The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.) 1873-1915, July 17, 1914, Image 4

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4 THE MADISONIAN VIRGINIA CITY, MONT., JUL/ 17, 1914 DOINGS OF THE VAN LOONS No, Mother is not. oing to do the moving all alone I \ plcrrHaR, AINIT SALLy WAt AWFUL.LY KIND viTE 04E10 sTAY oVER. 47 µea. HoV56 wolt-a sie. Alm MoWN4. YOU .KNOVJ i CoUt-ON'T Rac.Eive_ MR. NAM -06•R 4,04URST twit8.„ IN ALL THAI M631 . 1 .--a --- 4 steiN4 MOLUE's sCC . N girr .THO.. wave Ktocov i 'nee masa. ,....... Dovot4To TO 5114 uNT1L sarn-r-r. IN . A. rso wis As -A 4101Nd -ro -- 1. ME A t AST. IT WILL BE A oe•awkAT Da.AL OF WoRK,Ant., boTt4F-R. h VT wily sr, MARY OF US To iotre xi IN ' AND HELP WE. ova HT To .BE s6.Tp-e0 f lANABK1- 7 I AM 40IN 1 , 0151ti TO 4se.st4FIELD .P-oR A. PEW DAys To Look AFTER My PRO- PP.1111, ANYNoW OD_ oNLy lig 04 1r WAY . 1 ssi..1 vat) sgt movreiCi. 40.4 SAY,MA, oU HAY& .co iiisLP YOU movE it owe. TO 4704 10.10 IRAN asisisofiSs TRIP' I'M 4i.A0 )4ANY - 1 10 , AtecAt/SE Vie. • Fat, A 1-ITTLE Howls; you dAst-r VAN() Atotk--F‘Ssit44'. klkCAori - IN No -rime I AEo.u r S i ooN sAoklts1.4- s.Ae.Ir. -_ l - e,. -„ 4 4 , . t'1k , - ..._. • 2 .....‘..,„, ..7 , . , ... X„ , r ____....__.„_:. _,..„....,...... 0 ---_,.....-.. tjkl I\). ...,_.- t:111047-' Fi__.• _ .-.. LL,.. ,.,.--....„......,..-- •.,.., . -,,..,e. . 2:_-_---_ - ,..- -....,------=.1-- ------_ _ _..„ , v 'lib , , .... - -- --- . - ..._._„...,...... fir/ \‘' - - . ,, , ..- t i .......4-1,-,. Arty. • _ .___ __-_____ ....,, -.-..... --___ , ---,1._ ... \1111111.--''7 ,- - iTtiii it';19 . 81 fift-1 0 . 1 .4•\ 0 \ .....- e „ . .....,-40.: .„0 ., , . • '• ., 711,11 170 • '^ - -, . ...mill -4,:.4 AW0114 4 ,4 1 01` &‘ -• r . '44 '?: 1 * i ' ''',7, Ir IP .4,, , ,ila• -..• ..,\ \ ' ' it o• :, . ..... It• so. . -r- •-..,,, , d - < 1/11 1 111ll 4-,-;-;.-. • ' , Z ,./.. .., , • ' - 4. . -ROAL BAKING POWDER Absoluiely Pure The only Baking Powder made fromRoyalCrapeCreamofTartar NO ALIMI L NO_LINIE PHOSPHATE • A bulletin to The Madisonian from Helena yesterday afternoon gave Virginia City the first news that the Montana supreme court had unanimously held the Initia- tive and Referendum Law to be constitutional. _ Receipts for the we - iic have bell: Cattle, 1,355; calves, 111; - hogs, • ..1 . ,994; sheep, 7,527. Cattle -Liquidation Cif cattle has been heavy this week, with quite a number of southern steers in the run and the native stuff being very me. dium quality. No grain cattle offer- ing. Beat grass steers selling at $7.10 for extreme top. Cows, $5.75 to $6.00. A fair demand for bulls; prices, $4.00 to $4.50. Prime light veal calves, $7.85 to $8.00. Hogs --A very light run of hogs for the week. Market strong. Good swine bringing $8.25 to $8.30 for tops. Sheep -A light supply of sheep and lambs, with strong demand for top grades. Prices steady. Prime ATLI- ers, $4.75 to $5.00; ewes, $4.00 to ;CO; 'iitedium ewes, $3.25 to $8.75;, spring lambs, $5.50 to $6.00. • The following sales are represent.' ative; 140 steers. $7.10; 63., steers, $7.00; 24 steers, $64; 10 steers, $5.- . 75; 344 hogs, $8.25; - 216 - hegs, $8.20; hogs;18:1--13ri S81 -- 48 - coin,- $6.00; .19 cows, $5.75; 12 cows, $5.503 - j. cows, $5.25; 1 bull, $5.50; 1 , stag, $6.00; 3 salves, $8.00; •1 calf, $7.50; 414 lanibx, - $6:00; 17 yearlings, $4.75;- 67 wethers, $4.75; .129_ ewes, $4.25. BOY BADLY HURT. • _To save the, life ... 91_,AeLLI- ear -o d Raymond Sharbarker, who was bra y cut about the leg by a mowing ma- chine driven by his father', a - record - breaking run in an automobile was made from McAllister_ to Butte day before yesterday, taking the boy to ttit. Jantes hosp tal. The i ury ap- pened about 10 o'clock Wednesday morning, and as the local . physician did not have the proper facilities, and fearing that amputation might be necessary, a fast machine was press- ed into service and Mrs. Sharbarker and Dr. Holmson accompanied the lad on his arduous trip. At the hospital his injuries received attention and it is believed that amputation ..will not be nhcessary. Unless blood poisoning should set in or there should be oth.; er complications there is no doubt re- garding his ultimate recovery. FROM HOME PARK. James Judge of Home Park trans- acted business Tuesday kit in the county capital. ss) T. Tomick of:Slitter Whirliall - MinT ing intetesta in Madison county and operated the Grant mill near. Virginia City last winter, was the victim of blackmailers in Butte last week. The effort to blackmail Mr. Tomich was unsuccessful, ad one man is under arrest as a result. He was threaten- ed with death unless he placed $1,- 000 in front of the Marcus Daly stat- ute at a certain time, and he left an old newspaper while the police watch- ed for the men to get the package. When the newspaper was grabbed by the unsuspecting blackhander, he was placed' under arrest, and proved to be Peter Jonetch, a countryman of Mr. Tomich. ENNIS WINS GAME. Ennis - defeated Virginia City last Sunday afternoon in this city by a score of 8 to 2., The batting order follows,-- Virginia City -Noble, first) ThWhias' center; Wakefield, right;. 0. McD6nald, third; S. McDonald, short; /MU; - 111.4 11 11M ---- Rittards, setund; Deems, center ; Clem, left. Ennis - Newell, short; F. JefTers T -first;-Fer. now left; McKean, catcher; Angle, center- Northway, third; P. Jeffers, 'second Hungerford, right; Womack, pitcher. The score by inning follows: Virginia City. . . .0 I 0 1 0 0 0 0 0-2 Ennis'. . . ' 3 0 0 1 0 1 0 3 0-8 _COLD.RADO. ' - Editor Ira Cdle accompahies his family to Butte this afternoon, and will see them comfortably located in a Pullman drawing room for the long trip to Fort Morgan, Col Mr 1 'and children will be accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Cleft Harbinson, a trained nurse, who has been here for several weeks. Should Mrs. Cole gain steadily in health in a lower altitude she will remain until school begins here. FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN. ' One model 1912 E. M. F. 30, five passenger touring car with all equip- ment. Will guarantee car to be in good running condition. Will sell for $450.00. This is a real bargain, MONTANA AUTO SUPPLY CO., Adv. Dillon, Montana. Motion picture program at the aud- itorium tomorrow evening. Every- body attend, PIONEER VISITS. Frank Lofton of the firm of Thomp- son & Lofton was in the city Tues- day from California gulch to visit a few hours with many friends. He has been suffering from rheumatism for some time, but expects to improve as the weather gets warmer. Mr. Lofton visited The Madisontan, and is a pleasant and agreeable man to meet. He came to. Virginia City in June, 1863, from Bannock, and went through all the experiences or those strenuous days when a territory and a state were in the making. Mr. Lof- ton was present wh - 6 - ri Frank - , Ives was hanged by the vigilantes at Ne- vada City, and was with the miners when they hanged the five outlawrin Virginia City. Half a century ago he prospected all over western Montana, going as far' north as the Bitter Root country. In the early days he and other -man -conducted the gulch, selling their lumber for prices ranging from 80 cents to41.25 a foot. With his brother he had a good mining claim and at one time paid $8 Per hundfdd - Weight for flour, saying that they had plento_f_d dust but nothing' to eat - , Iric - ertlie st-of food was immaterial, jtut so they could get it. Mr. Lofton told The Madisonian of many another in- teresting experience, and for him the latchstring of this office is always hanging out. BUYS CADILLAC. Frank Swartz, the Madison county flockmaster, recently purchased a fine Cadillac of the Montana Auto Supply company of Dillon. FROM SHERIDAN. George Bock of Sheridairtransact- ed business last Tuesday in the county seat. HARRISON HAPPENINGS. Mrs. Robison was a Pony passen- ger on Thursday's train. The dance Saturday night was well attended. Miss Irene Watkins is a guest of Sadie Forte. Miss Bruce Allen is visiting at the L. Allen home. SITS IN BUTTE. Judge J. B. Poindexter, the popu- lar.Dillon judge, held court in Butte last 'week for Judge Jerry Lynch. The jurist from this district is fre- quently called in by other judges, and makes a most favorable impression wherever he goes. From all reports, lawyers and litigants who have bus- iness before Judge Poindexter con- sider him excellent material for as- sociate justice. NERVE EXHIBITED. Every one reports a bumper crop of wheat this year. Leslie Williams is real sick with measles at this writing. Nels Parks and wife enjoyed a trip The-Madison last week. . _ Mrs. Maxey of Bozeman is visiting her- daughter, Mrs. Charles Carmin. . P Dr. Vicars of Pony was a busi- ness caller in our burg last Friday. Sol Miller is spending a few days looking -after_ his ranch:latereSts at' ,• Hardin. . A. A. Bridges, our good old booster for Harrison, is in town this week on business. Bony Purdum and family spent sev- eral days fishing up on the Madison last week. .. Miss Duncan of Belgrade is visiting with her sister, Mrs. Sol Miller bf this place. Mrs. Johns of Cardwell visited ov- er Sunday with Mrs. F. Brownback of Harrison. There was -a large crowd in town the Fourth to join in the festivities of the day. The'Thumps and the measles seem to be \It in Harrison. Everybody Trall'ilr Tti7 gertlfeln: - - ThiiliiifrisoR Mile ball - tenTh - plaY- - ed ,Norrie Sunday. The score being 13 to 3 in favor of Harrison. :Billie end Martha Johnson•of liar - 'neon' spent the' Fourth with their brother, F. L. Johnson of Deer Lodge. Quite a number of new dwelling houses are being planned. They will be built in the Bridger addition in the near future. Several of our local ranchers and business men met Monday night for the purpose of having an electric light system installed in Harrison. • The heavy rain Thursday and Fri- day has spoiled the haying for a few days. Quite a number of our ranch- ers had a large amount of hay down. Work on the new high school build - ing was commenced the first of the week. Jake Heck, the well known contractor, has charge of the work which is progressing very rapidly. The Home Betterment club was en- tertained -en Saturday, July 11,, at - the home of Mrs. Col. Bills. There were twenty-eight members and sev- eral visitors present. Mrs. Chas. Purdum ably delivered a reading which was greatly appreciated by all. The club workers arranged to give a picnic in the Atkins grove at Har- rison on Labor day, September 8. Everybody is cordially invited to at- tend. The ladies will see that there a plenty to -4;4 ,and that every one has a good time. After the meeting adjourned a delicious lunch was serv- ed. The club will meet again August 11 with Mrs. Chas. CondrY. Petitions are being circulated by friends of George Orr, who cli41 at StevensVille a few months ago, to raise money to erect a monument to This pronTrerf Montana; - 11fri TUr M issoule-Sentine1.-The-plan of - those interested in'the project it to erect a monument in memory of all the mem- bers of the Fairweather partywho discovered gold in Alder gulch in 1863. or • George Orr is buried * Darby ad - those in charge of the petitions sire that the monument be erected there and that the body of William Fairwather, now at rest City, be moved to Darby and buried beside the body of Mr. Orr. The plan is to engrave the name of every niem- ber of the Fairweather party on the monument at Darby. G. A. Wolf, J. H. T. Ryznan and Frank Woody, all of Missoula, are named in the petition as the execu- tive committee to have charge of the erecting of the monument and of all funds subscribed. SOME COTTAGE. A. H. Jones,' general manager of the Shatter group of mines, was in the-eity--from-ibove Summit last Sat- urday With his family. He reports that lianneling is progressing in a most satisfactory manner, and that soon- they expect' to be' directly un- dee- 500,000 tons of promising ore. Mr. Jones states that \a little cot- tage\ is being erected near the mine, and as it is only 16x64 feet in di- mensions one Is inclined to wonder what Mr. Jones' idea of a large house might be. CARD OF THANKS. Mrs. Jacob Cisson and k (amily de- sire to extend their' sincere thanks Any - reMid - vt - ThcT - T - vere so kind during the bereavement which recently befell them in the death of a husband and father, Jacob Orison. JUDGE POINDEXTER HERE. Judge Joseph B. Poindexter of Di)- lon, a leading candidate for the dem- ocratic nomination -for associate jus- tice, was in the city yesterday to hold a brief term of the district court. VISIT IN DILLON. G. G. Wheat andeifamily left , Sun- day for Dillon and will visit friends and relatives in Beaverhead squnty for a few•days. Motion pictures tomorrow night. EAST -ON ECHOES. Wm. Sipprelle transacted business in Virginia City Tuesday. Jim Pankey expects to move his family to Virginia City soon. A. G. Siglock spent a few days in Montana's metropolis last week. Mrs. Steiner and Miss Downing visited Mrs. Wm Sipprelle last Sun - day. Supt. Semple 'made a trip to the Missouri the latter , part of last week. Sam Bue spent a couple of days at his ranch in the Madipon vane,/ la.zt week. _ Miss Alma Walker returned Fri- day from a visit with her people at I •.................................................... t Use Golden Treasure Flour Made at Manhattan Of the Best No. 1 Hard Wheat A trial will convince you that it --is-the-best Montana -Flour -on the market. • -t -Sack l's_Guaranteed s We also carry Never Fail Pastry Flour \ Made at the same mill Order your Flour and other groceries from us where you get the very lowest prices, superior quality and best of treatment. The Buford Mercantile Co. Virginia City and Alder owns 111.14 - 4111[1... Alder. A. Adams, the cyanide boas, ex- pects to move his family here in the near future. Mr. and Mrs. Sipprelle 3rd baby, and Mrs. Olsoa and daughter, Vel- ma, were callers at Herman Stainer's Sunday. John Ritchie and Hugh McLean went to Alder Saturday to welcome James Emslie and bride, who nave just returned from Sootlan4. Wm. Gallagher started Tuesday for Butte intending to return with his family the latter part of the week. They will reside near the Eas- ton and will occupy the house recent- ly vacated by,Phil Ryan and family. Fine picture program at the audi- torium tomorrow night, Start an account at this bank and build for your financial future. South- ern Montana Rank, Ennis, Monk Adv. 40•••••••••••••••••••••••••0414•••••••••••••••••••••• Metropolitan Market Meats -Of All - Kinds HAMS AND BACON. Our Own Cure Bacon, special $ ' .18 Our Own Cure Hams, special .22 Special prices on 100 lb. sacks. PURE LEAF LARD. Size 5 _ $ .65 Size 10 _ _ - 1.25 Size 25 2.35 - Size 50 _ - 4.50 tfAKER'S GOODS. Loaf Bread of all kinds _ 124-c Cakes made to order, from 40c to 20c Doughnuts, rolls, cookies, per dozen 20c ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED The Metropolitan Market Virginia City Montana •••••••••••••••••••••40•44

The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.), 17 July 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.