The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.) 1873-1915, October 23, 1914, Image 1

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You Should Vote Against hzgiative Measure No. , 11011011011••••••••1101.•••1 111 MINSIMOMMIIMW *tont. Tille.'Llblit* 7. It Is Vicious and Confiscatory RETURN TO MADISON VALLEY. airs. Henry W. Wightman, Miss Will Lawton, w ing the past rir tresidence in this tterday , to the V near Ennis. ••••••00, Buford, Mrs. Effie Ruth Buford and have been spend - nth at the Buford city, returned yes - hey rden ranch a eontra VOL. XLII. VIRGINIA CITY, MONT, FRIDAY OCTOBER 23, 1914. DEER PLENTIFUL. That deer are quite plentiftil in this section was evidenced the fore part of the week when Frank Stone a Al- der succegeled in killing two bucks in Barton\gUlch. The animals were in fine condition and many of Mr. Stone's friends in this city were re - No. 5 membered with some choice venison. 'IiPraisiet s Con \WATCHFUL WAITING\ WINS ' (From the Pttsburgh Gazette -Times (Standpat Republican, United States Senator George T. Oliver, of Pennsylvania, Owner and Editor.) 'President Wilson should be trusted to steer the American ship of state free of the infinite na- tional perils of Europe's gigantic embroilment. Let us not forget that, Much as game was made of his policy of 'watchful waiting' with regard to Mexico, it is now almost universally conceded that that proved to be the wise course. Imagine us at war with Mexico at this juncture, \vith Eu- rope in the death grapple of the centuries!\ What is your program if you are returned to power? Would you re-establish the old paquership between cor- rupt politics and corrupt business? J Which laws enacted -by the democrats would you repeal? Would you repeal the income tax? Would you take a backward step on the 'Parcel post? Would you restore schedule K of the Paine -Aldrich - Smoot tariff? Would you repeal ,the federal reserve act, for which so many of your senators and representatives voted? Would you restore the panic -breeding, currency laws that made possible the great industrial and financial disaster of 1907? • Would you repeal the Lever agriculturai extension bill, against which not a republican yoted in either house or senate? Would you put down again the pipe lines, which Woodrow Wiisson has taken up, connecting the special interests with the seat of government? Would you summon Mulhall and his fellow -lobbyists back to the halls of congress? Would you repeal the federal trade commission act, against which not a republican voted in the house of representatives? Would YOU repeal the Clayton anti-trust act, which sup- filements and strengthens the Sherman law, and for which 41 republican representatives and 6 republican senators voted? Would you repeal the democratic labor laws. fqr which so , many or your representatives in congress voted? Would you repeal the Alaska railroad act and once more endeavor to deliver Alaska to the Guggenheims? Would you return to your old policy of throttling the farmer by failing to deposit government funds in country banks at crop -moving time? Would you return to Cannonism in the house of repre- sentatives? Would you repeal the seamen's bill, which passed both house and senate by acclamation? Would you repeal the Bryan peace treaties? Would you substitute \Dollar Diplomacy\ for \Watchful ,,Waiting\? Do you repudiate Root, Lodge, Cummins, Kenyon, Brady, , Jones, Clapp, La Follette and a host more of your leaders for voting for Wilson measurqs? Do you repudiate every republican newspaper that has praised Woodrow Wilson's handling of the Mexican situatiod? Do you endorse the action of those republican leaders who excoriated the president for not o seizing Mexico city at the point of the bayonet when they knew that by doing so he would have produced in the western hemisphere what there is in the east- ern hemisphere— HELL ON EARTH? United States Senator Myers has !issued an address to the people of Montana telling why sts they. should { support the democratic candidates this fall. Copies of the address have been furnished the press by Chair- man, Arthur of .the democratic state central committee. The address fl - lows: 'I`o the People of Montana: \It appearing that It will be able to take but little, if any, part in the npaign in Montana, I venture by this method to communicate to the people of Montana some of my views upon the pending political contest. This address is indited not to dem- ocrats alone but to the whole people of the state of Montana and especial- ly to all, regardless of political- af- filiations, who believe in good gov- ernment and the rule of the people. ressmen i !:1 ,did net delay the work, ely convened congress in et . k?clintiry session and in terse messages told it what should be done to relieve the couatry of s the eviis seam S{nich it was suffering... A dem- ocratic congress, with zeal, took ho!{1 of the great work laid before it by the prq{ - I{{iit and with an unfalter- ing deVion. which is remarkable, has: staled with the undertaking and produrad results. A• tai law, constructed .on - just and equable principle, levied for the raising of necessary revenue only, has been given to the people; •specially protected industries, buttressed be- hind prtshibitive tariff duties, which had waxed fat and arrogant at the expense of the masses, have had their excessiVe duties removed or reduced and have been put upon an economic \In my opinion, we are entering plane and a competitive basis, 'where upon one of the most important po- they belong and where no more than litical contests which in many years reasonable profits may be made. The has been waged in this country. I protective fat has been carved out of their excessive bounties by the egard it as not inferior in import - legislative knife. Necessities of life, test of two years ago which placed ance to the memorable political con- as a rule, have been put upon the the democratic party in power in the free list where they belong and any profits tAey now are making are just white house and in control of both branches of congress. profits, Arived from honest competi- \Two years ago, those who believe tion and laws of trade and not from in the rule of the people and good special legislation and favors dispen- government revolted against the olsed by congress. The present tariff d order of Aldrichism, Payneistp and law is the best and most just the c ' - annonisin, against special privilege country has had since before the civil to the few at the expense of 'the war and no honest and legitimate in - many, against protected monopoly, dusts* has suffered therefrom. \Our national againatintrenchedplutocracy, against banking law, clevis- the rule of special interests, and plac- ed hastily during the civil war as an ed at the head of the government a emergency war measure, has been a fearless champion of the people and reproach to our government, unsafe, sturdy exponent of democratic prin- unsound, disjointed and bungling. As ciples, Woodrow Wilson, who has a consequence, many panics have oc- proven himself to be a greater man curred and have wrought immeasur- and more forceful character than sl able asojation and ruin. The Pres- even his most enthusiastic admirers ent admipistration has given the country . what impartial experts de - prophesied. He is undoubtedly one dare to be the best monetary sys- of the greatest presidents this courts try has ever had, fit to be classed with Washington, Jefferson, Jackson i and Lincoln. • \President Wilson had been all of his life a deep student of economic science and governmental problems. Hie intellect is sharply disciplined by kren study, his judgment ripened by profound observation, his mind en, ii ; downed with sound philosophy. His the unequal distribution of Wealth patriotism, integrity and honesty of ! id inequitable system of taxation. This administrition has given to the purpose are not questioned by his op. This an income tax law which ponents.. He has a singular faculty levies taxation upon the people first of discerning the right and sternly pursuing it without regard to fear, able to bear it and in an increasing favor or consequences. The estrange- ability ratio in proportion to their tern in the world. Even the bank- ers of, the country, naturally a{ con- servativisA:so s pf ;mottle and ealc‘v to favor -demises, now pronounce it a great improvement over the old sys- tem. It will be in operation in a few weeks. \One of the greatest sources of complaint in this country has been bear it. During the fraction of last ment of friends, the enmity of o year in which it was in operation; the rt poents, the opposition of formidable income tax law yielded the govern - foes disturb his serenity nota parti- ment over ;60,000,000. Theretofore de, alter his course not an iota, in that amount of moaey was paid by the determined pursuit of what he the masses of the people in tariff deems to be right. He emerges from duties upon{ articles consumed by scathing criticism unharmed, from them. They now pay that much less fierce conflicts more powerful than upon articles of necessity or comfort. before. { The interstate commerce commis - \When _called to the governorship moo is probably the most of New Jersey, some people- said he popular branch of our government and has was a theorist and not practical, but the confidence of the people to an un- there he showed great power in exe- paralleled degree. It has dime good cuticm as well as great clearness in work in relieving the people from theory. When he became governor of excessive railway charges. A federal New Jersey, that commonwealth was trade commission has been created one of the most trust -ridden and priv- hy this administration and it will do ilege-dominated states in the Union he same good work for the people He declared what \must be done to relieve these obnoxious conditions in other lines of interstate commerce thnt the interstate commerce commis - held the legislature{ lo a strict ac- countability and had placed on the 'ion does in connection with railway rates. The Clayton anti-trust law sta . 's to books of the state. amongst many other good laws, seven work- hoe been enacted and it will greatly able anti-trust laws which dislodged add to and strengthen the efficiency special privilege from 1t intrenched of the Sherman anti-trust law. position and made New Jersey \In recent months a great Euro- one neon war, involving half the world, of the most democratic and best con - has arisen and is being waged with ducted states in the union. He took unprecedented fierceness. It, of the stump against those who twos- sourse has interfered with both our ed him, notably former Senator export and import trade and caused great Smith, a political boss of grave financial and commercial corn - great prowess, and completely van- financial to arise which strained quished them at the polls. When called to the presidency, he brought commerce, finances, trade relations, business conditions and stability of to that exalted positio,n a ripened Institutions in this country. The sit found extensive knowledge, pro- found study and successful expert- Ilatk' likee 'po president, thptleyseetarraryhoolfd the e f ence as a doer of things. On a large bsr treasury, the comptroller of the cur - scale he has purpled the same policy, rency and other high officials Of our with the same gratifying results, in the country at large as he pursued congress,verntnatn,daecmtinefreinneyconlcaewrts were in New Jersey as governor of that state: . \Upon induction into - the presi- ,•1.1001111i 4 Do You Stand With Wilson?. A vote for the democratic ticket is a vote for Woodront A vote for any other ticket is a vote against Woodrow Wil- son. If you believe that the president is worthy of support, you should render him that support by voting to return to congress men who have loyally stood by him in every crisis. Consider, for a moment, what Woodrow Wilson, in less than two years has done for the American people. He has reduced the tariff, under which ,heretofore the many were taxed for the benefit of the few. Would you prefer that the present Underwood tariff law, under which every man is given an equal opportunity, should be repealed and the notor- ious Payne -Aldrich tariff, emphatically repudiated by the peo- ple in 1910 and 1912, be re-enacted? - A vote against the democratic ticket means a vote for the restoration of the Payne -Aldrich tariff law. President Wilson has reformed the currency, taking away from Wall street the control of the nation's money and credits. Would you prefer to have the present currency law repealed and in its stead re-enacted the antiquated measure we inherited from the Civil war and under which it was possible for a group of New YorT bankers to force a panic upon the country At will? A vote for the democratic ticket means a vote for thl present currency law and a vote against the return to Walt street control of the country's finances. • President Wilson has brought about the' establishment of an income tax, whereby the wealthy are made to bear their+ proper share of the burden of taxation. Would you prefer that the present income tax be repealed and rich stockholders and bondholders permitted to contribute less to the support of the government than the laboring man? A vote for the democratic ticket is a vote for the income tax law and a vote against the tax dodg r. President Wilson has driven the lobbyists from the halls of congress. Would you prefer the return to the, old system, whereby every big interest in the country maintained their paid representatives in Washington and in many instances had their own paid lawyers draft the bills which were enacted by our law- makers? A vote for the democratic ticket is a vote against the lob- byists. President Wilson has saved millions of treasure and thou- sands of young American lives by refusiaq to atteMpt the con- quest of Mexico. and by maintaining a firm attitude of neutral- ity in the European war.- Woufd-you. prefer that -we -had .arr Ministration that would have plunged this country 'into a de- vastating war, wrecked its commerce and despoiled its people? A vote for the democratic ticket is a vote for peace. The democratic party has shown ,Ltself to be a party of achievement,. It has shown its ability to give the country a clean, economical and progressive admiristation. It now appeals to the people forlheir)contifiued suppaR What will your answer be? • Is Opposed to Woman Suffrage This country is confronted with an issue that means more to its citizens than any now before the people, and that is Equal Suffrage, an issue that is not taken seriously enough by both the men ,and women. Too much apathy and a spirit of indifference exists, particularly with the voters. Should equal suffrage succeed in this state, it can be attributed to the lack of interest with the voters, and in that event, a burden is imposed up- on the women, and those women who are opposed to equal suffrage Must submit to a condition that is not of their making. There appears to exist in the minds of the suffragists the idea that our reason for opposing equal suffrage is that we are prejudiced. In that reaped, we hope to disabuse their minds of that fallacy. Life is not .(Continued on page Five.) worth living without woman; she is as big a factor in this life as man, and is man's equal. Not man's equal In a political sense, but man's super- ior in most of the virtues that tend to a purer and better life, and we, anti -suffragists do not stand second to any one in our admiration for a woman, nor do we allow any male suffragist to excel us in our admir- ation, courtesy and respect to wom- ankind. No doubt to a suffragist, this would appear ridiculous. On the other hand we would say it would appear ridiculous that male suifra,gista_could not realize the many virtues -Of our. womankind. We make mention of the foregoing merely to illustrate that we are loyal, and that we are the best friends the suffragists have. We are not playing politics to the ,end that the woman vote may be of upe (Continued on page Eight.) Two Big Democratic Meetings Colonel C. B. Nolan of Helena, one of lviontana's most eloquent orators and one of the best informed men on Montaua's political *Ors, will address the people of Twin Bridges on Friday, Oct. 30, at 8 p. m., and the people ot Alder on 'Saturday evening. Oct. 31, at 8 p m. A big attendance is desired. '414,

The Madisonian (Virginia City, Mont.), 23 Oct. 1914, located at <>, image provided by MONTANA NEWSPAPERS, Montana Historical Society, Helena, Montana.