OF THE VAN LOONS Father touclied off some Fireworks a day previous that time yes,we'Re /46RE. ow oNni . ) of MOON, NA& WERE. MARMED Li4sT NA/ea.k. WASNT JoHN TK-. 'O G. BRAN/err Boy 7140‘q14. - ro MARRN( ME! ' 1f01.0 KNOW i lima ouRiED ova. THEM.' f'1 7H RsAsofq I T doHN WAS .so DRAvd, weLL you 'ow m , row t . v i Ri 44ISBAND WAS Icis....e 0 iN A CAR r f - My SEcoND HUSBAND CA.Mm DOWN WITH DNEu. MoNIA TWo YEAR/ AF • - ran wa mAaittao A/4t , .. A. WaS.k AFTER. WARD + ALso BURIED ibitT Now • 'Am So WHAT'S THE HAPPY 4 1 .4AIN bNiT14 1 44 THIRD • ' HUS BAND I A14. 4%40 MRS. - rAlt4.01t ! O re: AR 'YU 40114 To \MATTER! t4 4 , 3E/ Ar-RAW . oF FORE- , ' il l''l lii *„ CatialillOATEL THe pouRTH TO-MeRROW.' \ •\ . //.. 1 You Kt4oW I'VE HAD sTREST AcciBENT 114/M. SVGH RAD Luck W/TI4 oNa . WHIR AFTER we e :..- ,\ •;;111, --,.----------, ,.-- , V • :-,------, ,...--....------- .a= r I . • ,,,. 6 Hallitil 1 , •-.., •-•.-.: 4Ni c 'ff ----, -^c1 \ t . k rtrA t 'At fto .ti , .7 11111 \ %MO 1. \ .;\\'\ y• , to e . ,r,,,,...,,, 111. • ' '/,/' . /- .• ,/ 4 , 3 ....., 5. ,,,... , .. , • / , • \\ I ) 0 / P• •• ,... ..-- .0. I , .,,-- , • ....-- // '4 - - •;;-' , \7\ 1 i,r/,./ i • / / : * ' , ...,...----• my HUSBANDS! ....0 mARRtS-13./ ER )\. (TERRIBLE:/....... ....7 WIN ,MRS. OH MY, -.. . TAYLeA! ,. ,- ' L___ 0 1641 411111 -1 1E 1 '' 4 111111et% 'V ki lliP:' :: lir . ..• - -.' ,efo•-•r, -. H .41 'Ile ei 4 ., , ...-. _‘: \ — .:; 1 0 ' %•,, Ilill Ar. . /IP - r i. 1 'fi r '-' ....1 ' ff4 / ' - ''' ,........, /4 .....„.• \N ) *IOW ; 'II 1 11 ,' , :-.. m „ H a , ....,...„ __ .,..,1,.., IT, -'•- all ,/ I liAlli i 11 II r- ROYAL BAKING POWDER ABSOLUTELY PURE Insures the most delicious and healthful food By the use of Royal Baking Powder a great many more articles of food may be readily made at home, all healthful, de - hams, and economical, adding - much vaiiety and attractiveness to the menu. The\ Royal Baker and Pastry Cook,\ containing five hundred practical receipts for all kinds of baking and cookery, free. Address Royal Baking Powder Co., New York. TRANSFERS RECORDED. The following transfers have been recorded --in the office of the county clerk and recorder: Elling Estates Co. to J.• H. Pankey, one -fifth inter- est in the Tucker, Golden Rod, Mis- souri, Potter and Homestake claims, Meadow, Creek district; United States to J. E. Hatfield and J. S. Tucker, patent to Tucker lode, Meadow Creek district; United States to Isabel- Dur- ham, NE% NE%, section ,34-1-2; Elijah D. Marsh, adm., to Selomon C. Prentice, $3,575, N% SW,, SEX, SW% SE%, section 18-4-5; Mrs. Anna Kurfiss to Mrs. Minnie Paugh, lot 7, block 1, Jeffers; United States to Ilobert L. Lane, S% NEV 4 , SE%, section 18-5-1; Samuel G. Durham -to Isabel Durham, 320 acres in section :34-1-2; United States to Ulysses P. Willett; lots 1 and 2,S NE%, section 6-9-1; Henry Siefken to W. M. V. Lenkersdorfer, one-third interest in SWVi, S% NWli, SW% SE 1 4 - section 23, NE' NW%, N% NE%, NE% NW%, section 26-5-5; Watkins Fisher and wife to B. M. Nooks, .W% SE 1 4, E% SWY., seetien 21-1-1; Elijah Adams, sheriff, to Katherine Ennis. , Iota 1, 2, 3 and 4, block 2 - , Ennier Do., las 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 sad 16, block 2, also lots 1 to 10 and Iota 11, 16, 18, 20, 22, 28, 24 and 29, Meek 1, also lots 29 to 34, first ad- dition, Ennis, also lots 1, 2 and 8, seetioie 4-6-1; Harry R. Thixtou and wife to Loren Shaw, SE%, section 22 - 47 -2; - Alvah Brittges and -wife to Joseph Ferrell, Iota 9 and 10. block 2, lots 13 and 14, bloCk 6, Bridget addition to Harri§on, NOT NEGLECTED. Our esteemed friend, Larry Dobell of The Butte Miner, thinks that The Madisonian is not living up to its reptiUttion of last year. When game' fish were sent the editor \every week.\ The Miner notes that sick- ness in the family might have cause ed this lapse of fishing news, and The Miner is right in its conjecture. When it was learned that the \little woman\ in which we were all so much concerned waS able to sit up, then the fishermen of the county sent in daily, Larry—not weekly—the choice catches of Madison county streams. --There-were trout of many varieties, the graceful grayling and the meaty • whitefish. Madison county n claims to be peer of any in the state as to game fish, and these cav to the editorial horne—and are coming yet. Many__ fishing parties are now on the Mad- ison and at the Madison county lakes. Many have gone dirough the city nearly every day the past few weeks, and but few have returned as yet. The fame of these streams brings people from all over the state, but of course, those entering the valley from the east side miss Virginia City. But The Madisonian ventures the prediction that when the season is over there will be some whopping fish stories to tell—back- ad up by tapeline measurement of tile beariful trout and grayling takes. 4 FROIE TWIN BRIDGES. arlea SelWaY•s pr.enattent Bridges isitizen, was a butsiness visi- tor Tuesday to the *aunty seat. TREASURER'S REPORT. County Treasurer E. M. Smith re- ports balances in the various funds as follows at the close of business on June 30th, 1614: General $ 1,211.91 Contingent . • • 9,387.32 Road . • 13,501,80 Poor , 1,575.36 Sinking _ 6,339.09 Bridge . 3,620.53 General school 708.97 District school 34,338.18 City of Pony . 24,30 City of Twin Bridges 7.78 State . . . 469.33 Bounty . , 44.20 Institute 117.03 Redemption 43.60 District.clerk deposit . • • 22.40 Unfinished business . 512 71' 'Aiiiipitrtr Mar . ... McAlees estate . 1,270.7'2 Reed estate 564.14 Receipts. Taxes . Licenses 889.00 Officers fees . . 282.35 Other sources 1,006.11 Inheritance . . . 110.88 — -- Total . . . . ....... ...$2,287.84 pialporaeatents. Warrants $20,126.76 State treasurer . 332 85 $ Total . . . ..... ....$20,529 THE STATE FAIR. The dry land farmers of Montana were given recognition by the Mon- tana State fair at the recent meet of the board when a sum of 21,000 was authorized as premiums to be award- ed in the non -irrigated division for dry -land farmers. After many re- - quests - from farmers, --exhibitors and judges the directors decided last win- ter to eliminate the non -irrigated di- vision and put both types of irrigated and dry -land products on the same basis, but so many requests have been made recently in .behalf of the non - irrigated division that it was deemed advisable to re-establish_ it. The prizes will be awarded in sev- enty-six lots for grains and seeds, vegetables, inot crops, forage 'crops, and sheaf-exhibits.-Inaernaehaa these awards are not listed in the premium catalog which has been sent out over the state a circular specifying the separate prizes is being _mailed to ev- ery farmer in the state who received a catalog. While the awards as out- lined in the 1914 catalog amounted to the same as last year, the addition of $1,000 will increase the awards this year above those of any previous fair. Although the entries last year increased 36% per cent over.1912, it is estimated that, with the *vival of the Dry Land division, this year's en- tries will far exceed those of 1913. FO lt SALE AT A BARGAIN. One mo(lel 1912 g. U. r. 10, five passenger touring car with all equip - meet. • Will guarantee car to be in good running condition. Will sell for $460.00. This' is a real bargain. MONTANA AUTO SUPPLY CO., Ade. „IV' Montana. ' mo4.zoteosi goanlald aosoar MADISON COUNTY SECOND. The number of producers of ores in Montana in 1913 was 431, 4gainsi, 452 in -4 1912, and the number of placer gold 'producers was 128, against 152. The total quantity of ore spld or treated was 5,960,118 tons, 'tigain 5,562,164 in 1912, but the total av- erage recoverable value per ton of ore decueased from $11.52 in 1912 to $19.25 in 1913. The production of,ores by counties follows: Number of Total Counties Producers Value Beaverhead 14 $ 78,109 Blaine 5 299,695 Broadwater . _ 41 437,076 Cascade 16 322,689 Fergus 13 469,450 Deer Lodge 4 296,169, Granite . . ... 33 621,366 JefferFInt -- . ' lxi 404-08 Lewis and Clark ..70 Lincoln 3 Madison 121 Meagher . 4 Missoula 28 Park '4 Powell 40 Ravalli b Sanders 8 Silver Bow 84 196,168 3,654 935,776 985 82,20S 2,564 104,474 11,915 39,937 57,593,758 Total 1913 . . ....559 $61,900,546 -Total 1912 .. .....604 $44 ‘ 754,6.13 DIED PENNILESS. Like‘many another prospector who had followed the siren lure of gold in the hopes of millions, Joseph An- drews, who died Saturday in his lit- tle prospector's cabin three miles from Woodville in the mountains, re- fused six years ago an offer of $50,- 000 for a gold ,claim near Virginia City. His claim is not worth 50 cents today, says The 'Butte Post. Mr. Andrews refused the $50,000 of- fer claiming his mine would one day be worth millions. He died before hope of realizing his dream - ha - -- left him. 7 • Mr. Andrews was born - 60 years ago in Finland. He came to America when R. very young lad and scarcely had a trace of the foreign accent, He had prospected in Montana for - 40 years and for the past several years was custodian of the reservoir of the Butte Street Railway company at Elk Pdrk. He followed prospecting all his life. He was not widely acquaint- ed. He was reserved, bue a man of fine character, quiet, honorable and, the few who knew him respected and admired him. CORONER'S INQUEST. Coroner John O'Gorman was called to Ennis last Sunday, where an in- quest was held on the remains of John Stanaford, a sheepherder who had been missing for many days. A search had been made in the hills for Stanaford, without success, and last week an unknown man told Lee For- rest that a body was lying in the Madison river about 1% miles from the Ennis bridge. The corpse rested upon its back, with a shotgun between the legs, and it was evident that sui- cide had been committed by means of a at - ring - Mid - to the trim smile the man's foot. There was a wound in the head, and the verdict of suicide was rendered. Stanaford had been in the country for about 12 years and just previous to his disappearance showed unmistakable signs of losing his mind. The jury, consisted n of Henry Kammerer, C. L. Dennis, Hired J. Weingart, James Forshaw, _Jack -Daughters and G. G. Wheat. . OLMSTEAD COMMITTED. A. F. Olmstead, aged 70, of the Olmstead Mining & Milling company of .Norris„was brought into the city Tuesday. where a hearing tutiOhcon- ducted by Dr. H. H. Townshend of Ruby and Dr. R. H. Dyer of Sheri- dan as to his sanity. Mr. Olmstead has some fine mining properties at Norris, and a new mill had just been completed. Worry over the work aid- ed by a severe attack of Bright's dis- ease, affected the unfortunate man's mind, and his committment to Warm Spring's Was •otdered. LIVING AT THE MINE. County Treafinreri E. Ittinith len Wednesday, for the Hig,hland Chief group of mines, where he resida . for several wteks. , Mr. 'grnith had 4oxiied,promi8ing properties in Wil- lianneAgulch, and will rush developi meat-. Work this summer. Judge James G. Walker is acting as eizam, by treasurer. • 4 INSPECTOR MAKES ARRESTS. Because Ed Williams and Overton Stensal of Beaverhead county sud- denly began selling beef to butchers while it was known that they had no cattle on- their ranch, the suspicions of Stock Inspector Jack Collins were aroused and he arrested the two men Friflay on a charge of stealing two head of cattle belonging to Paul Pe- senti of Madison county. The arrest was made on the ranch of the men ten miles across -the Silver -Bow -coun- ty line in Beaverhead and on the west side of the Big Hole. Williams and Stensal run a few horses on their ranch, but no cattle. Collins found the hides of the slaught- ered animals on the ranch. The pris- oners were ta'ke'n to Dillon for their hearing, and Williams' bond was fix- ed at $3,000 and Stensal's at $2,000. They could- not furnish bail and will_ await trial in the Beaverhead county jail. AIL ABOARD FOR DENVER. • Ptistmaster J. Z. Clem and Major J. 11-11ow- left yesterday afternoon as delegates to the Elks national con- vention, to bp 4eld in Denver. After the big meeting Postmaster.- Clem will spend. a _month with relatives.ancL friends at his old home in Kansas, _nisjor will 'go to Omaha to visit with his sister. Rodney R. Herndon will aid in the mail distri- bution in the postoffice during Mr. Clem's absence. ALPHONE LAMBRECHT. The funeral of Alphone Lambrecht, a Virginia City pioneer, was held in this city yesterday under the auspices of the Masonic orders. His death occurred Tuesday night at Butte, 'Rear which place he had resided for many years. He was formerly in the hardware business in this city, and is kindly remembered by all the old timers. THIRTY HORSES ,ON JOB. Lawrence Nelson of Yellowstone left the first of the week for Meadow creek with thirty horses, and will he engaged during the summer in haul- ing high grade ore from the Elling properties to the railroad at Norris. , FINE CELEBRATION. 'Those who attended the Twin llififires celebration report • fine time and_s_Igg_ {_rowd Present. The pro. 'gram -was --well 'earned out., and it fa said that Lawyer H. P. Beckett made. a' splendid address. OPTICIAN ' COMING.' J . 5. Chilton of the Pocatello Op- tical company will be, in Virginia, City, Ennis, Pony and Harrison ev- ery thirty days hereafter. Watch The Madisonian for dates.—Adv. MORE MEN EMPLOYED Six miners arrived in the city Wednesday last from Butte and left for the Missouri mine in the Meadow Creek district, where woriseig Pushed rapidly in taking out strictly high grade ore. MORE PETITIONS. The Madisonian is informed that democratic candidates for county commissioner, county superintendent and public administrator will be filed next week, by strong and popular candidates. COURT IN DILLON. Judge William A. Clark' was in Dillon last Tuesday, where he held iriatrict cosirt,Iiitting in cases where Judge J. B. Pandatter rett - diaqualP tied. • . • SUCCESSFUL DANCE. 'The motion picture show and dance last Saturday .avening atteacteck,a good. eilowd, ,aaci a .very enlaYable r. 0111. is reported by everyone. • ; RUBY ,YISITOIL Hon.; Charles Kammerer ,madesi hurriel nipto Yirgioikty 4ay.biat pr e yesterday, having business at thlisqiirt house. 4 t HELENA' VISITOR. g . R. B.- Kendall of Beirut 'arrived ta. city last Wednesday to 14:061i*Nr, bglitaeas matters. 1••••••••••*••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I Use I Golden Treasure Flour Made at Manhattan Of the Best No. 1 Hard Wheat A trial will convince you that it is the best Montana Flour on the market. We also carry Never - Fail - Pastry Flour Made at the same mill Order your Flour and other grocetiei from us . where you get the very lowest pin - Ces, superior quality and best of treatment. The Buford Mercantile Co. Virginia City and Alder •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• FROM JEFFERS. J. M. llodgens, the Jeffers capital- ist, was a Ta?eday visitor to the coun- ty 44 at., leaving in the aPernooa for Butte oa, business. elare000uat at this bank and for mour,financtal future. South- , in . Mostana Bank, Enais, Moat. Vbeglairs';City vs. Ennis\ at the ball park,, neat Sandiky p. RETURNS TO J4k\FERS. ,Fred Wolverton passea through the city day before yesterday, being on his return from Sheridan to Jef- fers. Frank Tull of Ennis transacted bus- iness Tuesday last Inc the county capital. , . . • Virginia City vs. Emits sax* San, day. ' tic Metropolitan Market Meats - Of - All '-'Kinds HAMS AND BACON. Our Own Cure Bacon, special $ .18 Our Own Cure Hams, special .22 Special prices on 100 lb. sacks. PURE LEAF LARD. Size 'S $ .65 Size 25 _ _ • 2.35 Size 60 _ 4.50 BAKER'$ GOODS. L.oaf Bread of ,all • isindt 124-c dalieinisidi to Order, frOtil _ . . 40c to 20c 'Doughnnts, rolls, coolcie$, per dozen 20c I .„ OR0f.R,S,F,10111PTLYFt14Lp, •

The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.), 10 July 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.