The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.) 1873-1915, July 17, 1914, Image 8

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NEW STAMP BOOKS. The Virgnia City postoffice is in receipt of five new denominations of ordinary postage stamps. They are intended particularly for use on par- cels, but are valid for postage all classes of mail. The new stamps are of the same shape (rectangular on end) and same size (about 7-8 by 23-32 inch) as the ordinary stamps, series 1911. The denominations are 7 cents (black), 9 cents (pink) 12 cents (maroon), 20 cents (light blue) and 30 cents (vermillion). The 7 cents bears the head of Washington in profile from Houdon's bust, looking to the. left. The border design is the same as hat-of-the--first-six denominations -at the current series. The 9 cents, 12 cents, 20 cents and 90 cents bear the head of Frank- lin in profile from Houdon's bust, looking to the left. These four de- nominations have the same border design .as the current Scents to Si __ *AP. 8 Copyright, 1914. by Panama -Pacific International Exposition Co. IL S. Crocker Co., official photographers. FACADE OF THE PALACE OF MINES AND METALLURGY. T HIS is one of the many . great exhibit palaces at the Panama Pacific International Exposition to open in San Francisco in 1915, now completed; Its exhibits will be dominated by an arti- ficial mountain which will contain working models of every sort . ., of raining and mineral. SPECIAL JULY SESSION. • Saturday; July 11. 1914., Pursuant to call the board , of county commis- sioners of Madison county, Montana, met in .special session at their room in the - Court house on Saturday, -July 11, 1014 . , at 2 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of opening bids for the con- struction of a vault\and jury roam ad- dition to -the court house. eresent: C. W. (:l - .owning, 'chairman; Chas. Kyle and P. G. Paige, comminiohers and W. 11. Thomas, -clerk. Bid:. were then opened and found, to be as follows: Honorable Beard of County (2ommis- sioners of Madison county, Mont. . Virginia City, Mont. trentTenTe - n: -I will furnish n,uteriaf and build addition to the court ,heuse according to plans and specifications for the sum of ($4,981.20) Forty nine --hundred eighty pne dollars and twen- ty cents. Respectfully submitted, • GOULD _ To the Honorable Board of County Commissioners of Madison County, Montana. , Gentlemen: - We, the undersigned, --6,-1).--Viekers and James--Emslie,-b ing.building contractors, respectfully offer and propose to construct the addition and the improvements to the court house in the city of Virginia, county of Madison, Montana, accord- ing to the plans' and specifications submitted, by the honorable board, and to furnish all material therefor, for the sum of $4,925.00. Dated July 11, 1914. Respectfully submitted, GEO. D. VICKERS, JAS. EMSLIE, - By Geo. D. Vickers. N. B.—The 'above bid does not in dude the electrical wiring, and in the event we do that and furnish all material therefor, we agree 'to do it for the sum of 6130, which is to be, added to the above bid in the event such wiring is required by the hon. ..,,,erable board. , • G26: - `17). VICKERS, JA. EMSLIE.' By _Geo. D. Vickers. ON. To the Hon. Board of County Com- missioners, Virginia City, Mont. Gentlemen: Will furnish all labor - and material to erect vault and jury rootn, Recording to plans and specIfi- .citions furnished __for _the sum of $4,67460,1r thdrisand five hundred seventy lour dollars. F. W. SOMMERS. The bid of F. W. Sommers being the !owest bid the said. F. W. Som. .mera is hereby awarded the contract. It appearing to the, board that brid , •-e is needed across the. Madison in section 86, -township 8 south range 1 west, the clerk is directed to ,advertise for bids . according to -the plans and specificatIons on file. No further business appearing the board 'adjourned. C. W. CHOWNING, .. • —Chairman Avest: W. H. Thomas, Clerk. 5. WATER RIGHTS. Water filings lrave beep made as follows: Moses Coley, 2 Inches from mining tunnel near Brandon; Alex.' under Peterson, 300 inches from Cream creek. * Motion pictures tomorrow night. stamps. The new stamp books are as fol- lows: , s, Book of 24—One:cent stamps, 'price 25 cents.-- , Two -cent stem s price 25 cents, Book of 24—Two-cent price, 49 cents. Book of 96—One-cent price 97 cents. Book of 48—Two-cent price 97 eents. • stamps, stamps, stamps, TRANSFERS RECORDED. Transfers have been recorded by the county clerk as follows: Alex- ander Whitty to Patrick and M. J. Sheehan, half interest in Alhambra, Elastrand, Elizabeth and Sarah D. lode; in Barton gulch; E. V. Stine to C. C. Hill, west 120 feet of lot 4, block 6, Sheridan; Patrick R. and Elizabeth Doherty to William Cur. now, E% SE%, SE% NE%, section 13-1-5; Jennie D.- Lane to H. S. Rib. lett, 40 inches of water from Cedar 74:eWrg - ii - 11ffffr = 7: Maurer, SE%, E% SW%, section 35- 4-7; United States to James f. Wet- zel, S% NWIA, lots 3 and . 4, section 1-5-7; Stephen J. Gainan, jr., and Edward J. Gainan to E. S. Wiles, one-third Interest in Cape Nome lode, Summit .district; M. C. and Frances Doffing, to Fmniit Hughes,. lot 4, block 2, Harrison; Katherine Ennis to Joirr W. .Kerinedy, 3.66 rid -el - a - Home addition, Ennis; United Statei to Charles M. Holbert, E%, section 30-6-1. •INCENDiARY FIRE.' ter having his livery barn burn: ed down at Ennis' last week, the res- idence occupied by Arthur Nelson was consumed by flames the night following. Nothing ,was saved, and the family barely eseaped with their lives: Mrs. Nelson was first carried from the Louse, and upon saying that her baby, one . week old, was still in the - _father rushed through the flames just in time to rescue it. Feeling runs high.iist Err as it believed:that both fires are of incendiary origin. • LOCATION FILED. • A. J. Reeder has filed notice of location with the County clerk for the Reeder lode mining 'claim in Bad- ger gulch. 41••••••• ' 414 1 6'• The Woman In The Case Will be delighted With our artistic Lockets.. Our designs -are exclusive : For wedding or anniversary prrsents a wide variety to choose from. Firs' t class repair. ing quickly and neatly done at reasonable prices C. E. Mikalson, VirginiaCity Jeweler. •••••••••••+••••••••••••••••••+\••••••••••••• , THE MADI$ONIAN VIRPINqk CITY, MONT., JULY,17, 1914 Believing that the signs of the times in- dicate that there should be an expression of Progressive sentiment at the polls in Madison county at the general election of 1914, a s Progressive conference is hereby called to meet in (Sheridan, Montan?, on Saturday, July 25th, at 2 p. m. Hon. J. M. Brinson of Butte, former congressman orn Colorado, an eloquent speaker and an aggressive organizer, will address the meeting and lend assistance to the cause. .1111 who desire to become candidates in the Pros gressive primary are invited to be present. Voters having at heart Progressive principles, regardless of all past party affiliations, are urged to be press - tritt, - in order that a - strong organization m fected, a complete county ticket nominated, and an earnest ana energelic camp_a_.ign be planned for a true expression of public sentiment at the polls. ,Dated at Pony, Montano, july 44,„1914. ROBERT H. WATT, State Committeeman EXAMS IN AUGUST. County Superintendent Phebe-Com- fort-Williams has recently received word from State Superintendent Da- vee to the effect that children taking the eighth grade examinations' may hold all grades which, were passing; that is, above 65 per cent, provide ed that the final average is 75 pea cent or over. The next eighth grade examinations are to be held August 27 and 28 in the courthouse.. WATER RIGHT SUIT. Ike E. 0. Pace is attorney for plaintiffs in an action brought to ad- judicate the waters of Boulder creek, a tributary of the Jefferson river. LOutrriir fi - da -- 156f1rnyrftitshrtiff , the defendants being Bert Wethers, Samuel E. Jones, Charles Cornforth, Thomas Little, Albert Nelson, Joifeph ;Westfall, Charles Cadell, James Jonee. \ BIG HAY . CROP. -Farmers aud ranchers are -just in the midst of harvesting the first crop Of alfalfa throughout the county and this year's alfalfa crop will be the largest in many years, being larger than that of last year. The crop is an especially good one and it is thought that the next two weeks will see the first cutting safely in the -stacks. RETURN FROM BUTTE. G. E. Gofin arid Miss Henrietta Rew returned Saturday from Bate, where they had taken Miss Anna Anna Hew to be operated upon for appendicitis. The operation was performed szcces8- ally Fridarrunri the -patient -is doing nicely. It is expected that she will be able to - return to Virginia City within a week. RETURNS FROM SCOTLAND. James Emslie, the Virginia City carpenter, returned Sunday from his visit to Scotland, where he spent the winter in his boyhood home. He looks hale arid hearty, and says that he enjoyed himself.every minute he was gone, although the trip home seemed to be a Jong one. - SQUATTER ENTRIES. Smatter entr es aye .een ma 'e as follows: Albert G. Basden of Al- der, 320 acres in SWI4, section 22, NW%, section 27-9-4; Elmer E. Hyndman of Home Park, 160 acres, desert entry, SW% SW 1 / 4 , section 22, W% NE%, NW% SE 1 / 4 , 'section 27- 9-4. FROM BEAVER - HEAD. , J., 5 . Morse of Dillon, Hans An- dersen of Barniack,and Stephen Cook ,of, Dell made up a party of Beaver- \head county people who spent last Sunday taking in the historic sights of the ancient capital. tor convenience, safety and profit pay your bills by check. Southern Montana bank, Ennis, Montana.—Ad. COMMISSIONERS HERE. County Commissioners Charles W. Chowning of Ennis and Chas. Kyle of Cardwell were in the city the lat- ter part of last week ,to hold a special session of the board. The court hose vault contract was let, and- , a bid for one new bridge ordered adver- tised. FROM ENNIS. , Nela Nettle,. one of the old timers \of Madison county,, was in the city Wednesday from Ennis. DIVORCE SOT. Action for divorce has been brought. in the district court by Elsie J. Houston against Willie E. Houston. Desertion is charged and custody of a 3 -year -old daughter is asked. FOR SUPERINTENDENT. Miss Jose R. McFadden of Laurin has filed a statement with the coun- ty clerk announcing herself as a democratic candidate for county sup- erintendent in the primaries. FIRE PROOF VAULTS. A birge force of men began work the first of the week upon the new vault building and jury rooms, to be built back of the Madison county court house. LEAVE FOR MISSOURI. Word has been received from Charles F. Simon and Sam Hagesith of McAllister that they leave this week to spend the summer' at Paris, Mo. FROM NORRIS. Robert Hadzor of Norris, who was on his way toillon, spent Wednes- day last in Virginia City with his brother, Deputy Sheriff J. H. Hadzor. RETURN NEXT WEEK. Miss Alice Wiles and Miss Alice Wakefield, who are enjoying a vaca- tion at Vancouver, B. C., expect to leave for Virginia City next Monday. COUNTY SUPERINTENDENT. County Superintenaent Phebe Com- fort -Williams arrived in the city day efo.reyestezday_fronBridges_ to look_ after office business. , MOTORS TO DILLON. Judge William A. Clark motored to Dillon last Mc:41day to look after court business, Mrs. Clark returning wfttr:trim , isr the a fternootr.- RETURNS TO ALDER. Oscar McDonald, who sprained fifs arm and ankle in the Sunday ball game, ret r tirned lro - ridaTtilhlirlfome in Alder for treatment. FROM CAMERON. A. W. Swartz made a trip from Cameron on Tuesday last to trans act businesVn the county capital.. FROM TWIN BRIDGES. F. W. Sommers and B. G. Paige and family of Twin Bridges spent Saturday last in the county seat. . - FROM JEFtgfip.. J. 0. Hodgens was in the city Wednesday from Ennis on business. • EPIGRAMS OF GAYNOR. There are people who think they are pious when, they are only bilious. The last thing we should try to do in this world is to force our . religious opinions and prejudice's on others. Some people say they do not believe in God even. I do not helieve them. No ,one can sin- cerely say that. You ask me to give an inter - 'view saying what I would say to the readers of 3,000 newspapers. I would say-toAtem--to-be-very- reful about- believing - all - they - see in the newspapers. I know of no place where there Is more philosophy than in a barnYard. You can learn much from animals. Within their cir- cle they know much more than we do. He who cares to do no more than he is paid for . will never be paid for more than he does. Public clamor is almost always in the wrong. It is so loud that we think it includes everybody, whereas, in fact, It may include very few. One stridulous grass- hopper in the angle of a fence makes more noise than the whole noble herd of cattle gear J. Gaynor, 'Late Mayor of New York. TO THE VIRGINS. Gather ye rosebuds while may. Old time is still p -flying. And this same flower that smiles today Tomorrow will be dying. The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun. The higher he' e a -getting The sooner will his race be run And nearer he's to setting. That age is best which is the When youth and blood arewarmer: But, being spent. the worse and worst Times still succeed the former. Then he not coy, but use your time And while ye may go marry. prime You way forever tarry. -Robert Herrick. ye IND. Phone 7287 Bell Phone 760-L TOUT & McCARTHY, Successors to The Rombauer Assay Co. ASSAYERS and CHEMISTS 56 East Granite St. - Butte P. 0. Box 858 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• NEI'S HOT WEATHER FURNISHINGS 11=-Tlie-loose fitting un- derwear, 'fine Nainsook check union suits, per suit $1.00 Coat — cut unair MIRK kneelength drawers, per garment 50 cents The Famous Porosknit union suits, per suit - $1.00 Porosknit shirts and drawers, per garment 50 cents Men's Fine Balbngan union suits for those — who wanti little heav- ier weight, per suit $1.25 New lasts in O'Donnell \Shoes Men's Balbrigan shirts and draw- ers, this is an excellent garment at, per garment 50 cents A new line of neckwear just re- ceived for the Fourth, reversibles, open ends, and bows, each 35 to 75 cents Wash Four In Hands, new pat- terns, each 35 cents New Lanpher Hats New Shirts Mail Orders Prompt0Fiile Sheridan, Montana +-t

The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.), 17 July 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.