The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.) 1873-1915, July 17, 1914, Image 5

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„THE MARISPNIAN VIRGINIA PITY MONT., , ,O 1 ULY, 1 , 7 , 1914 • .• .••• *IP** •4•• •atuutut •••••••4141114N41**40110:ununst88::;:::::: - . vr” How Long Will an Automobile Last? 41 You hear and read much from the maker who tells you that his car will not depreciate in value. Let us suggta aiway by which you can find out for yourself. Fir§t, after you have boiled it down to a few new cars which you have under consid- eration to purchase„then follow up some ads of second hand dealers who may second hand cars of these particular makes for sale. Jut see how cheaply you can buy these second cars and observe the amount of the re- duction from the price at which they sold when new. (J Then make a comparison with the price at which you can buy a used Cadillac of the same year's make. It won't take you long to figure out which is the car of leaa depreciation. Cadillac, Standard of the World, $2,125 Delivered The Montana Auto -Supply Compahy 1 1 • Incorporated Distributors of the Cadillac, Buick and Ford Cars s Dillon, Mont. s•••••••••••• • ••••••-• ••• •••••••••••••••• •• • •••••••• • •+C.•••••• •• • • • • • • • •• •••••••••••••••• ••••••••••.s••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••of •••••••44•4•••4•• •• •••••••••• •••••••••••••••••••• : • •• 0** • ••• • • • • • ••44•9• 411 •4**,•••••••••••••••••••••••••****••••••••••••••••••••• -•.- -.4 \-•1101inlaNiktlENT PAY* UXPIRE85.1. - Last fall the fund for the trans. portation of bullion from the Berens. • assay office to the mint was exhaust- ed, and 'sinee that time miners de- positing their •pkoidtset in the Helena office have been -required to pay ex. . pressage to the mint in addition to the usual assay charges. The appro- priation bill for the fiscal year be- . cloning July 1, 1914, makes provision for this purpose, so tat from now on miners can dispose of their bullion .. at the Helens assay office without be - ,big. called Upon 0 to,e ! 't any additional ,c)Large. B. MILLER, Assayer in 'Charge. RETURNS TO ENNIS. Henry Kammerer, chief of police at Ennis, returned home Saturday after having spent a couple of days visiting Ruby and Virginia City fri- ends. ..... QUALITY PAYS The Frank McKeen company believes that quality pays ---it pays the company and it pays the cus- tomer who gets the best goods for reasonable prices. Quality Goods The stock of liquors, containing many brands bottled in bond or in bulk, will bear the closest scrutiny _ior pinky and excellence. 'Quality Tobacco The tobacco Stock, including cigars, cigarettes pipes, cigar hold- ers, etc., cannot be excelled any- where. Quality Service The cafe cerrice—open day and night --and the furnished rooms ---clean, cosy and comfortable—will appeal to the tran- sient public, whether in the city a day, a week, or a month. We solicit your pat- ron+. , FRANK MCKEEN.COMPANY WILL -LEAD PAGEANT. Governor Sam V. Stewart has agreed to lead the anniversary jubi- lee parade which opens the celebra- tion to be held at Bozeman on Au- gust 5, 6 and 7. VISIIS THE CAPITAL. F. Edwards, a prominent ranchman on the upper Madison, was in the county seat Saturday and ordered this paper sent to him at Lyon. ALDER VISITORS. 'Mrs. Jacob Cisson and family of Alder were county seat visitors Sat- urday last on business connected with the Cisson estate. GOES TO SALT LAKE. Court Reporter T. J. A'. Monaghan left the first of the week for Salt Lake City to consult an eye specialist. MIKE CICON VISITS Mike Cicon of Belt. a cousin of the late Jacob Cicon of Alder, was in the city Saturday on legal business. GOES TO SHERIDAN. H. P. Beckett, the able young Vir- ginia City attorney, transacted legal business Tuesday last in Sheridan. . FROM TWIN BRIDGES. M. S. Gould of Twin Bridges, state representative, transacted bus- iness Saturday in the county seat. _ FROM DILLON. Fred Staudaher of Dillon visited last week with the sons of Judge and, Mrs. Vitilliam A. Clark in this city. RUBY VISITOR. Hon. Charles Kammerer of Ruby was a brief business visitor to the county seat Tuesday jest FROM BOZEMAN. Charles H. Buford of Bozernan spent Sunda* last in Virginia City, visiting relatives. Montana potatoes have made the state famous; - .R.KtuRN FROM SL'IINGS. Sheriff Ide Adams and Under Sher- iff Bob Hill returned Friday from a trip to Warm Springs, where they had taken a.county charge for treat- ment. They made the trip from Vir- ginia City to Warrn Springs in the Ford -auto in just five hours, which is a pretty good 'record. AUTO FROM surrE. M. J. Strethan and wife, Dave Ke- hoe and Joseph McCaffery were a party of prominent Butte people who made an auto trip to Virginia City last Tuesday. , VISITS VALLEY GARDEN. 4im Buford visited the Valley Gar- den ranch Sunday and returned with one of the finest saddle horses - seen in the city for a long time. JEFFERS VISITORS. Mr. and Mrs. J. IC Jeffers were - in the city Sunday from the Madison, guests of Matt Carey and family. FROM CAMERON. Harry Werner and father of Cam- eron were county seat visitors the first few days of this week. RUBY VISITOR. Dr. C. A. Pankey, the Virginia City dentist, made a professional visit Monday in Ruby. ON THE MskyffitION. Harold Piper left last night for the Madison to spend fete' days with relatives: VISITS IN VIRGINIA. ' Mrs. R. C. Mosher of Dillon is a guest of Mrs. William A. Clark of this city. BOZEMAN /ISITORS. P. V. Vreeland and wife of . Bosh- man spent Sunday last in Virginia City. PROM BILLINGS, H. A. , Caldwell - \-of -Billings was a Friday visitor to the ancient capital. GOES TO BUTTE. Lane Walker left Monday for But- te to undergo an operation for de- fective hearing, lie returned Wed- nesday, having been advised to go to Rochester. • -VISITS THE MADISON. • Gay C. Higgins of Ruby transact- ed business in the county seat Sat- urday, leaving in the afternoon for a couple of weeks' outing on the Madison. , • 1MOVE TO BO Z EM A N. , . ThaAlonsehold effects of Misses Ida and Lizzie Steffens and Mrs. C. •H. Buford were taken to Bozeman the latter part of last week. GOES TO HELENA. Mrs. Fred Van O'Blemis left yen.- terday far - Helena to spend a week visiting her husband, who is doing carpenter work there... _ VISITING IN BUTTE. Mrs. Mary B. Elling and Mrs. Karl Ening visited with Butte friends a number of days the past week. FROM THE, MADISON. Louis Clark, the Madison valley ranchman, was in the county capital Wednesday last. FROM HELENA. Isaac Boyer of Helena was among the business visitors to Virginia City last Saturday. - BOZEMAN VISITOR. Bert J. Manry of Bozeman trans- acted business Friday of last week in Virginia City. *ROM HELENA. C.- E. Constant of Helena was in the city Saturday last to interview the county board. FROM GREAT FALLS. W. D. McKay of Great, Falls trans. Acted business Saturday_last_in Vir- ginia City. • _ Fine f k lme tomorrow night. _ JULY BOUNTIES. No wolf skins were presented at the sheriff's office this month, while the number of coyotes was far less than usual. The certificates issued for coyotes were as follows: H. 0. Thompson, 3; L. .1. Studer, 1; R K. Hutchins, 4; Harvey Homey, 1; Pat McCoy, 1. RETURN' FROM JEFFER& Mrs. Matt ,Carey and children, who have been spending several weeke in Jeffers as guests of her parents, returned to Virginia City last Sun- day, VISITED IN DILLON. Mrs. Lyman H. Bennett and chil- dren visited last week with Dillon friends and relatives. Motion pictures tomorrow night.' • BASEBALL SUNDAY. Sheridan and-'•411rginia---Gity will meet in another ball game in this city next Sunday. Everybody attend. FROM WIGWAM. C. L. Grove, a prominent resident of the Wigwam country, was in the city ,Tuesday. . • FROM BUTTE. E.• C. Fotheringham of Butte was in the city Tuesday last on business. FROM BUTTE. J. D. Caldwell arrived in the city Saturday of last week from Butte. VISITING IN BUTTE. W. R. Stone and wife were the guests of Butte friends yesterday. ..AttottttlittitstIttos. Fruit Jars Caps and Rubber Rings Shelf Hardware, Nails, Wire Cloth, Screen Doors, Shovels, Forks, Etc, F'resh Fruits, Staple and Fancy Groceries of all Kinds CERETANA FLOUR Sheep, Block, Rock, Lump and Ta- • ble Salt for sale at menweber & Powell Alder, Mont.

The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.), 17 July 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.